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Dos and Don'ts of Online Furniture Shopping in Singapore - Megafurniture

Dos and Don'ts of Online Furniture Shopping in Singapore

Take a look at this quick guide to learn what to do and what not to do when buying furniture online in Singapore.

When shopping for furniture or anything in general, the main goal is to always get the best quality you can within your budget.

Because furniture is a huge investment that stays in your home for years, it's important to find pieces that are not only beautiful to the eye but are also comfortable and durable.

Whether furnishing a new home or updating your HDB or BTO's interior design, buying suitable furniture goes beyond looking at its design. Of course, at some point in our lives, we've all experienced making an impulsive or unsatisfactory furniture purchase. This is what we want to avoid from now on. 

The best way to make a well-planned furniture purchase is to buy your items online. We have various online furniture shop in Singapore.

One of the advantages of shopping online is you'll have unlimited access to your favourite furniture stores at any time and from any location. You can also do your research while looking for an item without feeling pressured to buy it on the spot. Prices are also significantly lower online compared to the hefty price tags of brick-and-mortar stores.

However, the most difficult aspect of purchasing furniture online is that you cannot see or feel it firsthand. If you find furniture buying too overwhelming, we compiled the dos and don'ts of furniture shopping to help you come up with a fulfilling purchase.

Don't: Buy Furniture with an Unplanned Space

Don't - Buy furniture with an unplanned space

One of the major mistakes furniture buyers make is buying their furniture without a plan. Space planning does not necessarily mean you're tailor-fitting your furniture to your space. It means that you decide where the furniture should go and how it should look.

Making a plan before buying your furniture does not limit you to pieces that are only within the range of your vision, but it helps you narrow down your choices to those that capture your attention and will satisfy you in the long run. When you plan, you can easily change your design and furniture choices while staying on track. 

Do: Measure, Measure, Measure

Do - Measure, measure, measure

Part of space planning is measuring your area. One thing that you don't want to do when buying furniture is get pieces that are either too small or too big for your home. When shopping in-store, it is easier to get an idea of how the furniture will fit your available space. To get a sense of proportion when buying online, it's important to measure your room and compare the numbers to the furniture's dimensions. Before browsing online, make sure to have a list of your area's measurements, including the distance between the furniture, traffic allowance, and your living space configuration. 

Don’t: Fall for Cheap Prices

Don’t - Fall for cheap prices

Did you know that getting cheaper furniture might cost you more than buying a more expensive piece? When buying furniture online, do not settle for the cheapest options. While comparing the prices among your choices, make sure to align the prices with their quality. More often than not, markdowns are applied to pieces that are of lower quality or out of season. Remember that when buying furniture, focus on getting the best deal instead of the "cheaper deal."

Do: Read Reviews

Do - Read reviews

One of the biggest advantages of shopping online is that you get insights from actual customers regarding the quality of the furniture products instead of relying on sales talk where the focus is on the advantages. When you read the reviews, you'll get a clearer idea of what the actual product looks like, including the differences in size, firmness, and colour. You will also get a glimpse of the processes and service feedback from the reviews.

Don’t: Choose Style Over Quality

Don’t - Choose style over quality

We love to buy a furniture piece that connects with us and goes well with the rest of our furnishings. To get the right furniture, do not only focus on the design but also consider the quality and benefits. When buying furniture, ask yourself if the piece you want to buy can support your needs and lifestyle. Do you have children or pets? Do you work at home? Your lifestyle should be a big factor in choosing your furniture. Always go for appealing pieces that are built to last.

Do: Ask for Help

Do - Ask for help

If you have doubts, especially when shopping online, you can always count on trained customer service teams for help. Online furniture shops have designated professionals that focus on answering queries and handling concerns. What fabric is this sofa made from? Can you pair this sectional with this armchair? Take advantage of your opportunity to clarify any doubts before making a furniture investment.

Don’t: Skip the Return Policy

Don’t - Overlook the return policy

One of the most important things about online furniture shopping that you should not neglect is the return policy. It doesn't matter if you are buying accent furniture or a major piece. Make sure that you fully read and understand the return policy before checking out your furniture. 

Do: Research Before You Buy

Do - Research before you buy

Look for design inspirations, materials, and configurations online. With lots of resources that you can check out, like this article, you will have an idea of how you want your space to look or what furniture materials can fit your lifestyle. You can also go online to check on prices. It's definitely worth researching before you buy.

Don’t: Buy Furniture that You Don’t Need

Don’t - Buy furniture that you don’t need

We understand that there are lots of fantastic furniture choices online in Singapore. When you're faced with many options, it's inevitable to get distracted and buy units you don't necessarily need, especially during sales. This boils down to the first rule: have a plan.

Do: Look for Multifunctional Furniture

Do - Look for multifunctional furniture

When choosing a furniture piece to buy, consider getting one that can cater to multiple functions, especially if you have limited space. L-shaped sofasstorage bed frames, convertible tables, or modular furniture are the champions of space-saving.

Don’t: Overlook the Delivery Time

Don’t - Overlook the delivery time

Major furniture or bigger items are expected to take longer to be delivered to your home. Delivery of modular or customised items might require more time to guarantee the quality and safety of the product. When shopping for your furniture online, be sure to check the delivery lead time so you can manage your schedule and expectations.

Do: Enjoy online furniture shopping

Do - Enjoy online furniture shopping

Buying your furniture online doesn't have to be lonely and exhausting. Although no one is completely prepared for everything, having a plan and asking some questions will help you make the right choice. To make your online furniture shopping in Singapore fun, browse the web with your loved ones and discuss the look that you want to create. 


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Furniture is an investment that you will have for many years. This means that if you make a regretful purchase, you have to deal with it for a long time. On the other hand, a satisfactory purchase will benefit you and add value to your lovely home.

Don't know where to begin your furniture search? Let Megafurniture help you. We encourage customers to read, leave reviews, and ask our dedicated team questions about our products and services. We always aim to provide excellent furniture and quality services.

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