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Laundry Basket Singapore

Laundry Basket

Shop High-Quality Laundry Hampers

Organise your laundry with these sturdy, spacious, and waterproof laundry basket. Do not wrinkle your clothes in a foldable sack or transfer your laundry from one place to another with your bare hands. That's a lot of work. Experience a secured, lightweight, and easier laundry handling with these excellent selections.

4 Results

4 Results


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Elegance Laundry Hamper (Stefanplast) Singapore
Elegance Laundry Hamper (Stefanplast) Singapore


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HOUZE - 60L Polka Dots Tall Laundry Basket (Grey) Singapore


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HOUZE - Laundry Bag (Small) - Black Polka Dots Singapore

HOUZE - Laundry Bag (Small) - Black Polka Dots

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Stylish Laundry Basket in Singapore

Say farewell to boring, plain, and unsightly laundry hampers and greet stylish and elegant options from collections in Megafurniture that will turn your home organisation into something aesthetically new.

Laundry is one of the essential chores that most of us do not want to deal with because it is mundane and tiring. But with suitable laundry hampers, you can transform this mundane task into a stylish and elegant activity with the help of a stylish laundry hampers collection.

It is true that frequently overlooked laundry hampers in terms of organising. But we must remember that they are essential in keeping your home tidy and clutter-free. Why not include these boring laundry hampers as one of your home decor? There is nothing to worry about because laundry hampers from Megafurniture's collection will accompany you in this exciting design game.

The benefits of a stylish laundry basket or laundry hampers

Improve the appearance of your living space. A stylish laundry basket is an excellent opportunity to elevate the overall aesthetic design of your home and streamline your organisation, as this is not just an essential tool for laundry day. Investing in a stylish laundry hamper will provide many benefits that can enhance your daily routine and productivity. A traditional laundry basket or laundry basket may serve its purpose, but a stylish one that suits your style can elevate your home décor and your productivity.

Promotes efficient organisation and time management. With newly designed and stylish laundry hampers you can find in Megafurniture, take your investment to another. Hampers with multiple compartments or sorting options make it easier to separate your laundry by colour, fabric type, or washing instructions.

It can be a form of self-care. Treat yourself by investing in high-quality and visually appealing laundry hampers that make you appreciate your space with the added elegance it brings—taking care of yourself and yourself with beautiful and functional items that can elevate your mood and overall well-being.

How to incorporate your laundry hamper into your home décor

A laundry hamper should not be a hidden eyesore. Instead, it should be a chic and functional décor element to add an elegant touch to your space.

It must complement your existing décor. The material should be the top priority. If you have a bohemian or beach-inspired room, opt for a rattan basket that adds to your space's natural and rustic vibe. A metal wire basket is perfect if you have a modern design space. And plastic basket with vibrant colours may not be suitable for all décor styles, but it can complement the kid's room to add fun and playful vibes.

It must serve multifunction. Rather than placing and tucking it away in one corner, think creatively about how it complements your home decor in a more visible area. For example, a woven rattan basket is perfect for your greenery and botanical space. Also, consider its other function that will fit your space. For example, a wire basket can be mounted on the wall as an innovative and stylish storage solution for car keys and an air conditioner remote control.

Be creative when considering the size and shape. A stylish laundry hampers can serve other purposes. For example, a larger hamper can organise pillows and blankets, while the smaller ones can be a perfect holder for bathroom towels or magazines.

Laundry Basket Singapore: Where to Find Stylish Laundry Hampers in Singapore

Where to find the perfect laundry basket to keep clothes?

With so many benefits and tips on incorporating your stylish laundry hamper into your home décor, we understand and realise that laundry hampers are not boring home living tools.

For instance,  Laundry Hampers from Megafurniture's collection serve many purposes perfect for your preferences. From style, quality, functionality, and affordability,  Laundry Hampers are the perfect choice.

  • Eco Seagrass Laundry Basket with Lid. Think green and sustainability with an eco-friendly eco Seagrass Laundry Basket. It is hand woven, made from seagrass, and available in small sizes. This affordable basket has a lid that is perfect for hiding your laundry. It is also easy to incorporate this laundry basket with your home decor because, with its lid, you can place it beside your minimalistic sofa, put a neutral colour small cloth on top, and add dried flowers in a rattan vase, making it perfect and elegant looking with its rustic design.
  •  Black Checkered Laundry Bag with Matt Black Steel Frame. Elevate your stylish taste with its fancy and sturdy, durable, foldable laundry bag when not in use.
  • Laundry Bag. This modern essential is a simple yet stylish hamper made of a polyester-cotton mix that makes it durable. These stylish and fun-designed laundry bags are waterproof and convenient to carry.
  • Foldable Hanging Laundry Basket. This space-saving basket is perfect for your decorative walls and is functional and versatile.
  • Laundry Basket with Handle. Made with 100% PP plastic that is sturdy and durable, well-ventilated, easy to lift with its double handles, and perfect with minimalistic home decor.

How to maintain and care for your laundry hamper

Taking off your laundry and keeping it organised and tidy is also essential, as it might affect your home's décor.

Keep it clean. Keeping it clean is essential to clean your laundry hamper regularly. You can use a soft cloth or brush to remove dust and avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the hamper's surface. Also, remember that different material requires a specific way of cleaning it than the others.

Handle with care. You indeed choose a laundry hamper with durable materials, but it is still important to handle your hamper with care. For example, avoid throwing the hamper and always be careful when carrying a heavy load.

Store it properly when not in use. If you choose laundry hampers that are foldable and convenient to use anywhere, remember to store them properly when not in use. Do not stack heavy items and always place them in a well-ventilated area to withstand or, better yet, avoid moulds and mildew growth. Cover it with a cloth or place it in a protective bag if you need to store it longer.

Megafurniture's collection of laundry baskets offers a wide range of laundry solutions, from laundry bags to laundry hampers, all designed to make your laundry day a breeze.

Our laundry baskets are not just functional, they also add style to your home. They come in various designs and materials, including flexi laundry baskets that are flexible and easy to carry.

In addition to laundry baskets, we also offer a variety of laundry accessories. These include laundry organizers and laundry storage solutions, such as laundry bins, to help you keep your laundry area tidy and organized.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about our laundry baskets:

What is a laundry basket also called?

A laundry basket can also be referred to as a laundry hamper or laundry bin.


What is the use of a laundry basket?

A laundry basket is used to store dirty clothes until they are ready to be washed. It helps to keep your home tidy and your dirty clothes organized.

Do you need a laundry basket?

Yes, a laundry basket is an essential household item. It helps to keep your laundry organized and prevents dirty clothes from being scattered around your home.

Can I wash my laundry basket?

Yes, most laundry baskets can be cleaned. However, the cleaning method depends on the material of the basket. Always check the care instructions before cleaning.

Where should you put a laundry basket?

The best place for a laundry basket is in a convenient location where you change clothes, such as the bedroom or bathroom. Some people also prefer to have a laundry basket in their laundry room.

Explore our collection and find the perfect laundry basket for your needs! Whether you’re looking for a simple laundry bag or a complete laundry storage solution, we’ve got you covered. Happy shopping!