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How to Make Christmas Enjoyable for Pets: Best Mattress for Pet Owners - Megafurniture

How to Make Christmas Enjoyable for Pets: Best Mattress for Pet Owners

According to studies, pet owners who co-sleep with their pets tend to sleep faster than normal people. Additionally, cuddling with your pets helps to lower the stress hormone cortisol and helps you get a better night's rest. However, sleeping with pets is also associated with worries that your pet may have while you're sleeping. What if they pee on the mattress? What about the pet dander? Especially during this Christmas season, how will you protect your mattress and save yourself from the additional chore of cleaning it because of your pet's pee?


To figure out if inviting your furry friends to share a bed with you is the right choice, let us help you make an informed decision on how to have a pet-friendly mattress to make Christmas enjoyable for pets.

Pet-Friendly Mattress Materials and Options

Pet-Friendly Mattress Materials and Options

If you want to enjoy the chilly nights of December and share a bed with your pet, you must start thinking about the kind of mattress you sleep on and wonder if there is a best pet-friendly mattress for pet owners.

Why does the kind of your mattress matter?

It is because choosing a pet-friendly mattress is important for the comfort of both you and your furry friend. Pets, especially dogs and cats, may spend time on your bed, so it’s essential to consider the materials and features of your mattress that can withstand their presence and potential accidents, especially If you are planning to get a new mattress.

Here are some pet-friendly mattress materials and options to consider:

Water-Resistant Materials

Accidents can happen at night, especially for small dogs who love scratching at the mattress and then making themselves comfortable just to pee on the mattress's surface. So, it is best to look for waterproof or water-resistant covers to protect your mattress against accidents, spills, or pet drool and keep in mind that the best pet-friendly mattress for small dogs is one with water-resistant materials.

Waterproof Mattress Protectors

If you are not considering buying a new mattress, invest in a waterproof mattress protector to safeguard your mattress against accidents while allowing you to wash the cover easily.

Durable Fabrics

Best pet-friendly mattress for cats? Those with durable, scratch-resistant fabrics that can withstand the occasional pawing or nesting behavior of pets, especially cats who love scratching so much.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are popular for pet owners as they offer excellent support and comfort. Hence, look for high-density memory foam less likely to develop permanent impressions from your pet's weight.

Hypoallergenic Materials

When it comes to hypoallergenic materials, a latex mattress is the best choice because of its resistance to allergens and dust mites, which makes it safe for both you and your pet allergies.

Low Motion Transfer

Choose a pet-friendly mattress with low motion transfer if you have a restless pet that moves around frequently at night. Also, low motion transfer helps prevent sleep disruptions when your pet shifts positions.

Why is Orthopedic Mattress Best for Dogs?

Orthopedic Mattress for Dogs

Did you know that orthopedic mattresses are ideal for dogs? It is because these kinds of mattresses provide targeted support for the musculoskeletal health of your dogs and provide extra cushioning and support to alleviate pressure points on a dog's joints, muscles, and bones.


Why is a Memory Foam Mattress Best for Pets?

Memory Foam Mattress for Pets

Generally, the ideal type of mattress for pets is a memory foam mattress because of its foam density. Memory foam mattresses are made from viscoelastic and polyurethane foam. They are known for their body-conforming properties, which is perfect if you share a bed with your big furry friend because their weight may develop permanent pressure or sagging on your mattress.

Consider Your Pets During the Holiday Season

Consider Your Pets During the Holiday Season

How many of us agree that dogs and cats are not just pets; they are our cute babies who love cuddling. So, this coming Christmas season, let us not forget to provide comfort and warmth to our furry companions and make their Christmas memorable by considering their comfort. After all, we all know how much these cute little jobless friends love to sleep all the time, so why not give them comfort and a restful night's sleep with your pet-friendly mattress?

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