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Sofa Trends 2024: What's Hot and What's Not - Megafurniture

Sofa Trends 2024: What's Hot and What's Not

New year, new sofa! Read this trusty guide to get you through your new year's sofa shopping adventure.

Your sofa sets the mood of your space, and it anchors all other furniture in your living room. This cosy furniture serves as a statement piece that sets your home apart from others; therefore, it's paramount to get the right sofa that will elevate the style and comfort of your living space. The sofa should pull all your decorations together the way you want them. If you plan to achieve a contemporary or on-trend interior design, it's good that your sofa is adaptable and, of course, comfortable and spacious enough for your family.

Whether you are updating your small living room design or working on a new one, Megafurniture will walk you through the top sofa trends that will beautify your home in 2024.


Curvy Sofa

Curvy sofa - Hemlock Sofa

Curvy furniture, in general, is on-trend in 2024. Since the pandemic, interior designers foresee people focusing on calm, uncluttered, and flowy spaces compared to the crisp, edgy interior design that's been popular for the past few years. This makes the area look softer and more relaxing. Aside from curvy sofas, round furniture like a coffee table, light fixtures, and decor are in this year.


Multifunctional Sofa

Multifunctional Sofa - Aviana and Alice Sofa

2024 is about functional minimalism, where we utilise less furniture with lots of storage to make a spacious area that is free from clutter. A multi-functional sofa is a champion in this category. 

  • Futon Sofa

A futon sofa is lightweight and convertible, perfect for small spaces. This sofa presents a slim configuration and modern appeal.

  • Sofa Bed

When dealing with a smaller space, nothing's more worthwhile than getting a convertible sofa that can cater to multiple functions in your home. A convertible sofa bed can be very useful during gatherings and overnight parties.

  • Storage Sofa

Storage sofas are a bit bulkier than regular couches, but they can be your ultimate space-savers. Sofas with built-in storage compartments are spacious enough to store throw pillows or bedding for guests.

  • L-shaped Sofa or Sectionals 

Sectionals are luxurious and highly versatile. These sofas can be configured however you want, depending on your needs and preferences. Sectionals also provide ample seating for your family and guests.


Minimalist Sofa

Minimalist Sofas

Minimalism has been up for years and is still here to stay. Simple sofas with soft, curvy features and neutral colours can match any style you want to achieve when upgrading your interior design. One of the advantages of a minimalist sofa is that it is flexible and can adapt to any change in trend. 


Loft Style Couch

Loft Style

Although the trend is toward curvy aesthetics, you can still pair soft upholstery aesthetics with metal or wooden legs. Choose dark-toned sofas to set the mood for a smart and modern approach. Partner your centre piece with a curvy coffee table to balance the modern style. A simple sectional or a designer piece can level up your luxurious space.


Vintage Sofa

Vintage Sofas - Wisteria Sofa

The classic and dramatic look is making a comeback in 2024. Stunning vintage sofas with mindful detailing are in this year. Pieces like this tufted tuxedo sofa will level up the luxurious feel of your space. When combined with modern elements, you can come up with an elegant transitional look that is both cosy and stunning. Keep in mind that an intricate vintage sofa is not as flexible as a minimalist modern variety. To highlight the nostalgic vintage sofa, choose minimalist accents that go well with the detailed piece.


Geometric Sofa

Geometric Sofas - Heather Sofa

Curve and geometry are hot topics in interior design in 2024. When buying your sofa, consider various shapes and material combinations that add interest to your space. Geometric sofas have a contemporary look that is both fresh and comfortable. 


Most Popular Sofa Colours to Check Out in 2024

Most Popular Sofa Colours to Check Out in 2022

2024 welcomes natural tones that are cosy and easy on the eye. This year, interior designers get more inspired by the colours of nature and bring outside elements in. Here are some popular colours to consider when buying a sofa in Singapore, according to interior designers:



Grey is still very hot in 2024. Whether it is the main colour or the undertone, grey will give your space a good base to set the mood that you want to achieve.



This neutral colour is perfect for creating a natural and warm environment. Like grey, beige can efficiently work with various colour combinations.



It might be a bit daunting to maintain a white sofa, but when you choose a unit made with maintainable materials, this classic colour can make your space more elegant and charming.



We need lots of greens for a fresh space this 2024. A luxurious emerald sofa brings interest and personality to a minimalist space. 


Royal Blue

Don't be afraid to add a splash of colour to your furniture this year. Natural tones aren't limited to greens and browns. Sea colours like blue will also dominate this year. A royal blue sofa brings a subtle yet bold look to your interior design.


More Earthy Tones

2024 transitions the connection between interior design and nature. Wood, organic materials, plants, stones, corals, sunny yellow accents, and the sky dominate the natural colour scheme. 


Tips to Transform Your Space in 2024

Zone Your Areas

Zone Your Areas - Sectional Sofas

Sectionals are in this 2024. Aside from their multiple functions, sectionals can help zone your open-concept living space. For a small space, a sectional can help get rid of cramped or awkward corners. Sectionals with soft edges make up a relaxing area.


Add Your Own Flavour

Add Your Own Flavours

Although 2024 is about the less is more, bringing outside indoors concept, you still have lots of opportunities to show off your personality through your choice of sofa.

You can go for a curvy one, a vintage one, a geometric sofa, a loft-style couch, or a multi-functional sofa. When designing a neutral sofa, you may add some personality with your accent decorations, like throws, side tables, lamps, and rugs. Making your own lovely space your own way is possible with lots of available sofa varieties and design combinations.

Your couch is a significant investment that will stay with you for years, so it's important to choose a piece that doesn't only fit the current trend but can adapt to future changes as well. The good thing with the 2024 trends is that the core principle focuses on function and versatility, giving an opportunity to level up with minimal changes for the upcoming years.

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