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A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Sofa in Singapore - Megafurniture

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Sofa in Singapore

A sofa is one of the most crucial pieces of furniture in your home, and the centre of your living space for both family and guests. Choosing the right sofa can dramatically improve the overall appearance of your living room. However, shopping online for a sofa, as with any furniture, has its unique challenges. You need to consider the cost of shipping such a bulky item to your house, and whether it comes with a return policy in case the sofa does not arrive as you expected.

Having to visit many different websites can also be draining, so ideally, you want to avoid having to do so before you make your sofa choice. Fortunately, the wide selection of sofas available online in Singapore ensures something for everyone, no matter their needs or budget. Whether you are looking to invest in a functional everyday piece or an eye-catching living room centrepiece, there is a lot at stake when it comes to selecting one of the most essential pieces of furniture for your home.

This comprehensive sofa guide will walk you through everything you need to know about shopping online for the perfect sofa in Singapore, so sit back, relax and enjoy the read!

Contemporary sofa trends

The sofa is one of the most important elements in your living room setup. Not only is it physically imposing as the centrepiece of the room, it also involves a large upfront cost and can make or break the overall stylistic theme of the room. It is thus only right that a considerable amount of thought and care goes into purchasing this piece of furniture online. Having a piece that offers decades of exceptional comfort is just as important as finding a sofa style that can outlast changing trends.

While velvet sofas appear to enjoy consistent popularity in many homes, there are many other emerging styles you might want to consider if you are thinking about switching up your sofa situation.

Contemporary Sofa - Velvet Sofa, Curvy Sofa, Colored Sofa, L-Shape Sofa

Lush velvet

Richly textured materials such as suede, velvet and leather are huge lounge trends at the moment. Nothing quite catches the eye and exudes effortless comfort like a stylish and lush velvet sofaWhat has changed though, is the type of velvet that is most sought after.

Warmer tones have replaced cool shades as the in thing when it comes to velvet sofas. The regal blue that was a popular choice just a few years back has since been overtaken by more sombre, saturated shades such as taupe, mustard and lilac. That said, dark blue and vivid green are known to be classic colours for velvet upholstery that are also easy on the eye, so you do not have to worry about either of these choices going out of style.

At the end of the day, go with the colour that works best for you, and even if that is a striking flame red hue, you are probably ahead in terms of future trends.

Curvy edges

Curved edges add softness to any room. Having rounded-edge furniture like a curvy sofa or a swivel chair is an ideal way to achieve this shapely aesthetic by neutralising rigid corners and contrasting straight lines.

A stylish piece with accentuated curves also fills the dual purpose as a piece of art, instantly becoming the focal point of a room. Place a curved sofa in the centre of your living room, flanked by supportive and decorative elements to create a good flow in your layout. In compact spaces and small rooms, curved sofas can create the illusion of space, without any distracting straight lines that can appear to inhibit the circulation path in the room.

When looking to buy a curvy sofa online, you want to prioritise crescent, conversational and serpentine sofas as these tend to return better search results.

Eclectic styles

Shabby chic or French-themed interiors commonly feature an eclectic mix-and-match of different furniture styles. Slouchy, modular sectionals are an excellent way to experiment with a blend of styles that fit best within functional, minimalist spaces and family-oriented designs.

The flexibility of modular pieces means that individual sections can be adjusted to suit different purposes whenever the needs arise, such as rearranging the sofa to create a tranquil space where the family can relax and entertain guests. When done correctly, it can invoke an eclectic or bohemian feel for an effortlessly stylish look.

Ideally, go for styles with smaller modular components composed of one- to two-seat pieces combined to form a bigger piece. More pieces mean the furniture shape has enough structure to prevent it from looking too delicate, whilst retaining the relaxed nature of such styles.

Bold statement

Given that many people around the world have had a tough 2020, for the succeeding year, it is expected to see homeowners opt for more uplifting colours, and what better way to radiate warmth and positivity than from your sofa!

Pairing a deep intense colour like navy with bold yet subtle colours like the warm and welcoming paprika can result in a vibrant scheme. When accompanied by softer shades of white and grey, the space can be your sanctuary to retreat into after a long day.

A coloured sofa can breathe life into the dullest of rooms, so try something striking, be it a splash of yellow, terracotta, or jungle green.

Terracotta, in particular, is the colour of the moment. It adds a rustic charm to your lounge setting. Jungle green is also increasingly inculcated into homes for a sense of nature and calm. And as with most bright colours, yellow can radiate through any space. Throw in an occasional chair in an equally bold shade if you wish to further the same effect of brightening up the room.


Sustainable living

Sustainable Living - Furniture

Sustainable living is expected to be a hot button trend of the future. Maintaining a sustainable approach to furniture sourcing involves purchasing a quality piece that will last for years rather than something that needs to be replaced all the time. The combination of style and sustainability could potentially give rise to a major sofa trend in the years to come.

Given the variety of sofa styles available on the market, a piece of furniture that features durable and sustainable elements combined with a luxury aesthetic should ideally be a top consideration when you shop for a sofa. 

A huge part of sustainable living can essentially be attributed to the overall quality of your sofa.


Sofa styles to know

Anyone can create an elegant sanctuary within their homes, but not many can tell a sectional apart from a chaise lounge or a mid-century style from the Lawson sofa. Understanding the different sofa terminologies and their individual characteristics allows you to craft the living space of your dreams. Having a good grasp of the various sofa types means you can compare one style with another to reach the ideal sofa choice based on your individual needs and expectations.

Sofa designs can be categorised into traditional, contemporary and a marriage of traditional and contemporary designs known as transitional sofas. Each style can be whittled down to many options and sub designs to sift through. Before you let the vast and complex world of sofaception overwhelm you completely, we have compiled a straightforward yet all-inclusive guide to navigate you through the most common sofa styles.

Different Styles of Sofa - Sofa Bed, Sectional Sofa, Mid-Century Sofa

Our definition of each design ensures that you will not only be able to differentiate a settee from a loveseat, but also make an informed decision regarding your furniture preferences based on your newfound sofa knowledge.


Dubbed the “family sofa”, sectionals refer to individual pieces or sections that can be combined with one another to create their desired seating configuration. This makes them perfect for larger families who require flexibility and customisability in terms of their seating layout.

Because sectionals are composed of multiple smaller pieces, you can adjust and rotate each piece to achieve the ideal sofa length or arrangement that best suits your requirements. Their sleek and minimalistic appearance also makes them the ideal candidate for every living room setting. What was originally a cosy sofa for a movie marathon the night before can be transformed into an inviting area for entertaining guests the next evening.

Consider separating the sofa into individual sections when you have guests over so that everyone is spaced comfortably apart without being squeezed too close to each other. The sections can be reattached to form a wider, one-piece sofa where the entire family can sit close together the next time you hold an intimate get-together.


A mid-century sofa manages to ooze youthful appeal but is at the same time functional and comfortable. Appearance-wise, it takes on a minimalist rectangular shape with elevated wooden legs and a tufted back accompanied by seat cushions.

The perfect blend of elegance and practicality, a mid-century sofa can work wonders in both a modern and minimalistic scheme. As they are held up by high legs, the sofa exudes a light and airy vibe which contributes to its petite frame.

Mid-century sofas are generally upholstered with monochromatic hues made of enduring materials but the palette can be extended to include everything else from more neutral and relaxed shades to brighter, more vibrant colours.


Chaise-style sofas derive their name from the French expression “chaise lounge”, which directly translates to long chair in English. They can be characterised by a single cushion that spans the length of the seat where you get to put your legs up and kick back comfortably.

A chaise is essentially an upholstered seat intended for lounging on. Think of this as a more elegant and comfortable alternative to placing an ottoman in front of a regular sofa.

Chaises can range from having two arms to having one or no arms at all. All chaises however, come with back support, either in the form of a contoured backrest or a reclining seat that adjusts to your spine when you lean backwards. Because of their immense physique compared to other sofa shapes, chaise lounges are commonly featured in master bedrooms and as part of an outdoor patio set by the pool.

 English roll arm

An English-style sofa is marked by a set of low, parallel arms contrasted by a high back. It is completely upholstered but is optimally cushioned throughout to provide users with optimum comfort, including the arms. With an average depth of 42 inches, you can easily sink into this sofa without exerting much pressure on your joints, making it an ideal choice for those considering sofa size.

In terms of sofa trends, English sofas remain a timeless centrepiece that withstands the test of time. With a rare elegance and a dose of versatility, they can accommodate just about any contemporary piece and are perfect for use in a formal living space or a waiting room in a commercial setting.

Even if you decide to switch up your living room’s décor down the line, you can expect that your English sofa will coordinate well with your new scheme and not need to be replaced. The legs of an English sofa can also be altered to be more in tune with the rest of your home décor.

Position the legs straight for a modern décor or twist the legs for a traditional aesthetic. Otherwise, if you are looking to combine both the contemporary and traditional styles, consider going for a symmetrical or stripe pattern as they go well with this type of sofa.


Tuxedo-style sofas convey contemporary, classic style with a touch of extravagance while keeping the room warm and inviting for guests. Their arms are positioned as high as the back of the sofa which runs horizontally across.

Unlike most sofas designed with comfort in mind, the tuxedo sofa is known to lack a reclining angle. Instead, the sofa is characterised by a boxy shape and extensive use of clean lines and shapes complete with fabric upholstery. The buttoned-up style design gleaned in a tuxedo sofa draws its inspiration from the namesake suit for a timeless chic aesthetic. Indeed, nothing embraces you with more class and grace than this style of sofa. When considering a tuxedo sofa, it's essential to pay attention to the sofa size to ensure it fits harmoniously within your living space.

Sofa bed

Sofa beds are great for when you have overnight guests and need a comfortable place for them to spend the night.

The furniture pulls double duty as a couch during the day and a bed in the evening. Their compact nature also makes them a perfect piece for a small studio apartment where there is limited space for separate seating or an extra guest room. Some sofa beds come with more contemporary or English-style arms, while the others are armless.

Sofa beds without arms usually appear sleeker and perhaps look more like an actual bed compared to a regular sofa. They also provide exceptional comfort without any unnecessary parts for you to accidentally knock into while sleeping.

One of the most popular mechanisms used for sofa beds is the pull-out sleeper bed. This is where the sleeping surface is tucked and stored under the main sofa frame and can be pulled out when there is a need for it.

The pull-out mechanism makes for greater comfort in comparison to a simple fold down design, where you sleep on the same surface which you also use to sit when the sofa bed is in sofa mode.

Selected sofa bed styles also feature an underneath storage area. The extra storage can be used to store pillows and bedsheets for overnight guests, or any other belongings you have accumulated.


The defining feature of a Lawson sofa is that the back pillows are not constructed into the sofa frame, which gives it a look that is neither too modern nor dated. The sofa also has a high tailored back and deep seats with the armrests being much lower than the back.

The design aims to create a comfier, more cushioned sofa with larger pillows that are not limited by the size of the sofa frame. The pillows are also meant to be detachable, so you can move them around for optimal comfort or remove them altogether depending on the occasion. In essence, the sofa is designed to bring comfort to your home without the baggage of being bulky or complex.

Lawson-style sofas are available in a spectrum of colours, sizes and materials. How the sofa legs are designed can also affect the overall look and feel of the piece. Straight legs will result in a more modern look, whereas a tailored skirt conveys a traditional flair with a ruffled skirt giving the sofa a more rustic vibe.

For these reasons, Lawson sofas continue to be a popular choice today. They boast a clean and simple aesthetic with more modern construction and greatly enhanced comfort when compared to older Victorian-inspired styles.


Cabriole sofas have a distinctive equal-height back and arms that spans the full perimeter of the sofa. The arms typically curve inwards to mimic a pair of open arms while the legs curve outwards and towards the ground.

Another distinguishing feature of a cabriole sofa is the single back cushion and the sculpted, wooden trim that outlines the top, back and arms of the sofa although modern designs tend to lack this wood detail. Contemporary cabriole designs also focus more on comfort by having extra cushioning throughout, especially around the seating area, while older styles generally favour the inculcation of ornate features.


The Bridgewater style is ideal for those who yearn for a bit of comfort in a traditional setting.

A classically-designed piece, the Bridgewater is marked by a modest profile and low arms that extend midway from the back part of the sofa. The sofa’s detachable cushions and backrests mean the firmness of the seat can be adjusted to your preference.

Older Bridgewater styles have legs that are hidden behind detailed skirt although modern Bridgewater pieces can come with exposed legs. Typically, these sofas can easily sit three. Even though the sofa design is better suited as a casual piece, it can be tailored to fit with any décor depending on the fabric type.

A neutral fabric can prevent the sofa from overshadowing a statement piece or other major elements. A velvet or rayon fabric is ideal if you want a more traditional touch. Additionally, a Bridgewater sofa with nail head trim is perfect for a formal setting.


The settee has a distinct upright back and can typically sit two comfortably. The sofa can usually fit into nooks too narrow for a regular sofa or inculcated into an open plan living room accompanied by a chair or small side table. They are also known to radiate a rustic charm which makes them a perfect addition to a stunning foyer.

Because of their petite frame, a settee can look more approachable than a full-size sofa without taking up as much space. The two-seater sofa also provides all the comfort you need for prolonged sitting with its angled backrest and ergonomic armrests.

In terms of aesthetics, the sofa can blend into all interior styles and is sometimes used as an accompanying piece to a larger sofa to provide optimal seating comfort for everyone in the room.

Despite their differences, the settee is occasionally mistaken for a loveseat. The best way to tell them apart is that the settee is able to fit two or more people, while a loveseat is intended to fit a maximum of two people.

A loveseat is also only available as an individual piece, whereas the settee can be attached to sectionals to form a larger piece.

Recliner sofa

Nothing beats sinking into a comfortable sofa and kicking your feet up after a long day. Despite being fairly new to the market, recliner sofas are fast rising in popularity due to the flexibility and comfort they provide to users.

Most reclining sofas have three configurations, including a standard seated position, elevated footrest with an angled back recline, and a complete recline where the person is lying down flat while the seat supports their entire body weight.

Recliners employ a variety of mechanisms for relaxing on the sofa, all of which impact the price and look of the piece. It is also important to consider the space where you want your recliner sofa to fit into.

Depending on the footrest and recline mechanism, how much available floor space you have in the room when the sofa is in full recline will be affected. Some recliner sofas also have the option of manual or electronic recline based on your personal needs and preferences. A popular choice of recliner is the two-position sofa, which can be adjusted to either an upright position or in a fully reclined position.

Two-position recliners tend to be cheaper compared to other sofas of their kind but are also the most limited in function and occupy significant space, since the backrest lowers backward while the footrest advances forward whenever the sofa is in complete recline. At the other end of the spectrum is the riser recliner sofa. They are both the most expensive and most versatile as far as reclining chairs go.

The sofa relies on a motorised system to switch between positions. This makes it easier for those who are less mobile to get out of the chair. Also consider a riser sofa if you are someone who values convenience as you can easily change seating positions with the push of a button.

Get the right sofa fit

Leather Sofa, Velvet Sofa, Fabric Sofa

After a long day, most of us want nothing more than to curl up on a cosy sofa and relax. But it takes some careful consideration to buy the right sofa that would afford us years of peak comfort.

The most important thing is not to dive in headfirst into an impulsive buy, given that your sofa will be one of the most-used pieces of furniture in your home. The next time you shop for your ideal sofa, you want to factor both form and function into your decision-making. A high degree of workmanship that offers unparalleled comfort and support is imperative. But sofa design and form, upholstery type and durability and how well the sofa fits into your home and lifestyle requires just as much consideration.

Whether you are buying a sofa online or in a retail store, knowing what to look for is important. A sofa is a major investment so you want to explore your options carefully to ensure a piece of furniture that will last you and your family for a long time.

If you are unsure about where to begin in your search for the perfect sofa, this handy buying guide lists the most essential points that will steer you in the right direction towards purchasing a new sofa that will provide you with years of exceptional comfort.


Size is perhaps the most important factor to purchasing the right sofa. People often make the common mistake of purchasing an ill-fitting sofa that makes the room appear either too empty or too cramped and uncomfortable. Just picture how a gangly sofa with broad arms will look like in a tiny living room.

A good way to begin is by applying the rule of thirds. Allocate two thirds the size of the entire room for the sofa then plan everything else around the centrepiece. If you decide to throw in a coffee table that would either occupy two thirds the size of the sofa, or one third to half the size of the sofa if the sofa comes with a chaise.

If you have a small living space, it is best to go with a 2-seater sofa. These sofas seat two people perfectly and three in a pinch, perfect for couples who occasionally entertain guests. Combine this setting with an elegant ottoman to rest your feet and you accomplish optimal comfort.

As a slightly larger alternative, the 3-seater sofa provides additional seating space with minimal impact on the usable living space.

For those who require additional seating but lack living space, for instance a family living in an apartment with multiple kids, a compact sectional such as a L-shaped sofa is the answer.

L-shaped sofas often also come with hidden functionality such as a fold out sofa or additional storage space underneath, perfect when you have extra guests over.

Do note that the stylistic features of a furniture can impact the perceived size of a sofa. For example, a smaller couch with one or two seat cushions can appear longer and sleeker compared to an exact same couch with three seat cushions. Hence, always measure your room to ensure there is sufficient space around your sofa in all directions instead of simply relying on your gut feeling.

Given that fit is perhaps the most important consideration, remember not to let your sofa overwhelm the room to the point where it is a hindrance to move around. Big is not always better!


Colour is known to invoke certain moods and feelings so naturally the shade of the sofa is another significant consideration in purchasing a piece of furniture that can affect how we feel depending on the colour scheme.

If you are uncertain about what colour best complements your décor scheme or have yet to even decide on one, ask yourself what feelings you hope to derive from the room. Do you want it to feel relaxed? Nondescript? Or perhaps bold and passionate?

The practical approach is to first experiment with the primary colours and their different variants. The best starting point is to assess the most common colours and the emotions they tend to evoke. That includes blue, green and red.

Blue and green are known for their calming qualities, as both colours are said to promote concentration and induce serenity. While blue is perfect for more seaside-inspired homes with a laidback design style, green is ideal if you are a nature lover who fancies an outdoorsy vibe in your very own home. On the contrary, the passionate colour of red is an excellent choice for those who wish to express your bold personality. The intense shade means the sofa will stand out in your living room, which is especially useful if you are looking to make a bold statement.

A décor plan that mainly features warm hues is best complemented by a sofa with a brownish shade while a cool colour scheme serves as the perfect backdrop to a grayish-tinted or even white sofa. For a vibrant contrast to the monochromatic scheme, throw in a couple of decorative pillows or accent rugs. These can be easily switched out to make room for the next wave of colour trends, whereas you are forced to live with a striking sofa even when it goes out of style.

It is still possible to make colourful sofa work in your home but it has to be one in a block of colour to allow for easy styling according to changing trends.

Generally, it is recommended that you stick with a neutral sofa shade. They go a long way in ensuring that your sofa goes well with any colour combinations or patterns you might want to incorporate into your home décor at a later stage. At the end of the day, you need to factor in any pre-existing colours or patterns in the room before you can settle on a suitable sofa shade or fabric pattern.


Your choice in sofa also comes down to the sense and practicality of the furniture material. Consider the durability of the fabric and how enduring your sofa needs to be in order to accommodate your tastes and preferences. Leather and fabric are perhaps the two most common upholstery choices for sofas.

Leather sofas are a better investment when it comes to withstanding long-term wear and tear. They rarely absorb smell and liquid so you do not have to worry about odour. Additionally, a leather sofa lets you wipe away dirt or food spillages effortlessly, making them much easier to clean. They are certainly the more durable option if you want your sofa to last longer without having to replace the fabric every few years.

On an aesthetic front, sofas made of genuine leather also tend to exude warmth and luxury for an intimate vibe in your homes. That said, leather requires regular maintenance and is more prone to being ripped by sharp objects. Bear in mind that ongoing exposure to direct sunlight can also damage the material and result in a leather sofa drying out and cracking.

If this is a deal-breaker, you might want to consider going with something made of faux leather instead. This closely mimics the exquisite finish of leather without running the risk of sunlight damage.

Fabric on the contrary can be cosier and comes in a wider range of colours and patterns so if you consider leathered surfaces to be quite dull and uninviting, then you might prefer a fabric-base sofa for visual reasons. Fabric material generally evokes a certain softness that makes a room appear more rejuvenating. And as the material can be found in a much broader range of colours, you are more likely to find a fabric sofa that will complement your colour scheme.

Important things to consider include whether your fabric sofa has removable covers that you can wash, especially since fabric types like cotton and polyester blend or microfibre are prone to retaining marks and stains and therefore need to be cleaned regularly. As a protip, we recommend a textured fabric as general wear and tear remains less perceptible compared to smooth fabric.

In the end, each material has its own pros and cons, so your choice ultimately hinges on your living space and your lifestyle. That sleek leather sofa may look amazing in pictures, but will the material be able to withstand the sharp claws of your family cat? On the other hand, if you decide on a fabric sofa, ensure you have a bottle of upholstery cleaner handy to tackle those pesky stains that refuse to be wiped off with a cloth.


When selecting a shape, consider the intended function of the sofa and how you want it to look in the home. Looking at the size and style of the room it belongs in can be the starting point. A huge sofa, for example, can clutter a narrow or small living space, leaving no room for anything else and while you have more options in a larger environment, there is still a need to ensure the scale matches the surroundings. Ideally, you want to introduce flexibility into your living room design so you have the ability to change things up in the future.

Modular sofas are a great way to experiment with different sofa arrangements as they usually combine assorted chaise pieces of various sizes into a single unit which allows them to be easily modified to suit any new home layout. Take a L-shaped sofa for instance. It occupies minimal room but offers extra space for putting your feet up or to entertain any unexpected guests. Their flexibility and adaptability also mean that modular sofas can be reconfigured into different combinations including your own formations.

Anything from a L-shaped two and three-seat sectional to a broader U-shaped modular piece that can be lengthened is definitely worth considering. Moreover, these are perfect if you wish to partition large open spaces, such as in situations where the living room and dining room are combined.

Even if you have ample space, you want to consider integrating modular solutions such as a 3 plus 2-seater sofa or pair your sofa with a reclining armchair or ottoman as additional options instead of purchasing a pair of identical 2 or 3-seater sofas.

This way, you construct an interesting juxtaposition with the living room space which can be very visually appealing. It also means you are taken care of regardless of whether you are relaxing alone in front of the television or hosting a gathering with a few friends in tow.


Firmness and softness also need to be considered when hunting for the right sofa. A firm sofa is able to offer ample back support. It is perfect for a formal setting where you essentially spend long hours engaging in friendly conversations with guests. But a sofa that is too tough can also mitigate any comfort that comes from sinking into it. The last thing you want after a hectic day at work is to plop your bum on a solid surface. Hence how hard or soft you want your sofa boils down to the purpose of your sofa.

If it is purchased strictly for entertaining guests, then stick with a firm sofa as guests usually do not linger in the same area in your home the whole time and would not be put off by a firmer sofa. A firmer sofa makes both sitting upright and standing up easier when needed. Conversely, if the purpose of your sofa is for everyday family use then a softer sofa is an appropriate fit.

A softer sofa sinks in whenever someone sits on it which creates a more intimate and casual vibe. It is the perfect spot for long hours of engrossing activities like movie marathons, board games or just a place for you to curl up comfortably with a good book in hand.

Where your sofa is placed too determines the firmness of your sofa. If the piece is meant for your bedroom then it can be however soft you want it to be. It is based entirely on your personal inclinations so do not worry whether others share your preferences in comfort.

An eager bookworm? You probably want a super comfy soft back recliner sofa to curl into while you get lost in the plot. On the other hand, a firm sofa in the study would be the perfect medical remedy to your spinal problems. You can stay glued to the computer screen for long hours without having to worry about developing a nasty hunch.


Because your sofa design is intrinsic to the overarching appeal of your living room, there is a need to carefully identify the right sofa for the aesthetic of the space. A few methods exist when it comes to approaching style.

The most common way is to make the sofa the highlight of your living room, where the sofa is the first piece that guests notice before diverting their attention to other furniture in the area. Another way is to inculcate the sofa into the central design scheme of the room, where guests are instantly taken by the overall style of the space instead of observing one piece at a time.

As the style of your sofa will be influenced by the existing decor of a room, pick something that is practical, stylish and in tune with the rest of the living room arrangement. A minimalistic, clean-line design sofa with a low-profile will suit a modern décor, while a slipcover sofa with rolled arms and a high-back works magic in a more classically-designed home. In fact, classical and contemporary-style sofas are probably the safest options when it comes to buying a sofa.

Classical furniture generally transcends era so they are likely to appeal to family and guests from every age group. A classical sofa exudes calm and confidence, and will never go out of style. Contemporary furniture on the other hand mainly utilises neutral tones like white and grey alongside rigid lines. This is ideal if you want a sofa that blends in seamlessly with a minimalistic setup, as part of a relaxed, neutral-coloured room.

The design and style of the sofa you pick can either establish the mood or ruin it, so contemplate carefully the type of furniture you want. It is not enough for your new sofa to fit into your living room, it also has to fit in with your living room.

Keep in mind that if you want your sofa to be more future-proof, you should opt for a style that is less eye-catching and more timeless. This provides additional flexibility to mix-and-match a wide variety of styles and colours, should you wish to revamp your home down the line.

Sofa sizing options

When it comes to style, colour or upholstery fabric, each sofa can vary quite significantly from another, but what you may not realise is that most sofas are generally bounded by the same approximate dimensions. The same holds true for other pieces of living room furniture such as coffee tables and TV consoles as well. Having a rough idea of the furniture measurements helps you plan how many pieces to fit into the room and how they are arranged to create efficient flow in the room.

As one of the largest furniture purchases you will make, both in terms of size and cost when furnishing your home, there is a lot to think about when finding the ideal sofa fit.

To help you out, we are here to take you through the different sofa types and sizes available to get a better idea of what will work best for you.

2-seater sofa

A large range of 2-seater sofas are available on the market in sizes from the very small to the quite large.

Certain variants of 2-seaters are generously proportioned for two grown adults and will seat three smaller individuals with a squeeze so if you are short on space, they are ideal as these are designed with maximum seating in a small or limited space in mind. This means you need not worry about not finding a 2-seater that will fit into your home, however small it may be. In fact, smaller 2-seaters can be quite versatile whether being the perfect piece for a small living room or otherwise to maximise seating space for larger rooms.

Our 2-seaters typically have an overall width ranging from as narrow as about 112cm wide to sofas as wide as 185cm, although this can be chalked up to the chunkiness of the furniture arms. This size of sofa is also ideal if you require extra space to sit in a home office, breakfast nook or even a bedroom.

3-seater sofa

A 3-seater sofa is usually the popular option when buying a sofa and often regarded as the main seating centrepiece within a living room, which can be both versatile and elegant when styled in line with the overarching theme of the place. Most 3-seater sofas traditionally feature two wide base seats and a padded backrest which can compose of extra detachable cushions, or a single padded piece that is non-detachable. The other option is a 3-seater sofa with three small cushioned seats instead of two big ones.

But whether you decide on a 3-seater with three small seats or one with two wide seats, their sizes are generally similar so it comes down to which style you prefer. These sofas can usually comfortably accommodate three adults or even double as a bed for a guest sleeping over by removing any back cushions, depending on the individual’s height.

Generally our three seat sofas are around 200cm in width with a seating space of about 170cm, although you will find that certain styles tend to be larger compared to others.

4-seater sofa

Larger households, avid hosts or even those looking to fill up any awkward empty spaces in the room can benefit from a four-seater sofa which offers just the right dose of space and comfort for four people. The standard seating space on a 4-seater sofa is about 228cm, which seats four adults with ease. Depending on the style of the sofa, you might even be able to fit more people on the sofa. These sofas are built with individual tastes and lifestyles in mind and hence come complete with different specifications.

Some 4-seaters feature individual padding made of multiple cushions per seat although most come with a single extended padded seat while other common constructs for the sofa include varying armrests and even reclining mechanisms.

All these individual specifications can affect the size of a 4-seater sofa, which is why the approximate dimensions listed on websites can sometimes fluctuate depending on the manufacturer.

L-shaped sofa

The L-shaped sofa is the laidback version of the extended sofa. It is characterised by a protruding chaise lounge positioned either on the left or right side depending on the living room layout and personal preferences. The adjacent padded section of the sofa is designed for ergonomics, allowing you to stretch out your legs and kick back in pure comfort.

Known for their practicality, the L-shaped sofa not only offers additional seating solutions, but can also serve as an understated partition to section off open areas like the dining room from the living space in smaller homes. Most L-shaped sofas are designed with three seats at the minimum. At times, they may spot optional features such as detachable headrests, ergonomic cushions and reclining backrests for optimal comfort.

Certain L-shaped variants even consist of a separate chaise piece that occupies minimal space whilst providing extra seats and legroom, which makes it ideal for a small room.

Where the sofa chaise is located can determine if it is a left-hand or right-hand facing sectional. If the piece has the chaise on the right when you are standing facing it, then it is a right corner sofa. But if the chaise is on left, then it is a left-facing sectional. Together with the placement of your décor and furniture, the chaise position will determine how the L-shaped sofa fits in the room.

Sofa Buying Tips

Tips for Buying a Sofa

A sofa is a major furniture investment that will last you for decades to come so it is imperative that you make the right furniture choice. 

While style is arguably subjective, there is generally an objective framework involved when it comes to selecting a high-quality sofa. Whether you are doing your sofa shopping online or in a retail store, it is essential to recognise what to look for.

From identifying the ideal seat depth to taking precise measurements of the room and furniture, you cannot go wrong following these tips when choosing a new sofa that you and your family can enjoy for a long time.

Identify the ideal seat depth

One of the most significant things to look for when searching for a quality sofa is how well the seat depth supports the back. How deep or shallow the sofa seats should be will depend on your height.

The ideal seat depth will allow your back to be fully supported by the sofa backrest when you are in sitting position, with your feet planted firmly on the ground and the backs of your knees a few inches in front of the lower seat cushion. Most sofas have a seat depth of at least 21 to 24 inches which offers more room to move around if you have long legs, otherwise you can tuck underneath if you are shorter. However, the ideal seat depth can vary with each individual depending on your preferred sitting posture so bear this in mind when shopping for a sofa that will provide you with all the back support you need.

When seated on a sofa, do you usually sit upright or do you prefer to lean back sometimes even with your feet tucked up on the sofa? If you are the latter, then you want to go with a shorter seat depth otherwise try a deeper seat depth of at least 23 inches, or even deeper if preferred. The same rule applies to buying a recliner sofa – make sure you are able to receive optimal comfort in all the different positions.

Invest in a sturdy frame

Unlike for the upholstery fabric and cushions, it is not realistic to replace the sofa every time it gets damaged and worn. Instead, you want to choose a quality piece of furniture with a sturdy inner frame that will last you through many years of lounging. Hence, rather than just focusing on the aesthetic choices for your sofa frame, it is wise to do some research on the sofa build before making your purchase.

Sofas frames are mainly constructed of a few selected material types. On the lower end are sofa frames made from particleboard, plastic or metal. These are prone to cracks and damage after a few years and are generally uncomfortable so avoid them if you can. A popular choice for sofa frames is softwood such as pine, cedar and redwood since they are relatively affordable and more durable compared to the aforementioned frame types. But do note that the material can start to bend and lose its shape after a period of time.

Solid hardwoods like oak, maple and beech are perhaps the most durable and long-lasting material used to construct sofa frames. The highest quality sofas typically feature hardwood compositions for this reason. Although they tend to be more expensive compared to most frame types, hardwood sofas remain a worthy investment due to their hard-wearing qualities so you are definitely getting your money’s worth.

Ensure solid joinery

They may not be instantly noticeable but the way the different frame parts are held together is just as important as selecting a quality frame.

A stable sofa frame is joined at the corners by wooden dowels, wooden corner blocks, or metal screws and brackets, with the sofa legs either firmly attached or built into the mainframe. Avoid a sofa that is assembled with only staples, nails or glue. These items can be used to strengthen a frame but are not strong enough to be employed as the main element in a sofa’s construction. A well-constructed frame can be lifted off the ground to a height of about six inches from a corner or a leg located at the front of the sofa.

As you do this, the other front leg should also be elevated from the floor unless the frame twists, which will indicate that it is not properly assembled. Any sofa that noticeably bends or creaks is one you should stay away from.

Prioritise hand-tied springs

Like the frame, the quality of the springs used in the sofa can vary widely and determines the level of comfort, support and durability that the sofa is able to offer. Sofas with spring fittings normally last longer compared to other compositions.

Good springs are firmly positioned adjacent to one another to provide ample support when you are seated on the sofa. Due to their incredible comfort and sturdy construct, eight-way hand tied springs are widely recognised as the standard when it comes to sofa springs. For this reason, they can be quite expensive and their use is mainly restricted to luxury sofas.

A more affordable alternative would be serpentine springs where the wires are pre-assembled into coiled, twisted sections. Go for serpentine springs made of heavier metals as lightweight ones can cause excessive pressure on the frame or lose their firmness and sag over time.

There are other forms of sofa support such as webbing but these are generally not recommended unless used in conjunction with springs to offset some of the burden from more heavily weighted areas like the seat.

Look for durable cushion fillings

The cushion fillings can make all the difference in how comfortable a sofa is. When it comes to the best type of material for sofa cushions, the consensus is that you want something tough and enduring but at the same time snug enough to sit on for hours.

A good cushion compresses when you sit on it but will regain its form when the pressure is lifted. A cushion that remains flat when you press down essentially loses its fluff in no time which can be unsightly to look at and uncomfortable to sit on. Most sofas use durable and low-maintenance polyurethane foam for their cushion fillings. But you need to identify the fine line between a solid, long-lasting foam with reasonable firmness and a soft foam that is comfy but prone to quick disintegration.

High-resilient (HR) foam takes it up a notch. It integrates down and feather to form a hybrid type of cushion known to combine the best of durability, comfort and aesthetics as it does not need to be regularly plumped in order to retain its lush appearance. That said, sofas containing hybrid foam fillings can cost a pretty penny compared to those made of standard polyurethane foam.

Ensure quality upholstery

Utilising quality upholstery is not always crucial to comfort, but it does determine the visual appeal of your sofa. You should thus take notice of the little things before purchasing your sofa. Whether you go for a striking colour, pattern or a neutral tone, you want to ensure that the upholstery you choose is not only up to par but also fits with your scheme.

Heavy-duty microfibre fabrics are highly regarded due to their appearance and durability. They mimic the textured details of most natural fabrics and are also stain resistant, making them an excellent choice for your sofa. The colour is also less prone to fading over time.

Steer clear of fabric made from low-quality synthetic or even those mixed with tough cotton and linen as the material can wear out quite quickly.

Measure the space and sofa

Imagine the horror of buying the perfect piece of furniture only to realise that it does not fit into your home. So, before you make any further furniture purchases, the first step is to get out the tape measure and precisely determine the maximum sofa dimensions that will fit and suit your space.

Start by measuring the length, width and height of the area you intend to place your new sofa. Also remember to note the height and width of any necessary openings in your home so you know how much space is required to transport the furniture through the doorways. These dimensions can help you narrow down your sofa options to one that you think will fit well into the space.

Once you have a specific sofa in mind, it is good to outline the sofa’s dimensions on the floor so that you get a better picture of how the furniture will fit the space and to ensure sufficient walkway for people to traverse the room with ease.

Take down the exact width and depth of the sofa if you want to find out exactly how much space it will occupy. The width will be the length that spans the back of the sofa while the depth is the vertical distance from the back to the front of the sofa.

The sofa depth is best measured from the farthest back area before proceeding to the forwardmost point located at the front, which would usually be the sofa arms or an extended seat.

Shopping for a sofa online versus in-store

Your local furniture retailer might be the go-to supplier for all your basic homeware needs but when it comes to shopping for bigger purchases like a sofa, their furniture selection is unlikely to match the range of items available in an online store.

Unable to find what you are looking for in store? Consider heading online for a better understanding of the full spectrum of sofa choices available to you right in the heart of Singapore. 

Most online stores tend to offer a much larger range of products compared to their brick-and-mortar locations. After all, the limited capacity of warehouses and the space constraints of local stores means the full extent of their stock can only be displayed digitally. Purchasing a sofa is no exception. When you buy furniture online, there is an extensive variety of products offered and search buttons only make it even easier to find the products that you want in the shortest possible time. Online shopping so often presents you with furniture options that you might otherwise not even have considered.

You were probably set on a contemporary 3-seater until something else caught your eye when you browsed the list of sofas for sale, which you find to be a better fit to have in your home than the one you initially had your sights on. Having your sofa choices laid out on one screen keeps it easy for you to compare and evaluate between items. How durable is one sofa compared to another? Which colours are available for the sofa? What material is the sofa made of?

Furthermore, because online stores regularly see a high volume of customers, you are more likely than not to be offered better discounts and prices on the furniture in comparison to patronising a physical store.

Being able to easily access the different products and prices online can help you narrow down the best furniture deals and make the right sofa purchase within a few clicks. That said, it cannot be denied that buying a sofa online is not always a bed of roses. A simple virtual search for the ideal 2-seater, sleeper sofa or sectional can sometimes leave you spoilt for choice. Worse, it could even lead to an impulse purchase.

Many of your online shopping woes probably stem from not being able to test the furniture and see it in person. You do not get to feel the product, examine the drawers, try out the sofa and buy only when you are certain about buying. Moreover, you cannot be sure if your sofa will turn up the way you expect it to look and feel.

The key is to exercise a dose of self-control and conduct plenty of research into your potential sofa. Feel free to make a big and bold statement with your sofa choice but the last thing you want is to succumb to impulse and end up with an ill-fitting piece. Hence, before you buy a sofa, think about how much space you have, what fabric you want and the best style for your scheme. Make sure to also take your lifestyle into consideration. Do not simply click "Buy".

Best Sofa Singapore: Where to Buy Sofa?

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Dos and Don’ts for online sofa shopping

The Dos and Don'ts of Online Sofa Shopping

Do not be put off by the wide spectrum of online furniture retailers. Follow the right measures and you will be pleasantly surprised by just how easy purchasing a sofa online can be.

To help you begin, we have consolidated a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to shopping for a sofa on the web, which will bring you a step closer to finding the sofa of your dreams.

Do: Take note of dimensions

The most important step when buying any type of furniture online is to pay attention to the dimensions.

Check both the furniture dimensions online as well as the dimensions of the space you have designated for your new sofa very carefully. You will need to be aware of a few different measurements. The first thing is to obtain the exact length, width and height of the area you want the sofa to fit into.

Ideally, you want to factor in about 90cm of space between the wall and sofa and a further 45cm between the sofa and coffee table if you have one. This can be the deciding factor between a standard rectangular sofa and a sectional.

But just because the piece can fit where you want it to go does not mean it will automatically suit the space comfortably and proportionately. You also want to compare the sofa dimensions provided online with the space to fill.

Consider outlining your potential sofa placement to give yourself a clearer picture of what your measurements will look like.

The next thing is to ascertain the ideal height and depth for your sofa. Make yourself comfortable on an existing sofa that you have access to and think about how it makes you feel. Too shallow? Go for something deeper. Too narrow? You want something wider. And if it feels just right then you know you have found the perfect measurements.

Do not neglect to assess the size of your doorways or any openings that your sofa would have to get past. That way you avoid the disappointment of an oversized purchase.

Don’t: Trust photos entirely

Online photos can sometimes mask the actual appearance of the furniture to make it look more attractive or even inadvertently distort the true colours of the piece. 

It is not uncommon for darker furniture such as those constructed of teakwood material to appear lighter on the computer screen. In this situation the practical approach is to presume that any furniture may be one to two shades lighter or darker than the colour listed.

You also do not want to rely on the published photos to pick out your new sofa. So, look up the name of the item and the item brand to see if you can find other photos of the furniture that will give you an idea of what the furniture might look like in your home.

Based on this ballpark, consider if the furniture will still fit with your design and colour scheme and decide if you want to go ahead with it or continue searching for the perfect piece.

Do: Read reviews

Perhaps the greatest challenge with buying a sofa on the internet is that you have no way of gauging if a sofa is right for you. That is when online reviews come in handy.

Most retail websites come with a review section where customers can detail their furniture purchases directly on the site. Did customers find the sofa too soft, too firm or not sturdy enough? You want to pay attention to what others have to say about the items as their comments can help you decide on your new sofa. A few negative reviews might not deter you from purchasing a piece but one with overwhelmingly negative reviews is a sign that the furniture is poorly constructed or lacks durability, something you generally want to avoid.

But do also consider how the retailer handles bad reviews.

Accidents do happen and sofas can sometimes end up with a defective coil spring or excessive stuffing during the manufacturing process. It is possible to give companies that respond suitably, perhaps by offering to replace the customer’s item, the benefit of the doubt.

Product reviews are arguably the most advantageous way to determine if a sofa you saw online is worth your time and money. Previous customers have essentially done your research for you through recounting their positive or even negative experiences with the furniture. All you need to do is make a decision based on what they are saying about a piece.

Don’t: Buy from just any retailer

With dozens of online furniture retailers out there, how do you know which ones are trustworthy? As with any online purchase, the key is to be selective about who you are buying from by exploring your options to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Look up online furniture shopping retailers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Read what customers are saying about them. Online retailers that also have a physical presence are generally trusted to be more reliable. You also want to be presented with more choices as you browse so it is wise to focus specifically on a furniture store that complements your personal style.

If your theme is minimalism, search for stores that feature sleeker furniture with simple design elements and contemporary home décor pieces. Stores that specialise in classic pieces mostly appeal to customers with a preference for traditional styles and are generally not for you.

Do: Look for a bargain

Most furniture pieces are not exclusive to one online retailer. They can usually be found on multiple sites. Check out three to five stores that stock the furniture you have in mind and undertake some comparison shopping before you buy.

If the sofa you want retails at $700 from one merchant, compare price points with other sites to see if you find a better deal. Different sites sometimes offer sales at different times, meaning you could wind up saving a lot on some of your favourite pieces.

A lot of online retailers also offer free or discounted shipping for orders over a certain amount so you want to bear this in mind. This can save you significant money if you were already thinking of purchasing a couple of pieces at the same time from the same store.

Another thing to look for when sofa shopping on the internet is a signup discount. Several stores offer customers 10 to 15 percent off their purchase just to register for their website’s mailing list, which can result in huge savings for an expensive purchase like a sofa.

Apply this practice to every piece of furniture you find and narrow down the online site that offers the best overall deal. It takes some time, but proper research can yield high returns. You could potentially save tens to even hundreds or more just by comparison shopping with other websites.

Don’t: Buy immediately

Shopping online not only gives a wider range of furniture to browse from compared to the local offerings, it also means you have access to deals you might not have chanced upon otherwise. Consequently, your impulsiveness can sometimes lead to a purchase that you later regret.

Because of this, you want to avoid making impulse buys that will end up ruining your online shopping experience, no matter how much that sofa seems to be beckoning to you.

Before shopping for furniture, carefully consider the purpose of a piece. How will it optimise the space? What functionality will it serve? Where will you place it? You also want to have a think about the space you have available and the look you are trying to create in your home before deciding if the item will be a good addition to your scheme.

Only buy a piece of furniture when you are certain that it is a perfect fit or it might just end up getting thrown out. In the meantime, shop around a bit and do not feel pressured into buying something just because you think you found a cheap deal.

When you finally get a good price on that sofa you have considered for months, you will be thankful you did not succumb to the fleeting joy of an impulse buy.

Do: Understand the return policy

A lot can go wrong with online orders from being sent a wrong piece to a sofa with defects. Before buying furniture, always read through the warranty and return policy to make sure you can return or exchange the item if it is not right. There are a few things you should look out for.

Ideally, you want to buy from a website that offers customers free returns within a reasonable period of time. Many stores have a 30-day return policy but some also allow 45 or 60 days to return items.

Certain companies also provide the option of returning products to their brick-and-mortar locations.

Steer clear of merchants that charge a returns fee or expect customers to cover the shipping costs for returned items. This can get expensive for bulky or hefty pieces of furniture. Also avoid stores with a complicated return procedure.

Another term and condition to take note of is the duration of warranty for your purchase. Stores generally offer up to 3 years for exchanges on damaged items and that is what you want to look for preferably.

But do pay attention to the terms of the return policy as some stores only offer refunds for defective goods due to negligence in the manufacturing or shipping process but not if the customer was responsible for causing the defect such as a wine stain.

Don’t: Hesitate to communicate with the retailer

Buying a sofa online involves finding the right product offered by the right seller. But how do you vouch for the credibility of the online merchant you intend to buy from?

The key is to communicate with the merchant and ask these important questions. Are they a highly rated retailer? Do they have a history of good business credibility or any evidence they are reliable? Are they known to carry the best quality sofas?

Feel free to ask questions with regards to furniture shopping, especially if you are considering buying from an online retailer. Purchasing a sofa is a huge investment and there is a lot to consider when finding the perfect fit, which your retailer should be able to guide you towards.

Do not hesitate to quiz the retailer on the sofa’s construction. The seller should be able to tell you about the composition of the sofa and explain the steps in the quality control process which the sofa will have undergone before arriving in store.

If need be, request for a sample of the material a sofa is made of. That way you can assess how well a particular sofa shade goes with your walls and floor and also experience what the material is like on your skin by feeling the sample, since you are not able to sit on it.


Online shopping has expedited the convenience and efficiency of buying and selling goods. This holds true even for items like a sofa which people typically prefer to try out in person before buying.

Even so, purchasing a sofa online can afford the same level of benefits as purchasing one from a physical store. You simply need to locate a trustworthy vendor and ask the right questions that will lead you to the sofa of your dreams.

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