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Portable Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioners

Shop High-Quality and Innovative Portable Air Conditioners

A less bulky solution for a fresher home, a Portable Air Conditioner will surely upgrade your home's comfort. We are offering portable aircon in Singapore from well known brands across the globe so you can have a cleaner and cooler indoor air that can make living more comfortable. Visit Megafurniture today and shop for tasteful and practical portable aircon now!

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1 Result


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Europace Portable Air Conditioner EPAC 30Z (30,000BTU) Singapore
Europace Portable Air Conditioner EPAC 30Z (30,000BTU) Singapore

Europace Portable Air Conditioner EPAC 30Z (30,000BTU)

Regular price $2,999.00 $3,499.00 $2,999.00 14% off

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Regular price $2,999.00 $3,499.00 $2,999.00 14% off

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The Ultimate Cooling Solution: Portable Air Conditioners for Every Home

Experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and efficiency with our range of portable air conditioners at Megafurniture. Designed to elevate your living space and adapt to your unique needs, these innovative appliances keep your environment cool, fresh, and inviting. Escape the heat and humidity of Singapore with a portable aircon that combines functionality and style, creating an indoor oasis tailored just for you. Begin your journey towards a comfortable and refreshing indoor haven with Mega Furniture.

What Sets Portable Air Conditioners Apart

Compact Design for Modern Living

In today's fast-paced world, space is often at a premium. Portable air conditioners are designed with this in mind, featuring a compact and sleek design that can easily fit into any room without excessive space. This makes them perfect for apartments, condos, and smaller living spaces where a traditional air conditioning system may not be feasible.

Optimal Cooling for Every Room

Whether you want to cool your bedroom for a good night's sleep or maintain a comfortable temperature in your living room, a portable air conditioner is perfect. With adjustable settings and versatile design, you can effortlessly move the unit between rooms as needed, ensuring that every space in your home stays comfortable and inviting.

Cooling On-Demand: The Many Benefits of Portable Air Conditioners

Versatility and Flexibility

One of the most significant benefits of portable air conditioners is their ability to adapt to your ever-changing needs. Quickly move the unit from room to room or even pack it up for storage when not in use, giving you ultimate control over your living space.

Energy Efficiency

Our portable air conditioners are designed with energy efficiency in mind, allowing you to enjoy a relaxed, comfortable home without worrying about high energy bills. These units consume less energy than traditional air conditioning systems, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective option for your cooling needs.

Quick and Easy Installation

Unlike traditional air conditioning systems, portable air conditioners require minimal installation. Plug the unit into an electrical outlet and set up the exhaust hose, and you're ready to enjoy a refreshing and comfortable environment.

Customisable Settings

Many portable aircon models have various customizable settings, such as adjustable fan speeds, cooling modes, and programmable timers. This allows you to create the perfect environment tailored to your preferences and needs.

Meeting the Needs of Our Customers

  • The Space-Savvy Renter: A portable air conditioner is a perfect solution if you live in a rental property or have limited space. Enjoy the benefits of a relaxed and comfortable home without needing permanent installation or modifications to your living space.
  • The Busy Parent: Work, family, and household responsibilities can be overwhelming. A portable air conditioner provides a simple and efficient way to keep your family cool and comfortable without complex installations or ongoing maintenance.
  • The Frequent Mover: A portable air conditioner is an ideal investment if your lifestyle requires frequent relocation. Easily pack up your unit and take it with you, ensuring a comfortable living environment wherever you go.
  • The Budget-Conscious Shopper: Our portable air conditioners are the perfect choice if you're looking for an affordable cooling solution without compromising quality. Enjoy top-notch performance and energy efficiency at a fraction of the cost of traditional air conditioning systems.

Keep Your Cool: Expert Advice for Selecting and Maximizing Your Portable Air Conditioner

  • Consider Your Room Size: Choose a portable air conditioner with the appropriate BTU rating to efficiently cool the room size in which it will be used.
  • Look for Energy Efficiency Features: Select a model with energy-saving features, such as sleep mode, programmable timers, or an Energy Star rating, to help reduce your energy consumption and save on utility bills.
  • Evaluate Noise Levels: Some portable air conditioners are quieter than others, so consider the noise level if you plan to use your unit in a bedroom or other quiet space.
  • Check for Additional Features: Look for models with added features like air purifiers, dehumidifiers, or intelligent home compatibility to maximize the benefits of your portable air conditioner.
  • Proper Maintenance: Regularly clean the air filter and check for any blockages in the exhaust hose to ensure optimal performance and prolong the lifespan of your portable air conditioner.

Cooling Solutions for Singapore's Climate: How Portable Air Conditioners Combat Heat and Humidity

Singapore's tropical climate can be challenging, with high temperatures and humidity making indoor spaces uncomfortable. Portable air conditioners maintain a pleasant living environment, even in extreme weather conditions.

  • Humidity Control: Portable air conditioners not only cool the air but also help to reduce humidity levels. This dual function makes them perfect for combating the sticky, uncomfortable atmosphere often accompanying Singapore's hot and humid climate.
  • Energy Efficiency: In a country where air conditioning is often necessary, energy consumption can quickly escalate. Portable air conditioners provide an energy-efficient alternative to traditional air conditioning systems, helping keep your home cool while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Flexible Cooling Options: With a range of customizable settings and the ability to quickly move the unit between rooms, portable air conditioners allow you to adapt your cooling strategy to suit your needs and preferences.

Enhancing Your Indoor Space with Megafurniture

Megafurniture is committed to providing a comprehensive range of portable air conditioners that cater to the diverse needs of our Singapore customers. We understand our tropical climate's unique challenges and strive to offer products that will enhance your home's comfort and livability.

Portable Air Conditioners to Complement Your Home Decor

Our portable air conditioners aren't just functional - they're also stylish. Choose from sleek, modern designs that blend seamlessly with your home decor. At Megafurniture, cooling solutions should be efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Discover the Perfect Portable Air Conditioner at Megafurniture

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction means you can shop confidently and get the best products and support available. At Megafurniture, our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the ideal portable air conditioner for your home. We'll guide you through our extensive selection, advising you on the best models to suit your needs and preferences.

Elevate Your Comfort Now!

Upgrade your home with a portable and mini air conditioner/portable mini aircon from Megafurniture and discover the difference it can make in your daily life. Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a cooler, cleaner, and more comfortable living space. Shop now and experience the incredible benefits a portable aircon can offer!


What is a portable airconditioner with a hose?

A portable air conditioner (PAC) with a hose is a self-contained portable system ideal for cooling single rooms. It typically comes with one or two hoses that vent hot air outside through a window, door, or wall. Single-hose units pull air from within the room and expel it outdoors, while dual-hose units pull fresh air from outside to cool the system and then expel hot air outside.