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Day Bed

Shop Stylish and Sturdy Day beds

A day beds is an elegant definition of versatility- a sophisticated way of welcoming your guests, a useful sofa in your office, a single bed, a comfort place.
Megafurniture presents smart and aesthetically pleasing solutions for your small space living. Shop online at Megafurniture now!

Barry 3 in 1 Grey Fabric Daybed Pull Out Bed Frame (Water Repellent) Singapore Barry 3 in 1 Grey Fabric Daybed Pull Out Bed Frame (Water Repellent) Singapore
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Broc Storage Daybed Singapore Broc Storage Daybed Singapore
Broc Storage Daybed
From $699.00 $699.00
    Lysa Fabric Daybed (Water Repellent) Singapore Lysa Fabric Daybed (Water Repellent) Singapore
    Lysa Fabric Daybed (Water Repellent)
    From $468.00 $468.00
      Merryle 3 in 1 Light Grey Fabric Daybed Pull Out Bed Frame (Water Repellent) Singapore Merryle 3 in 1 Light Grey Fabric Daybed Pull Out Bed Frame (Water Repellent) Singapore
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      Stylish Daybeds in Singapore

      Daybeds are stylish, flexible, and comfortable sleep solutions for compact areas in Singapore. A daybed is notably charming and offers a more relaxing sleeping surface than many roll-up beds and convertible alternatives. Daybeds can be made from quality solid wood construction or modern metal frame. If you are looking for a cosy place to nap or want to provide your guests with an additional sleeping area, a daybed is an excellent addition to your lovely space.

      Why Do I Need a Daybed?

      A daybed serves as an amazing focal point for a guest room, home office, or family space where extra lounging and sleeping areas are needed. This furniture piece is suitable for sleepovers, short naps, and personal relaxation. A daybed is also suitable for the kid's room as it comes with a safe furniture height and a spacious sleep surface. To save more space, you may opt for a daybed with extra storage space like drawers or under-the-bed storage options.

      If you want a single space to be full of functions, a daybed is a practical furniture choice. Our daybeds in Singapore come with many designs, upholstery, and storage options.

      Can a Daybed Work as a Sofa?

      Daybeds can be comfortable enough to be used as sofas. If you are looking for a daybed that you can also use as your main couch, we recommend choosing an upholstered daybed with soft padding on all three of its sides. If you want to use a metal daybed frame as a guest bed, choose a cozy model that you can easily customize by adding throw blankets or cushions when lounging.

      Can a Daybed Work as a Regular Bed?

      Our daybeds, like many divan bed types, feature a reliable headboard design that makes them extra comfortable for doing your nightly routines. Daybeds can be as large as super single bed frames, which are ideal for single sleepers who need more room to toss and turn. In terms of nightly sleep comfort, it's important to choose the right daybed mattress that fits your sleeping needs. In short, daybeds may work as single-to-super single beds but with the look of a sofa. Upholstered bed frames offer extra comfort with their cushions and supportive base. Memory foam and latex varieties are some of the amazing choices that you can try for your daybed.

      Daybed Storage

      What we love most about daybeds is that, aside from offering multiple functions, many daybed types come with built-in storage spaces like drawers that are spacious enough to store linens and other medium-sized bedding items. If in need of an extra bed surface, a daybed with a pull-out trundle is a great option.

      Do I Need a Specialised Bedding for a Daybed?

      You may use standard bed frame bedding accessories for your daybed. Usually, daybed sizes cater to single to super single mattresses. However, you can find some daybed covers that can accommodate the specialised frame. The choice depends on your preferences.

      Daybed vs. Futon

      Both daybeds and futons are amazing furniture pieces in terms of their functionality. The main difference is that modern futons are sofas with high-density foam that can be converted into beds, while a daybed requires a mattress to provide extra comfort. If the function leads more to sleeping, a daybed is a good choice.

      How Much Is a Daybed in Singapore?

      With all its functions, a daybed can be mistaken as an expensive furniture. But the good news is that practical daybeds are actually affordable. At Megafurniture, we offer quality upholstered daybeds staring at $468.

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