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Wine Cabinets Singapore

Wine Cabinets

Shop Innovative and High-Quality Wine Cabinets

“Our wine rack or wine cabinet is a sophisticated blend of functionality, style, and the art of wine preservation.”

Our wine cabinet collection boasts an exquisite range of storage solutions thoughtfully designed to cater to avid collectors and casual enthusiasts. Each piece in the collection is crafted with precision, using premium materials that promise durability and style. Our bar cabinet offers diverse aesthetics, from classic wooden cabinets imbued with timeless charm to sleek, modern units with glass fronts. 

Ultimate Guide to Wine Cabinets: Types, Features, and Shopping Tips

Wine cabinets are essential for wine connoisseurs and those who appreciate a casual glass. These sophisticated storage solutions offer myriad benefits and features tailored to enhance your wine experience. They provide the perfect climate for wine preservation, with precise temperature and humidity controls mimicking the conditions of a traditional wine cellar. This ensures your wine matures properly, maintaining its flavour and quality over time.


Who Can Benefit From Wine Cabinets The Most


For the Avid Collectors: 

A wine cabinet is crucial if your home resembles a mini wine cellar with rare and vintage finds. It's all about keeping those valuable bottles in mint condition.

The Wine Hobbyists: 

Do you love exploring different wines? A wine cabinet ensures your latest finds are stored just right, ready for that next taste test.

Party Hosts and Social Butterflies: 

If your home is where friends gather, a wine cabinet keeps a variety of wines at the ready, perfect for any occasion.

Restaurant and Bar Owners: 

In the business of serving wine? A wine cabinet is more than just practical; it's essential to providing guests with the best experience.

Interior Design Lovers: 

Wine cabinets can be a statement piece in your home, blending functionality with style.

Wine Newbies: 

Are you just starting your wine journey? A smaller cabinet can be your best friend, helping you learn about proper storage and what makes each bottle unique.

Real Estate Savvy: 

Are you selling a home? A stylish wine cabinet can add that touch of luxury that might just clinch the deal.

Those in Unpredictable Climates: 

Live somewhere where the weather can't make up its mind? A wine cabinet keeps your wine unfazed by the outside world.

Benefits of Wine Cabinets

  • Think of a wine cabinet as a time capsule for your wine. It keeps the temperature just right so your wines age gracefully, developing those complex flavours we love.

  • Wines don't like dry corks, and wine cabinets know this. They keep the air humid enough so the corks stay snug in their bottles, keeping the wine fresh and delicious.

  • Wines are sensitive souls with too much light or vibration and are unhappy. Wine cabinets act like a protective cave, shielding your wines from harmful UV rays and unnecessary shakes.


  • Ever scrambled to find that one bottle? Wine cabinets make it easy to organise and access your collection to see that special bottle without the hassle.

  • It's all about taste, right? Wine cabinets ensure your wine is stored so every sip is as good as possible.

  • Not all of us have room for a wine cellar. Wine cabinets are like a mini, space-efficient cellar, letting you store your collection without needing a mansion.

  • Let's remember wine cabinets look great. They're like a showcase for your collection, adding a bit of elegance to any room.

Buying Guide: 

Look for wine cabinets with the following features to ensure you get the best fit for your needs: 

  • Look for a cabinet with a reliable temperature control system. Consistent, accurate temperature is crucial for the proper ageing and preservation of wine.
  • Adequate humidity is essential to prevent corks from drying out. A wine cabinet that maintains the proper humidity level helps preserve the wine's quality and prevents oxidation.
  • UV rays can damage wine, so opt for a wine cabinet with UV-protected glass or solid doors that shield the wine from harmful light.
  • Excessive vibration can disturb the sediment in the wine, affecting its ageing process. Choose a cabinet designed to minimise vibration.
  • Look for adjustable or versatile shelving that accommodates various sizes and shapes, including Champagne and Burgundy bottles.
  • Consider how many bottles you want to store and your available space. Wine cabinets come in various sizes, from small units that hold a dozen bottles to large ones housing hundreds.
  • An energy-efficient model will be kinder to the environment and your electricity bill.
  • The cabinet should complement your home’s décor. Whether you prefer a modern, sleek look or a classic, wooden finish, there's likely a design that fits your style.
  • If you have a valuable collection, consider wine cabinets with locks or other security features to protect your investment.

  • Some cabinets come with extra features like LED lighting, digital displays, or dual zones for storing different types of wine at their ideal temperatures.

Common Types of Wine Cabinets

Single Temperature Wine Cabinets: 

These single-temperature cabinets are like the comfy jeans of wine storage - suitable for all types, especially if you're planning to store them for a short time.

Dual or Multiple Temperature Wine Cabinets: 

Have you got reds and whites? Dual or multiple-temperature cabinets let you keep both at their happy temperatures, all in one place.

Built-in Wine Cabinets: 

If you love a sleek look, built-in cabinets are like hidden gems in your kitchen or bar, saving space without sacrificing style.

Freestanding Wine Cabinets: 

These are the nomads of wine cabinets. Move them around, fit them in any corner – they're happy wherever.

Thermoelectric Wine Cabinets: 

Thermoelectric cabinets are the librarians of the bunch - quieter more energy-efficient, but they might sweat a bit in the heat.


Compressor-Based Wine Cabinets: 

Compressor-based cabinets are the workhorses, keeping things cool even when it's hot outside.

Wine Credenzas: 

These are not just wine cabinets; they're statement pieces of furniture that also happen to store your wine.

Small Countertop Wine Cabinets: 

Need more space? A small countertop cabinet keeps a few favourites right where you need them.

Commercial Wine Cabinets: 

These large, sturdy cabinets mean serious wine storage for those in the wine business.

Lockable Wine Cabinets: 

Do you have some precious bottles? Lockable wine cabinets keep them safe and sound.

At Megafurniture, shopping for wine cabinets offers a blend of quality, variety, and value. Our extensive collection features designs for every taste, from modern to classic, all crafted with durability in mind. Our competitive pricing and customer-focused service make finding the perfect wine cabinet easy and enjoyable.


Looking for cool wine storage? Visit Megafurniture website today!

2 Results

2 Results


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Calyx Wooden Wine Cabinet Singapore
Calyx Wooden Wine Cabinet Singapore

Calyx Wooden Wine Cabinet


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Kepler Wooden Wine Cabinet Singapore
Kepler Wooden Wine Cabinet Singapore

Kepler Wooden Wine Cabinet


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