Shop Distinguished Art Prints in Singapore

Conceived out of an inherent love for simplicity, Chella Prints adds interest to personal spaces with its creative wall décors. Grounded in simple forms and reduced abstraction and marked by a fresh and casual touch, the designs bring a sense of warmth and character to your space.

Paper Characteristics

Cotton Rag Fine Art Paper
Comes in beautiful smooth or textured matte finish. Dreamier, softer and more subdued look. Instead of wood pulp, fine art papers are made from 100% cotton rag. 300gsm, high grade cotton rolled into high quality paper.

Premium Satin Photograde Paper
Subtle gloss, vibrant look, and slightly more lightweight feel. Satin finish gives abit of sheen, falls between matte and glossy. 270gsm, superior quality that is three times the thickness of standard photocopy paper.