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Mid Year Sale: Use Code [ MYS25 ] for $25 off your order today!

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3 Ticks

3 Ticks

Shop Innovative and High-Quality Air Conditioners With 3 Ticks Rating

An ideal choice for environmentally conscious consumers seeking cost-effective and sustainable cooling solutions.

The 3-Ticks Air Conditioning Unit Collection represents a pinnacle in energy-efficient climate control technology. Each model in this series boasts a 3-tick energy rating, ensuring substantial energy savings without compromising performance. Designed for modern living spaces, these units feature sleek, minimalist designs that blend seamlessly into any decor. Advanced inverter technology allows for precise temperature control, maintaining consistent comfort while reducing power consumption. The collection includes a range of capacities, catering to different room sizes and cooling needs. 


1 Result

1 Result


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Mitsubishi System 1 Aircon MUYGP24VF-MSYGP24VF <br> 1 x 24000 BTU Singapore
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Mitsubishi System 1 Aircon MUYGP24VF-MSYGP24VF
1 x 24000 BTU

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Regular price $0.00 $2,299.00 from $1,739.00 Save up to 24%

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Energy-Efficient 3-Ticks Air Conditioning Units: Eco-Friendly & Smart Cooling Solutions


These 3 ticks air conditioning units are a cut above the rest. Each one boasts an impressive 3-tick energy rating. That's like the air conditioner giving you a high-five for being energy-efficient. But the real game-changer is their inverter technology. These units are excellent in keeping your room at just the right temperature because they can automatically adjust the air cooling power. These units are also super smart. You can control them with your smartphone or even just your voice. 


What Makes 3-Ticks Aircon Units An Attractive Choice For Consumers

  • These units are like the superheroes of energy efficiency. They use less power to keep your space cool, so your electricity bills dip nicely. 

  • You're giving the planet a high-five by choosing one of these. They're more eco-friendly, cutting down on energy use and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It's like being an environmental hero right from your living room.

  • These air conditioners are like the smartphones of the cooling world. They come loaded with the latest technology, including inverters that precisely adjust cooling levels. This means your home stays just the right kind of cool, efficiently.

  • If you're all about clean air (and who isn't?), these units are a breath of fresh air. They often feature top-notch filters that help keep indoor air quality tip-top, which is great news for allergy sufferers and anyone who loves breathing clean air.

  • If you love gadgets, you'll love them. Many air conditioners sync with your smartphone, letting you control them from anywhere. It's like having a magic wand for your home's climate.

  • Love peace, and quiet? These units often run so silently that you'll hardly notice they're there. That means no more noisy interruptions to your relaxation or sleep.

  • Think of these as the reliable, long-term relationship type. They're built to last, which means fewer repairs and a longer lifespan. It's the kind of dependability everyone needs in their life.

Handy Guide To Help You Navigate Your Purchase 

  • First up, let's decode that 3-Tick rating. It's all about energy efficiency. The more ticks, the less power it consumes. A 3-Tick unit is a sweet spot for good performance without being a power hog.

  • Think about where you're going to put this AC. A tiny unit in a big room will struggle, and a giant one in a small room is overkill. Match the unit's power (measured in BTUs or British Thermal Units) to your room size for that 'just right' feeling.

  • Look for units with inverter technology. These clever ones adjust their cooling power to keep you comfy without using too much electricity.

  • What else do you want your AC to do? Some can be programmed to switch on or off at certain times, some are quieter than others, and some even purify the air as they go. Decide what's important to you.


  • If you love tech, get a unit you can control with your phone. It's cool to crank up the AC from your couch or when you're heading home.

  • If you're putting the AC in a bedroom or a study, check how noisy it is. A quieter unit can be a dream for light sleepers or if you need peace to work.

  • Think about how it will be installed and what it takes to keep it running smoothly. Some might need a pro to install, and easy-to-clean filters mean you will be comfortable with regular maintenance.

  • A good warranty can save you headaches later. Also, check if the brand has a reputation for helpful customer service – it's a real bonus if you need support.

  • Finally, balance what you want with what you want to spend. Spending a bit more now on a more efficient unit can save you money down the line with lower energy bills.

Room Size Vs. Air Conditioning Power [Helpful Guide]

Small Rooms (up to 150 square feet):  Small bedrooms or home offices are ideal.

Look for an air conditioner with about 5,000 to 6,000 BTUs.

Medium Rooms (150 to 250 square feet): Suitable for average-sized bedrooms or living rooms. You'll need something in the range of 6,000 to 8,000 BTUs.

Large Rooms (250 to 350 square feet): Consider large bedrooms, living rooms, or open-plan areas. Aim for an air conditioner with 8,000 to 12,000 BTUs.

Extra-Large Rooms (350 to 450 square feet): For vast spaces like big living rooms or open-plan spaces. You should be looking at 12,000 to 14,000 BTUs.

Very Large Spaces (over 450 square feet): Ideal for large open-plan homes or commercial spaces. Typically, you'll need 14,000 BTUs or more.

Here are a few additional tips:

Ceiling Height: If your ceilings exceed the standard 8 feet, you might need a unit with more BTUs.

Room Exposure: If the room gets a lot of sun, you may need more cooling power. Increase the BTUs by 10%.

Occupancy: If more than two people regularly occupy the room, add 600 BTUs for each additional person.

Kitchen: For air conditioning a kitchen, increase the capacity by about 4,000 BTUs above what the room size alone requires.

Other Appliances: Consider a slightly higher BTU rating if the room contains heat-generating appliances or electronic devices.

Shopping at Megafurniture for your 3-Tick Air Conditioning Units offers a blend of quality, variety, and service excellence that stands out in the home appliance market. 

  • Firstly, Megafurniture prides itself on its curated collection of high-efficiency 3-Tick-rated air conditioners, ensuring that customers have access to units that are not only powerful but also energy-efficient. 

  • Moreover, Megafurniture's range includes models from leading brands, each known for their reliability and innovative features. Whether you're looking for an air conditioner with smart home compatibility, advanced air purification systems, or ultra-quiet operation, our selection is diverse enough to meet specific needs and preferences.

  • Customer service at Megafurniture also adds to the shopping experience. Knowledgeable staff are on hand to guide you through the technicalities of BTU ratings, room size compatibility, and energy efficiency, ensuring you make an informed decision tailored to your unique requirements. Additionally, the store often provides enticing deals, warranties, and after-sales support, making your investment secure and worthwhile.

  • Lastly, the convenience of shopping at Megafurniture, whether in-store or online, with user-friendly interfaces, detailed product descriptions, and customer reviews makes the process hassle-free and customer-centric.