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Start Your Year with Home Decluttering - Megafurniture

Start Your Year with Home Decluttering

New year, new home. But what does it take to achieve a leveled-up sanctuary that gives you rest and comfort?

While others feel that the year passed like a train, others see it as a long, bumpy ride. With all the things and milestones that we achieved this year, it's good to reflect and create an environment ready for what's to come. It's the best time to declutter and free up some space for the new stuff you'll acquire in the following months. While space does not expand while our possessions double, it's vital to upgrade our living spaces by downsizing our items and revitalising our areas in the process.

We understand that decluttering your HDB or BTO flat is often daunting and overwhelming, especially when you don't know where or how to begin. This quick guide will help you make a clear and easy plan to declutter your home. We will also introduce storage furniture and home items you can easily find online in Singapore that can help upgrade your newly decluttered home.

Decluttering 101: Identify the Problem Areas

Decluttering 101 - Identify the problem areas

They say to take the first step, and you're halfway there. This is also true for decluttering. Starting your decluttering process might be the hardest and most daunting part, but once you know where to begin, the process will flow easier. Before decluttering, it's good to set your goals first. Take a look at your surroundings. Is your home still comfortable? Do you often lose important items and don't know where to find them? If you feel like your home is already too crowded and cramped, it's time to be ruthless and get rid of what makes it uncomfortable. Once you figure out the problem areas where clutter piles up, you can start taking the next steps.

Note: Don’t buy new items and storage solutions yet

Note - Don’t buy new items and storage solutions yet

Often, we get too excited to declutter and fill the space with replacements. But buying new items without completing the decluttering process might just contribute to more clutter. Before purchasing new decorations or new storage furniture, ensure that you have an exact place where you will put or use them. Once you toss unnecessary items and figure out what needs to stay, assessing your storage needs becomes easier. When choosing the right storage units, focus on flexible or multi-purpose pieces. To help you choose what storage solutions are helpful for your space, here are some spacious and multifunctional storage furniture and essentials for your home.

Bedroom Storage

Living Room Storage

Kitchen and Dining Room Storage

Bathroom Storage

Home Office Storage

Storage bed

Storage sofa

Kitchen cabinet

Bathroom rack

Office table with built-in storage

Modular wardrobe

Display unit

Sideboard and buffet hutch

Laundry hamper


Open door wardrobe


Open serving shelf

Umbrella holder

Filing cabinet

Sliding door wardrobe

Coffee table with storage

Kitchen rack

Pull-out drawers

Chest of drawers

TV console with drawers and compartments

Utensil organiser

Bathroom cabinet

Drawer cabinet

Floating shelves

Fridge containers

Closet rack

Shoe cabinet

Baskets and trays

Dressing table

Wine cooler

Bedside table

Storage ottoman

Storage bench


Declutter by Category

Decluttering by category

How do you know what to keep and what to get rid of? Take out four big boxes and tackle decluttering by category. Create a ruthless system for deciding what to throw away, donate, or keep. Focus on the things you still need and on what gives you spark and joy. Assess your items by usage so you can get the big picture of all your possessions.

Back to the four boxes: the first box is dedicated to things you already need to discard, like a defective or broken item that is already too dangerous to use or donate. The second box is for donations, like your old clothes that no longer fit, toys that you don't use, or home essentials that are not useful in your home but might be helpful for others. The third box is for the items that you'll keep. These are your favourite clothes and home essentials, or those that still spark joy. Remember that not all the pretty things in your home need to stay. When decluttering, it's important to be as ruthless as possible to prevent you from retaining the same amount of clutter in your home. The last box is for seasonal items. Although these are items that you rarely use, seasonal items will help you save money and space instead of buying new things when you need them.

Declutter Your Bedroom

Decluttering your bedroom

Although every corner of your home needs to be comfortable and inspiring, the bedroom is the most important when it comes to comfort. This is the place where your body rests and repairs itself during sleep. To create a restful sanctuary out of your bedroom, make sure to keep it tidy and organised. Start your bedroom decluttering by making your bed and picking up random items lying on the floor. Wash your bedsheets to freshen up your space, pick up your charger or phone cords and keep them in secured places.

Organise Your Wardrobe Closet

Most of the clutter in your bedroom comes from your wardrobe. Old clothes and shoes take up space and make it hard to find the pieces you actually need. Take out all your clothes and shoes from your wardrobe and sort out those that are already small, those you don't usually wear, or those you don't wear at all. Toss ripped or damaged items in box 1 and separate donations in box 2. 

Chest of Drawers

Take all your clothes and linens out of the drawers, pick the pieces you love, and discard the items you haven't worn for six months straight (that you have probably already forgotten about). After sorting out your clothes and linens, fold and store them by category for easy access.

Bedside Table

Keep your bedside table exclusive to small to medium-sized items that you immediately need access to before going to bed. This means random things or knick-knacks that make essentials hard to find are not welcome.

Dressing Table

Those beautiful yet empty perfume and skincare bottles and expired items belong in Box 1. Reserve your space for the essentials.

Declutter Your Living Room

Decluttering your living room

Your living room must always be beautiful, organised, and ready to welcome guests. To maintain a remarkable and comfortable space, make sure that clutter does not dominate your living space. When decluttering your living room, focus on getting rid of knick-knacks that don't contribute much to the function and beauty of your area. For your coffee table, start sorting out books and magazines that you no longer need and board games that are broken or missing some pieces. Reduce the knick-knacks on your TV console to give way to the essentials like your remote control or gaming consoles. Store seasonal items like holiday decorations in box 4.

Declutter Your Home Office

Decluttering your home office

The most important thing to note when decluttering and organising your home office is to keep similar items in the same place. For your paper files and receipts, it's important to save soft copies before tossing them out. Depending on what works for you, you may categorise your files by importance, urgency, or use. Be sure to give everything a proper label for easy access. If you have limited home office space, get a dedicated office table with built-in storage shelves or keep a compact pedestal to store all office items in one place.

You don't need to spend a whole day decluttering everything. You can do the process by category until you achieve a home that brings you joy. The process isn't a one-time thing. It's still best to declutter and organise your space regularly. It's also crucial to buy the right storage solutions to maintain a healthy and visually pleasing home. 

If you're as excited as we are to start the new year with a newly organised home, kickstart your decluttering process with Megafurniture! Upgrade your storage with our premium and multifunctional storage furniture on sale online in Singapore.

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