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Chest Freezers Singapore

Chest Freezers

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Discover the joy of always having your favourite foods within arm's reach.

Designed to elevate your home storage solutions, our premium chest freezers [including deep freeze chest freezer] champion efficiency, boasting spacious interiors wrapped in sleek, durable exteriors. From compact units perfect for tight spaces to expansive models for bulk storage, we offer versatility to suit any lifestyle. With features like adjustable thermostats, removable baskets, and energy-saving modes, these freezers keep your goods perfectly preserved while being gentle on your bills. 


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EuropAce 215L Compressor Chest Freezer EFZ 3202Y Singapore


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Preserve More, Save Energy and Space With Chest Freezers

Imagine never having to play Tetris with your frozen goods again, thanks to the generous space inside these chest freezers. They're like your personal bulk-shopping sidekick, ensuring that from garden-fresh peas to your secret-recipe chilli, everything stays as fresh as the day it was tucked away.

Energy-efficient and whisper-quiet, they're also gentle on your bills and offer peace of mind. The adjustable thermostat and removable baskets bring ease and precision to your food storage, making mealtimes a breeze.

Let's delve deeper into the world of chest freezer in Singapore. 

Benefits of Chest Freezers

Bulk Buying

Chest freezers allow you to take advantage of sales and bulk-buy deals, storing large quantities of food and saving money in the long run.

Energy Efficiency

They are more energy-efficient than their upright counterparts, maintaining a consistent temperature and keeping your energy bills lower.

Better Organisation

The deep space in chest freezers provides ample room to organise your frozen goods neatly, making it easier to find and manage your stock.

Less Waste

With superior cooling and temperature maintenance, chest freezers keep food fresher for longer, reducing spoilage and waste.

Meal Planning

They are excellent for meal preppers and busy families, allowing you to freeze prepared meals and ingredients, which helps streamline cooking and meal times.

Seasonal Preservation

For those who garden or enjoy seasonal produce, chest freezers offer the space to preserve fruits and vegetables when they're at their peak freshness.

Emergency Preparedness

Chest freezers provide food security, ensuring that you have a stocked supply of essentials in case of emergencies or unforeseen events.


They fit into various lifestyles and needs, whether you’re a large family, a couple, or someone who loves to entertain.

Types of Chest Freezers

Compact Chest Freezers

For small spaces or supplementing your main freezer, compact chest freezers offer all the benefits of freezing extra food without taking up too much room.

Commercial Chest Freezers

These are larger and built to withstand frequent use, perfect for businesses like restaurants or ice cream shops that need to store bulk items.

Energy-Efficient Chest Freezers

Designed with advanced insulation and efficient compressors, these chest freezers are for the environmentally conscious consumer looking to minimise energy use.

Chest Freezers with Baskets

These come with removable baskets, making it easier to organise and access frequently used items without digging deep.

Chest Freezers with Temperature Control

These allow for precise temperature adjustments, ensuring that you can customise the environment according to what you're storing.

Manual Defrost Chest Freezers

Typically more energy-efficient, these require you to defrost the unit manually but offer a more stable freezing environment for stored goods.

Auto Defrost Chest Freezers

For those looking for convenience, auto-defrost chest freezers automatically maintain a frost-free environment, saving you time and effort.

Size and Capacities of Chest Freezers

Small Chest Freezers

These are your cosy, compact chest freezers, ranging from 3.5 to 7 cubic feet. They tuck into your space without demanding the spotlight, ready to safeguard your batch-cooked lasagnas and the ice cream for those must-have-your-favourite-flavour nights.

Medium Chest Freezers

Chest freezers that span 8 to 14 cubic feet are your flexible friends. They're like a comfortable couch that fits just fine in the living room — big enough to handle a spontaneous party's ice needs, yet still leaving space to move around.

Large Chest Freezers

With a generous 15 cubic feet and more, these freezers are your storage sanctuaries. They're the spacious backyard where you can store your seasonal bounty, enough meat for the whole season, and still have room to play.

Commercial Chest Freezers

For the pros, chest freezers over 22 cubic feet are like the central park of frozen storage — vast, expansive, and ready for business-level storage, where the day's catch or bake can stay perfectly chilled.

Potential Red Flags To Look Out For When Buying Chest Freezers

Inefficient Energy Usage

Look for the energy rating. A freezer needing more energy efficiency can lead to higher electricity bills.

Insufficient Warranty

A short warranty period or limited coverage can be a concern. It's a sign that the manufacturer may need to catch up to the product's long-term reliability.

Poor Build Quality

Flimsy materials, weak hinges, or a lid that doesn't seal well are all indicators of inferior build quality, which could lead to cool air leaking and higher energy consumption.

Noisy Operation

If a chest freezer is too loud during its regular operation, it could be disruptive, especially if you live in a smaller space.

Lack of Temperature Control

Chest freezers without adjustable thermostats don't allow for precise temperature management, potentially leading to frost build-up or inefficient freezing.

Inconsistent Temperature

Read reviews to see if there are complaints about the freezer not maintaining a consistent temperature, which can cause food spoilage.

Unreliable Brand

Purchasing from an unknown or poorly reviewed brand can be risky. It's worth investing in a freezer from a reputable manufacturer with good customer support.

Excessive Frost Build-Up

Chest freezers that require frequent defrosting may indicate poor design and can become a regular hassle.

Limited Space Layout

Chest freezers that lack organisational features, like baskets and dividers, can make it challenging to keep the contents organised and accessible.

Inadequate Interior Lighting

Without a well-lit interior, finding items in your chest freezer can be like searching for a snowball in a snowstorm.

Overwhelming Size

Only let a large capacity tempt you if it fits your space or needs. It will only consume more energy and take up unnecessary room.

Why Shop at Megafurniture

When hunting for the right chest freezer, Megafurniture is like that friend who knows your taste and always steers you right. We’ve got a lineup that's got everyone covered — cosy models for the studio apartment dwellers and sprawling units for the meal-prep masters. And it's not just about size; we're talking chest freezers with all the bells and whistles: adjustable temps, eco-friendly creds, and defrosting that's a breeze.

We also offer prices that'll make your wallet happy and warranties that'll put your mind at ease. On top of this, our customer service team gets gold stars all around — they're the kind of folks who are ready to help from the moment you start browsing to the moment your freezer's humming happily in its nook.