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Keep your important files and stationeries in one secured place with these mobile pedestals. Organise your things the way you want them to be fixed. With these pedestals' built-in casters, you can quickly transfer your essentials to the most convenient place in your office in the most convenient way!

Furnishing your home office? Browse through Megafurniture's collection of high-quality and ergonomic office furniture solutions on sale in Singapore.
Arkin Walnut Pedestal Singapore Arkin Walnut Pedestal Singapore
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Arkin Walnut Pedestal
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    Arakin II Mobile Pedestal Singapore Arakin II Mobile Pedestal Singapore
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    Arakin II Mobile Pedestal
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      Arkin II Mobile Pedestal Singapore Arkin II Mobile Pedestal Singapore
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      Arkin II Mobile Pedestal
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        Haukea Mobile Pedestal Singapore Haukea Mobile Pedestal Singapore
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        Haukea Mobile Pedestal
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          Adriene Mobile Pedestal Singapore Adriene Mobile Pedestal Singapore
          Adriene Mobile Pedestal
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            The Best Mobile Pedestals in Singapore

            Looking for filing cabinets that fit perfectly within your limited office space? Furnish your home office storage with compact mobile pedestals in Singapore. Stay away from clutter and keep all your essentials in one place with the versatile combination of pull-out drawers and spacious lower closed shelves for bigger office items.

            Upgrade to a quality office environment with well-designed mobile pedestals and filing cabinets from Megafurniture.

            What is an Office Pedestal? Do I Need One?

            A mobile pedestal is a common furniture piece that is seen in many on-site workplaces. As working from home becomes the norm, this quality storage solution can bring its benefits into your home office to support your storage needs.

            A pedestal is a compact storage furniture unit combining a set of pull-out drawers and cabinets for optimum space saving. Its versatile storage design makes it a practical solution to store documents, files, and other office essentials in place while saving your desk top for your computer or unfinished paperwork. Unlike a fixed filing cabinet, a mobile pedestal is engineered with caster wheels to provide better ease of usage. This allows you to easily move your storage depending on your needs and workspace layout.

            With its smart design and quality storage offered, a pedestal remains a popular choice for offices and remote workplaces.

            Benefits of a Mobile Pedestal

            • Mobile pedestals are compact and can fit into smaller room dimensions while allowing you to store more items within your limited space. This small office furniture is usually placed under the computer table to maximise its extra space.

            • Mobile pedestals are excellent choices if you want to get rid of the bulky filing cabinet or the overcrowded storage shelves. Portable pedestals are designed to hold weights and remain stable when there is little to hold, preventing accidental torsions while checking on your files. Go for a pedestal cabinet with wheels to transfer your furniture anywhere with minimum effort.

            • A mobile pedestal is made from quality materials that can trustfully guard your important documents from potential damage. These quality materials also ensure the longevity of your storage investment.

            • Mobile pedestals are light in weight but are notably durable. Because of its compact and movable design, a mobile pedestal can practically fit into your workspace while adding to its style. Note: When buying a mobile pedestal or creating your workstation layout, consider the space that your drawers will take when opened to maintain your comfort and ease of access.

            • A functional home workplace can also be stylish! Mobile pedestals come in a vast selection of colours and designs, providing you with more options when styling your home office. Feel free to create a work environment that works best for your needs. Choose furniture colours and styles that fit your palette.

            How Much is a Mobile Pedestal in Singapore?

            Mobile pedestals are carefully engineered to maximise the efficiency of a limited space without the bulky look and uncomfortable usage. Because of its smart design and excellent material selection, a mobile cabinet is truly a practical investment that you'll enjoy using. At Megafurniture, we offer well-designed mobile cabinets in Singapore starting at a regular price of $139.

            Creating a Conducive Workspace

            Megafurniture presents a wide variety of home office furniture pieces for the best prices online! Browse through our collection of computer desks, ergonomic chairs, and multiple storage solutions for your files and work essentials.