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Beautiful Ways to Level Up Your Patio: Outdoor Furniture Ideas - Megafurniture

Beautiful Ways to Level Up Your Patio: Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Whether you have a spacious home or a limited area, it's imperative to make good use of your available spaces. While we lounge and dine in our living rooms and dining areas, it's good to have a fresh and open space to do these recreational and bonding activities. How about we level up the comfort and functions of our HDB and BTO flats outdoors? We can create a mini dining nook on the balcony or set up a conversational patio area. We can also combine outdoor pieces indoors.

Emerging design trends in Singapore and other parts of the world involve bringing outdoor furniture and decorations indoors. Interior designers and homeowners love the fresh, multi-functional, and sturdy outdoor furniture. If you are looking to spruce up your indoor space or create an extension of your restful sanctuary outdoors, here are some modern outdoor furniture units that you should check out. 

Lounge with Garden Tables and Chairs

Lounge with garden tables and chairs

When talking about patio furniture, you just can't make a list without including a set of garden tables and chairs. A garden table and chair set comes in a wide range of materials, designs, sizes, and colours. The popular ones are made with solid wood, metal, steel, wrought iron, and wicker. Some combine accent details made with fabric and glass. Depending on the combination of materials and design, garden tables and chairs can bring a casual, refreshing look or a modern, cosy appeal to your patio. Garden table sets are perfect for lounging, mini dining, and gathering setups. 

Prep Your Patio for Gatherings

Prep your patio for gatherings

Want a remarkable place where you can welcome and entertain your guests? Your lovely outdoor area can be your perfect spot. Take advantage of the refreshing outdoor breeze and generous combination of natural light and greenery by setting up an outdoor dining area. Get a dining set that complements the look of your garden or balcony. For small spaces, choose a table that can be extended and surround it with slim and modern dining chairs. Surround your outdoor dining area with accent fixtures and ornaments to create a perfect dining and conversational area that your guests will surely remember.

Create a Dreamy Balcony with a Hammock and One-Seater Sofa

Create a dreamy balcony with a hammock and one-seater sofa

Have limited outdoor space? Make it as cosy as it can be by hanging a hammock and anchoring it with a comfortable one-seater sofa. Enjoy your personal space, where you spend your lazy afternoons, reading your favourite book and snoozing, or lounging at night after a long day at work. 

Cosy Recliners

Cosy recliners

Level up the comfort of your balcony by setting up a twin recliner to rest and lounge. Modern leather or fabric recliner sofas and armchairs are perfect for semi-outdoor spaces or faux balconies. Place a lovely coffee table or a spacious ottoman beside your recliners to give you a complete outdoor oasis.

Set Up a Bistro Nook

Set up a bistro nook

When space is an issue, choose space-saving furniture that can still bring you joy and help you relax. If you're looking for a personal spot to enjoy your tea time or have meaningful conversations, a pair of teak chairs and a pedestal table can help you achieve your ideal space. You can choose from a tea set or mix and match various table and chair designs and materials.

Bring your Wicker Inside

Bring your wicker inside

Wicker is a trendy material for outdoor furniture, but it can also be a huge advantage in terms of style and comfort in your indoor design. Wicker outdoor furniture can be made with natural materials or synthetic ones that mimic the beauty of an organic piece. The advantage of choosing synthetic wicker furniture is its resistance to damage caused by natural elements like sunlight and moisture. Of course, if you are bringing the outside in and if your space is free from extreme temperature changes, natural wicker is an elegant choice.

An Outdoor Dining Bar

An outdoor dining bar

It doesn't matter if you have a big or small space when utilising your outdoor area. As long as you keep those creative juices flowing, you will never run out of amazing design ideas, like turning your outdoor space into a fantastic dining spot.

Make a small breakfast nook outdoors by setting up a small table and dining benches or bar stools for your limited space. If you have a bigger outdoor space, you can go all out with an outdoor dining set ready to welcome guests.

Make Outdoors Colourful with Stackable Plastic Chairs

Make outdoors colourful with stackable plastic chairs

Beautiful doesn't have to be formal and all-matchy. It's easy and effective to make an attractive and unique space when mixing and matching colours and various modern designs. Doing this will help you build a casual look that is both appealing and interesting. To set up a casual outdoor dining or lounging area, instead of getting bulky matching furniture, choose lightweight stackable designer chairs that come in various colours.

Bring Your Sofa Outside

Bring your sofa outside

Sofas are not only meant to stay inside your living room. Your luxurious sofa can also help upgrade your outdoor space. Lay out a sectional to highlight a cosy and inviting outdoor area. Complete the sociable area with a complementing coffee table for an exclusive space or a minimalist dining table for a formal dining setup.

Make a Breakfast Patio

Make a breakfast patio

This simple tea set that combines the beauty of rattan with the simplicity of glass accents is perfect for morning breakfast bonding. Enjoy the modern look of the neutral combinations and mindful detailing for an appealing and unforgettable breakfast patio.

Think Soft and Curves

Think soft and curves

Designing your outdoor space does not have to be edgy and intricate. Subtly designed furniture pieces can also help you achieve your dream design. 

Spruce up your contemporary patio with complementing curvy outdoor one-seaters and a soft-looking pedestal table. Add the subtle touch of cushion seats and neutral colour combinations to the effortless yet elegant look. 

Embrace Modern Minimalism with a Sintered Stone Table

Embrace modern minimalism with a sintered stone table

Aside from your furniture's design, an important thing to consider when levelling up your patio is the quality and durability of every piece. As we all know, outdoor conditions like extreme weather changes can damage furniture faster than a controlled indoor environment. It's a good thing sintered stone furniture has both beauty and durability. 

Choose a simplistic and modern centre table made of sintered stone to instantly achieve a luxurious outdoor al fresco area.

Essential Tips for Buying Outdoor Furniture

  1. your space. What you will do with your outdoor space and your choice of furniture depends on the available space.
  2. Take note of the weather. As we mentioned, outdoor conditions significantly affect the quality and durability of furniture. To guarantee that you don't end up with a regretful outdoor furniture choice, make sure to familiarise yourself with the weather changes before choosing a piece of furniture.
  3. Make a design plan. Your choice of furniture should follow the theme that you set to ensure that you'll build a balanced and cohesive area. Of course, modifications are welcome as you discover other varieties that might work well with your intended design.
  4. Choose pieces that bring you comfort. Comfort is the key. Whatever you buy for your home, make sure that it adds to the value and comfort of your area.
  5. Consider your budget. When buying furniture in Singapore, take time to search and look for affordable, high-quality items. To save more, consider buying your outdoor furniture online, where you can get discounts and compare choices within a few clicks. When comparing outdoor furniture products, make sure to choose pieces that offer great value at the right price.
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Sprucing up your outdoor area can be as thrilling and satisfying as beautifying your indoor space. Having the right furniture that supports your needs and design preferences can significantly increase the value of your home.

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