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Simple Appliance Hacks to Cut Your Energy Bills - Megafurniture

Simple Appliance Hacks to Cut Your Energy Bills

Did you know that a small change in your daily appliance routine can help you save money?

When it comes to buying appliances, function is not the only priority. It is also vital to choose appliances that will help you save money in the long run. Aside from your appliances' energy-saving capability, there are numerous ways you can boost their efficiency while saving energy.

Your everyday consumption makes a difference in your energy savings and the efficiency of your home appliances. If you exert a little more effort in understanding how to use your appliances efficiently, you can maximise their function and preserve their quality. Here are some simple ways to lessen your electricity bills and keep your appliances running at their best for longer.

Keep your appliances clean

Keep your appliances clean

One of the most basic but neglected ways to get the most out of your home appliances is to keep them clean. Cleaning your appliances regularly after use is the easiest way to maintain their functions and prevent their interiors from getting clogged with dirt.

Keep your refrigerator clean and occupied to maintain the right temperature and prevent it from consuming more energy to give the best results. Track the ice build-ups in your freezer, as they can force the internal coils to overwork. Do manual defrosting to maintain your refrigerator's efficiency. For the coils at the back of your refrigerator, use a bristle brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust that forces your appliance to overwork itself. 

Like your refrigerator, it's also important to keep your cooktop clean and free from grease and oils that make it less efficient. Other smaller appliances, like your oven and mid-size kitchen appliances, need to be cleaned after use. When you store your appliances inside your kitchen cabinet, make sure that your surroundings are clean and free from dust. This way, you can ensure that your machines work at their best even after storage.

Be mindful of how you use your appliances


Whether major or medium-sized, how you use your appliances influences their longevity and energy efficiency. Making a few adjustments in your appliance usage can help you make the most of your appliances. Here are some hacks to save energy and preserve the quality of your appliances:

  1. Keep your refrigerator closed as much as possible to maintain the right temperature.
  2. Set the thermostat to 38–40 degrees Fahrenheit. Adjust the thermostat depending on the temperature changes. 
  3. Position your refrigerator away from heat sources like the stove, oven, and direct sunlight.
  4. Do not push the back of your refrigerator near the wall. As much as possible, provide an allowance between the wall and the back of your fridge to prevent overheating.
  5. Do not put hot food in your refrigerator. Be sure to cool your cooked food before storing it in your fridge.
  6. Always cover the food when storing it inside your refrigerator to prevent an increase in humidity.
Washer and dryer:
  1. Wash your clothes only when you have enough for a full load. This is to avoid frequent use and excessive water consumption, but do not overload the machine. Check the capacity of your washing machine. Different washer varieties have various capacities.
  2. Wash your clothes with cold water. Look for efficient laundry detergents that can help you clean your clothes effectively, even with cold water.
  3. Always clean your lint to prevent your washer and dryer from overworking.
  1. Like your washer and dryer, use your dishwasher with a full load. Make sure to fill your dishwasher without overlapping your dishes.
  2. Choose the energy-saving settings when running your dishwasher.
  3. Keep your dishwasher clean, especially the drain and filter.
  4. Be familiar with your dishwasher's settings. Newer dishwashers have half-load or eco-load functions for more efficient usage.
Cooking hob and oven:
  1. Put lids on your pots when cooking. The heat retained inside the cookware will help you cook your food faster.
  2. Use suitable pots and pans, depending on your needs and the size of your cooktop.
  3. Invest in energy-efficient induction hobs to save energy in the future.
  4. Cook less often but more. Planning your meals will help you save more by cooking less often.
  5. A microwave oven uses less energy than a bigger oven. Before using your cooking hob or conventional oven, you can preheat your food with a microwave oven.
  6. Keep your oven door closed while cooking or heating. When you open the door, the temperature of your oven is affected, losing over 20% of its heat.
Air conditioner:
  1. Turn off your air conditioner during colder seasons or at night when the temperature is relatively colder.
  2. Set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius. 
  3. Turn off and unplug heat-emitting appliances like your television when not in use. Turn off unused light sources to save energy and keep your air conditioner from working harder.
  4. Conduct regular tune-ups to ensure that your air conditioner is in proper condition.
  5. Replace your air filter regularly to prevent clogging and overworking your air conditioner.
  6. Use a ceiling fan during the colder parts of the day.
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    Other practical hacks to make your home appliances more efficient

    Other practical hacks to make your home appliances more efficient

    1. Unplug your appliances and gadgets when they are not in use. Unused gadgets, when plugged in, use 10% of electricity.
    2. Always check if your appliances are working properly. If your air conditioner, for example, is not working well, it may affect your energy bills. 
    3. Use LED light bulbs that use 75% less energy.
    4. Invite natural light into your home during the day, but block the sun to reduce heat during the afternoon.
    5. Insulate your home properly to keep the indoor air cool.
    6. Old washers and dryers, air conditioners, refrigerators, and dishwashers are the culprits for your towering electricity bills, especially at the end of their life span. To improve your energy consumption, consider investing in new major appliances that are designed for energy efficiency. When buying new appliances in Singapore, look for units with a higher tick rating for better energy efficiency.

    Exercising simple energy-saving habits can drastically decrease your energy consumption and preserve the quality of your home appliances. Being mindful of your electronics can also help you maintain a safe home. 



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