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Furniture Styling Tips: Bringing Outside In - Megafurniture

Furniture Styling Tips: Bringing Outside In

Bring the outside into your home's design.

Ever wonder why you feel alive when you go outside to look at the plants and landscapes?

Nature adds effortless beauty to our surroundings and comforts us humans. The effortless textures, the colour combinations, and the intricate patterns found in nature significantly brighten up our mood. This is why many interior design services in Singapore and homeowners incorporate natural elements into their interior designs.

Inspiration for outdoor meets indoor design abounds in social media feeds and Pinterest searches, from small potted greens to the liberal use of natural elements indoors. For a cosy and inviting living space, a touch of warm autumn inspiration can level up your home. If you are looking for a bright and refreshing interior design, add some green and natural wood elements to your furniture and decorations.

Whether you're designing a more spacious area or levelling up your HDB or BTO flat, check out these simple ways to incorporate the natural charm of outdoor design indoors.

Bring in Some Natural Elements

Bring in some natural elements

Effortlessly bring the natural beauty of your outdoor design indoors by incorporating natural elements into your design.

Wood, rattan, wicker, and jute are versatile and easy-to-find materials that can match any interior theme, from a detailed maximalist look to a serene minimalist one. Think about a welcoming wooden sofa set, a cosy coffee table, accent chairs, a jute rug, woven baskets, and light fixtures made with natural materials that can bring outdoor beauty to your interior design.

For a relaxing bedroom sanctuary, choose a wooden bed frame anchored by a charming bedside table. Include statement ornaments like branches, marble, stone, or shells to create an interesting design.

Use these natural materials to add texture and colour to your neutral palette and minimalist furnishings for a modern interior design.

Make Use of Your Walls

Make use of your walls

You don't have to spend much when introducing outdoor elements to your interior design. Simple use of greens, leaf patterns, and tropical designs in parts of your home can effortlessly bring the outdoors in.

Roll out a tropical wallpaper to create a maximalist accent wall. For a more simple design, set up a gallery wall and fill it with framed nature photography or natural wall artworks. Consider using a natural palette with greens and wood colours. Invite natural light to reflect your refreshing design.

Use Textured Furniture

Use textured furniture

When recreating the outdoor feel for your interior design, do not overlook the importance of your home furnishings. Choosing the right furniture pieces can significantly shift the look and feel of your apartment. To successfully invite organic appeal indoors, focus on furniture pieces with simple detailing and natural textures. Visual textures from wood, stone, marble, or rattan add an organic feel to the indoor space. Embrace the outdoor-indoor trend with a charming wood or chic marble coffee table. If you are looking for easy-to-maintain options, check out modern furniture made with sintered stone. 

Add a natural transitional charm to your bedroom with a wooden bed frame paired with a minimalist bedside table. Get a spacious wardrobe or chest of drawers to keep as much clutter hidden as possible. This is to maintain a clean and well-furnished bedroom look. Install a combination of warm and cold light fixtures to help you personalise your bedroom's ambiance. For your living room, focus on cosy yet appealing pieces to give your family and guests an inviting area to lounge. For your sofa, consider a combination of fabric cushioning, a wooden frame, and leg structure. 

Choose an Earthy Colour Palette

Choose an earthy colour palette

Approach a nature-inspired design with an earthy colour palette. Depending on your theme, you can choose from wood tones, tans, corals, greens, rust, and blue. For a minimalist palette, accentuate white, greys, and black with a few natural tones to create depth and variation. To bring a more luxurious feel to your space, go with emerald green, deep blue, or brown. Remember that natural colour schemes and designs are not limited to trees and flowers. You can go beyond the forest inspiration with a coastal interior with blues, tans, and lots of natural light reflecting through the refreshing colour combinations.

Use Minimalist Decorations

Use minimalist decorations

You don't have to occupy all of your space to create an outdoor-to-indoor design approach successfully. Simple design tweaks and well-curated furniture can make a difference to your overall design. When buying furniture for your home, choose the right pieces that offer function and support your chosen theme. Add minimal accent furniture and decorations to highlight a breezy, spacious look. Carefully choose decorations that mimic nature. Place potted plants, dried branches, or other botanical elements on areas you want to highlight. This is to balance the neutral look that you created with your well-curated furniture combinations.

Use Your Display Unit 

Use your display unit

Choosing the right spot to decorate in your home makes a big difference in your design transition. Display your favourite outdoor collections, like travel mementos, stone jars, pinecones, seashells, or DIY projects made with organic materials. You can set up a little display nook with a mini bookshelf or boast your collection by creating a display area around your television unit. Pay attention to areas that you can highlight to add an effortless statement to your outdoor-indoor design.

Connect with Your Balcony

Connect with your balcony

To make an elegant outdoor-indoor design, why not literally connect your outdoor space and indoor area? Extend your living room by creating a mini-lounging area on your balcony. Showcase your outdoor furniture for a functional balcony. You can set up a cosy reclining armchair or a tea set outdoors to enjoy your morning conversations or lazy afternoons. 

Invite Natural Light

Invite natural light

One important thing to note when creating an interior design inspired by nature is to allow as much natural light as possible during the day. If you have a small space, natural light can make your area look more spacious. It also highlights the colours and textures incorporated into your design. 

Reflect your refreshing personality by inviting outdoor elements into your indoor design. Embellish your home with natural furniture and decorations. Make your space fun and alive with touches of green and organic ornaments. Create a cosy home with simple tweaks and design tricks.

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