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25 Living Room Furniture Collections for a Stunning HDB Flat  - Megafurniture

25 Living Room Furniture Collections for a Stunning HDB Flat 

The importance of your living room to your flat is shall not be understated as it caters to multiple purposes in your home. It is a perfect place for slacking, bonding, chatting, sleeping, snacking, sleeping again, and entertaining guests. It serves as a focal point to your whole interior design. 

A well-established living room is both cosy and pleasing to the eye while keeping other vital considerations like safety and function in mind. Although HDB flats come with limitations in terms of design and renovation, you can still make your space stunning and more personal with just few changes in your furniture. Whether you are designing a 3-room HDB flat, a BTO, or an executive flat, the right choice of furniture will definitely create a significant change to the look of your living room. 

Here are 25 exquisite furniture varieties that you can find online in Singapore to upgrade the look and feel of your living room. This can be quite a journey, so be ready to list your options and stick with us until the end.


The Centre of Your Space: Sofa

Your sofa is undoubtedly the most basic and expensive piece on this list. As the anchor point of your living room, a sofa shall be able to pull and keep all other furniture pieces in your living room together. Your choice of sofa will determine the whole theme of your design. Here are some sofa varieties that you shall check out:

1. Sectional Sofa

Sectional Sofa

The perfect centrepiece for your living room, a sectional sofa is incredible when it comes to beauty and versatility. A sectional provides ample room for lounging if you have a large family or if you just want a more sizable furniture piece for your area. Not only it brings an unparalleled contemporary look to your space, but it also carries a variety of functions with it. 

  • Although sizeable than a traditional sofa, a sectional provides an illusion of larger space to your living room. Because of its size, a sectional sofa allows more people to sit in. This means that there will be no need to buy an additional sofa, loveseat, or chair to accommodate more people.
  • As its name implies, sectional consists of different furniture sections that can be rearranged based on your needs and design preference.
  • A sectional typically contains a dedicated storage area for extra plush pillows, blankets, small gadgets, or snacks.
  • A sectional provides ample seat space for relaxing and optimal comfort.



 2. Genuine leather sofa

Genuine Leather Sofa

A genuine, high-quality leather sofa joins top timeless choices when it comes to sprucing up a living room. Brimming with an exquisite appeal, a genuine leather sofa speaks for itself. It means that it requires minimum accessories as it easily gives that wow factor to any space it becomes a part of. It is not true that a leather sofa limits the overall look of an interior design. In fact, with a little bit of creativity, it offers limitless possibilities in terms of styling. 



3. Faux leather sofa

Faux Leather Sofa

For a more affordable yet adorable sofa choice, a faux leather sofa can give your living room design a beautiful justice. As it is made to mimic the look of a genuine leather sofa, a faux leather sofa carries the exceptional luxury the first one offers.

A faux leather sofa is also durable and stain-resistant. For subtle stains, simply wipe the surface with a clean cloth and warm water, and you are good to go. Because of its more synthetic nature, faux leather provides a broader variety of styles and colours. 


4. Fabric sofa

Fabric Sofa

Talking about versatility, a fabric sofa is undeniably the most flexible among the sofas on our list. A fabric sofa comes with different colours and various styles and textures based on the materials used. It also provides unprecedented comfort and breathability. As we know, a fabric sofa is not as stain-proof as a leather sofa, but a lot of modern fabric sofas are treated with a stain-resistant finish to make them easier to clean.  

5. Wooden sofa

Wooden Sofa

Sleek and streamlined wooden furniture pieces are irrevocably timeless. This concept is also true for your sofa. The traditional wooden sofas are passed through family members from different ages providing undivided value to interior designs from generation to generation. Pieces made up of solid wood are known for their durability and classic elegance. If you are looking for a statement sofa for your living room, consider getting a wooden variant.



6. Sofa set

Sofa Set

If you think that sofa sets are already out of style, this section might help you change your mind. Sofa sets are not meant to limit your living room’s style. These 3+2 seaters are more than lazy choice matching furniture pieces that make a living room look monotonous. Thinking out of the box, the main piece of your sofa set can act as your living room’s centrepiece, while the smaller variants, decorated with a throw, can add up to the sophistication of your space. 

Minimalist sofa sets invite endless design possibilities and provide additional seating without taking up much space. While the traditional sofa sets bring elegance and nobility to any area, they become a part of.


7. Recliner Sofa and Armchair

Recliner Sofa and Armchair

You might have encountered an instance when you had to choose for a perfect sofa, and your partner wanted that snug, bulky reclining chair over everything in the shop. Your kids loved it too. If you happened to purchase one, we are pretty sure its presence is an endless debate in your home. If you cannot win against them over a recliner armchair debate, join them. 

Recliner sofas are very welcome to a stylish and cosy living room. These relatively bulky one-seaters are not here to ruin your style. In fact, you can efficiently turn them into your flat’s amazing focal point. With the right floor planning and a bucketful of creativity, your elegant space can also turn into a surprisingly snug one.


Your Living Room Buddies: The Chair and Ottoman

Your Living Room Buddies - The Chair and Ottoman

With all the sophisticated living room furniture in this list, ottomans, chairs, and poufs are three of the most overlooked gorgeous pieces that pull through the whole living room together. If you already have a 3-seater sofa and a fantastic centrepiece but still feel like lacking something, you may have been missing your ottomans the whole time. 

Ottomans and chairs are best for balancing a living space. They serve as extra seats, and they section an area efficiently without overcrowding the room. Here are some cute little pieces that we admire:

 8. The elegant ottoman


A standard ottoman can function as a living room accent, a footstool, an additional seat and an amazing living room accessory. This small, diverse padded piece offers an unmatched beauty to every living room. Two or three pieces effectively complete dry or hollow spaces, thus uplifting the beauty of your living room.

    9. Accent Chairs and Additional Seating Options

    Accent and Dining Chairs

    Let us talk about dining chairs- yes, dining chairs for your living room. Aside from your lush sofa and elegant ottoman, you can also enjoy a more accommodating and spacious living room with additional chairs. Snug and exquisite enough, these dining chairs can unbelievably change your living room designing venture!

    Perfect for Binge-Watching: The TV Console

    Perfect for Binge-Watching The TV Console

    Whatever your living room style is, you want your configuration to provide easy access to your television. Whether you prefer your TV to dominate your living room or want it less in the spotlight, a smart TV console is needed to keep your television look decently placed. It is also vital to balance the floor space below a wall-mounted flat television. 

    If you are guilty of sleepless binge-watching, you might want to modify that experience by highlighting your TV screen in your living room. Here are some TV consoles that will surely make your television the centre of attention and give you an optimum viewing angle.

    10. Classic wooden TV console

    Classic wooden TV console

    When it comes to ultimate entertainment space design, wooden TV consoles never go out of style. Because of their unparalleled sturdiness and versatility, expect all types of interior design to go well with wooden pieces. We listed stunning and practical wooden TV consoles in different styles and sizes for you to choose from.

    11. Marble Top TV Console

    Marble Top TV Console

    With their textured visual with a smooth feel, marble top TV consoles give the living room an extra flare. With minimal decorations, few statement items, and tons of creativity, you can now easily establish an inviting and pristine living room. 

    12. Try a TV Console with Monochromatic Colours

    Try a TV Console with Monochromatic Colours

    Monochromatic colour scheming makes interior designing easier and less of a hassle. It makes a relatively small space look roomier and cleaner. Monochromatic TV consoles are amazing in terms of accentuating a living room or an entertainment area. This is because they mix well with any type of design. To pursue a monochromatic theme to your living room without making it look monotonous, you need a mixture of creativity and smart furniture planning. To help you choose the best pieces for your living room, here are some monochromatic TV consoles that we curated:

    The Centrepiece that Keeps Everything Together: Coffee Table

    The Centrepiece that Keeps Everything Together - Coffee Table

    The coffee table, although a relatively small furniture, is the anchor piece that keeps every decor in your living room together. As a staple and prominent piece in your living room, it is important to carefully consider your coffee table and the things that you put on top of it. 

    13. Wooden Coffee Table

    Wooden Coffee Table

    Again, some of the most exquisite furniture solutions are those that are made of wood. Their versatility and elegance can outlast other varieties, making them the perfect choice for any type of interior design. 

    14. Marble Top Coffee Table

    Marble Top Coffee Table

    From high-grade items to the more affordable cultured varieties, marble top coffee tables are proven to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space. With their magnificent textured look and smooth finish, it is undeniable that marble top coffee tables are top-tier in beauty and functionality. 

    15. Glass Top Coffee Table

    Glass Top Coffee Table

    Perfect for small and large BTO or HDB living rooms, glass-top coffee tables are some of our timeless staples when it comes to living room styling. Whether you are looking for a more homey or professional design, a glass-top coffee table can perfectly deliver the theme you want to achieve. 

    16. Sintered Stone Coffee Table

    Sintered Stone Coffee Table

    Due to their simplicity and sophistication, sintered stone coffee tables provide intimacy and luxury to your living space. Include the well-planned configuration and lightweight feel they add to the overall design to why we love these pieces. 

    More than a Bookworm Buddy: Your Bookshelf

    More than a Bookworm Buddy - Your Bookshelf

    Despite all the technology and modern means of entertainment and information gathering, a physical book adventure still provides an indescribable experience. For bookworms and avid novel enthusiasts, having a cosy mini library or a reading corner is a dream come true. But designing a reading area is more than stacking books on randomly available shelves in your home. Suppose you are considering the limited space you have but still want to build an oasis for your books. In that case, there are practical, efficient, and undeniably lovely bookshelves that can double up as display units for you. From wooden dividers, cubby holes, and other modern space-savvy variations, you will not run out of effortless solutions.

    17. Wooden Bookshelf

    Wooden Bookshelf

    Whether you are opting for a reading nook or an exposed bookshelf design in your living room, an open wooden bookshelf is completely necessary to create a striking impact on your space. Try putting your bookshelf in unconventional locations and do some decor overlays for a stylish twist. Check out the range of wooden bookshelves that we curated below: 

    18. Barrister Bookshelf

    Barrister Bookshelf

    Barristers are fascinating and endearing. In addition, they provide elegance and security to your space and decorations. If you are looking for the perfect display unit that can keep your items safely, a barrister bookshelf is ideal for you. Keep on browsing to find tasteful and efficient pieces for your home. 

    19. Open Bookcase

    Open Bookcase

    Open bookcases are not your conventional go-tos in terms of designing your reading nook. These lightweight pieces are more casual than the traditional cubby bookshelves and barristers, but they provide the same smart appeal while making your space more playful and inviting. 

    20. Closed Bookshelf with Additional Storage Unit

    Closed Bookshelf with Additional Storage Unit

    We mentioned earlier in this article that we adore barristers because of their timeless beauty and notable function. We take the adoration to a notch higher with these closed bookshelves with additional storage units. Keep unnecessary clutters out of sight and put your favourite books and display pieces in the foreground.

    How About Sprucing Up Your Entrance: The Practical Shoe Cabinet

    Before you reach your living room and other major parts of your HDB, you will have to pass through one of the most unprioritised areas in your home- the entryway.

    Most HDB flats do not come with a spacious entryway. Thus the entrance becomes one of the most cluttered spaces, with all the shoes aligned on top of the entrance mat. The unsightly stacks of shoes make the narrow space more suffocating. No, that is not the first impression that you want to leave to your guests.

    While most renovations focus on specific rooms in your flat, it is still possible to create a welcoming foyer with some genius space and furniture planning without the need to work with a professional renovation team.

    21. Faux Built-in Wooden Shoe Cabinet

    Faux Built-in Wooden Shoe Cabinet

    If you do not have a large dedicated foyer to your flat, try pushing a narrow wooden shoe cabinet on your entranceway wall. For a variety of look and feel, experiment with various textured and coloured wooden shoe cabinets.

    22. Legged Shoe Cabinet for an Illusion of Space

    Legged Shoe Cabinet for an Illusion of Space

    Function definitely comes before the form, especially if you are dealing with a smaller space. But there are times that a function can be attained when you choose a particular form. This is true for furniture pieces that are made to optimise space. 

    Legged furniture pieces are proven to add up elegance and function to space without bulkiness.

    23. Open Metal Shoe Rack

    Open Metal Shoe Rack

    A foyer upgrade on a budget? Of course, it is possible. There are tons of tricks and creative ways to spruce up your entryway, even if you are using more affordable materials like open metal shoe racks. 

    Open shoe racks are probably the most affordable go-tos when it comes to keeping your shoes together. Metal shoe racks often come with minimal designs and focus on directly displaying your shoes while keeping all of them in place.

    Depending on the array of shoes you have, designing an open shoe rack might be challenging, especially when you have varieties that come in different colours. To address this, opt for a monochromatic metal shoe rack that can easily blend with varying styles of shoes. 

    To create a cohesive look, organise your shoes according to colour, style, or material- whatever is more convenient for you. Since you are flaunting your actual collection, you do not have to limit yourself to the conventional mall toe-facing front shoe placement. You can experiment with different shoe storage positions too! Try placing your shoes backwards, heel to the front to make the compartment look less empty. You can also try alternate stacking. 

    24. Shoe Cabinet With Mirror Door

    Shoe Cabinet With Mirror Door

    Create a statement focal point to your entranceway by utilising closed mirrored shoe cabinets. Make the most out of your limited foyer with a space-efficient and exquisite shoe cabinet.

    25. The Beauty in Comfort: Tea Set

    The Beauty in Comfort - Tea Set

    A clever and affordable way to create a cosy and efficient living room space is to use tea sets instead of getting bulkier furniture pieces. From minimalist sets to pieces with accent details, tea sets have so much to offer to your living room. Here are some inspiring tea table and chair sets for an excellent living room space-saving venture.


    Shopping for Living Room Furniture Online in Singapore

    If you are to spruce up a limited BTO or HDB flat, investing in the right furniture is paramount. Every piece of furniture in your living room plays a significant role in your comfort and well-being. That is why it is essential to take your time in planning, researching, and choosing the right pieces before making a purchase. 

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