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Create Your Sleep Sanctuary with this Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide - Megafurniture

Create Your Sleep Sanctuary with this Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide

After a very long tiring day, you deserve to go home to a cosy and rejuvenating rest in your bedroom.

When you sleep, your body repairs itself and regains the energy you lost during the day, so you wake up feeling revitalised and ready to face the grind of a new day. To achieve healthier sleep, you should keep a conducive bedroom space that caters to your needs and active lifestyle.

When buying furniture and other bedroom essentials for your flat, you should not only consider the aesthetic appeal but the comfort and practicality of every item. Whether looking for new bedroom staples like bed frame, mattress, wardrobe, chest of drawers, dressing table, and other storage solutions, or revamping your bedroom with new furniture and accessories, you want to get the most out of your investment. Avoid the common mistakes an impulsive buyer commits to ensure that you will not end up with a regretful purchase. 

In a myriad of furniture choices available online in Singapore, it is essential to weigh your options well. To help you with your purchasing decisions, Megafurniture presents an in-depth walk-through to buying bedroom furniture and other items. Start creating your restful sanctuary with this ultimate bedroom furniture buying guide.

This guide will introduce you to:

- Furniture essentials for your bedroom
- Mattresses, beddings and decorative items that you need to upgrade your bedroom space
- Ways to determine the right furniture for your bedroom
- Useful tips on buying bedroom furniture
Furniture Essentials for Your Bedroom

While planning for the bedroom furniture you want to purchase, you should consider the style you prefer for your space. What kind of surroundings do you want to have? What kind of ambiance do you want to achieve? The furniture style, colour scheme, materials used, and fit of the furniture significantly contribute to the comfort of your bedroom space.

When buying furniture for your bedroom, especially when you want something that will stay longer, you should take into account the item's versatility in terms of style and efficiency through the years. You should also carefully consider the significance of each item to your space as well as the cohesiveness of all furniture in your room combined.

To help you achieve a functional and cohesive bedroom space, here are the bedroom basics that you should familiarise yourself with:

Bed Frame

Bed frame

The bed frame is the focal point of your bedroom. It anchors all other furniture in your space while giving you a cosy place to sleep or relax. It serves as a support to your mattress. Thus, choosing the right bed frame is crucial to achieving healthy sleep.

Types of Bed Frames

Bed frames are categorised into different groups to cater to individual needs and preferences. We will break down some bed frame style based on their materials, size, design, and functions.

According to Materials

According to Materials

Wooden Bed Frame

A lot of bed frames in Singapore are made with wood, for a good reason. Wood is known for its sturdy quality and highly versatile function. A traditional wooden bed frame showcases its intricate design, while modern varieties present a simpler and sleek configuration. Wooden bed frame designs range from traditional, rustic, country, Scandinavian, vintage, modern, and the like. Hand-crafted wooden bed frames offer a more personal touch to your space, giving you a warm and homey feel.

There are more types of wooden bed frames available in the market, like palette bed frames, those that are made up of oak, MDF, etc. Wooden bed frames often offer extra storage spaces underneath. For a more modern feel, designers and manufacturers also venture into coloured and laminated bed frames.

Rattan Bed Frame

Perfect for elegant and welcoming interior styles, handwoven rattan bed frames present a distinctive charm to your space. Ratan or wicker can be used to craft stand-out details that cannot be done using typical wood materials. Ratan beds boast their clean silhouettes and gorgeous detailing.

Metal Bed Frame

Metal bed frames are much lighter than those that are made with wood. Metal bed frames express the beauty of modern furniture aesthetics. Metal is also a highly versatile material. Because of this, numerous metal bed frame designs can easily include fancier detailing compared to other bed frame materials. Metal bed frames are more affordable, easier to move around, and are sometimes adjustable.

Note: Before buying a metal bed frame, it is important to check your sleeping style. Take note that this type of bed frame may become creaky for restless sleepers.

Brass Bed Frame

Brass bed frames are more sophisticated options than metal bed frames. They are also lightweight and sturdy. They provide a traditionally elegant look with the natural appeal of the brass material.

Upholstered Bed Frame

Upholstered bed frames are typically made of leather, faux leather, velvet, or fabric. Upholstered bed frames are the best if you want to play with textures and colours for your space. Mostly, upholstered pieces come with delicately designed headboards and elegant low configurations.

Leather Bed Frame

A leather bed frame adds an undeniable amount of elegance and style to your bedroom. As the focal point of a bedroom, a genuine leather bed frame brings an effortless luxurious appeal to your space. Leather material is easy to clean and is durable, so you do not have to worry about the longevity of your leather bed frame. Because of its fantastic quality and appeal, a leather bed frame costs more than other bed frame varieties. If you want this elegant bed frame, you will have to extend your budget.

Faux Leather Bed Frame

As mentioned earlier, a genuine leather bed frame is sophisticated and luxurious but comes at a high price. A faux leather bed frame is also popular choice because it mimics the beauty of genuine leather varieties. Getting a faux leather bed frame also helps you save more because it is made with affordable and easy to manufacture materials. Unlike a leather bed frame, a faux leather bed frame is not created with animal skin. Faux leather is made with PVC or polyurethane material designed to replicate the beauty and water resistance of genuine leather. To easily determine the difference, faux leather is smoother than real leather.

Fabric Bed Frame

While a wooden bed frame offers a homey feel, a metal bed frame gives unparalleled sophistication, and leather variety adds a luxurious feel to your space; a fabric bed frame provides a whole different charm to your bedroom sanctuary. With its soft aesthetic and flexible range, fabric bed frame can give you whatever your preference is. Fabric bed frames are available in a wide range of colours, textures, patterns, and styles. 

Fabric bed frames often come with a cushy headboard and soft edges for additional comfort. This means that you can watch your favourite television series or read a book without discomfort and back pain. If you plan to get a fabric bed frame, take into account its maintenance because fabric material can easily be stained compared to other bed frame materials.

According to Configuration

According to Configuration

Divan Bed Frame

A divan bed provides an all-in-one solution for your bed, mattress, and even your storage needs. You can purchase a divan set, including a divan bed frame, mattress, and built-in storage. You can also go for a separate divan bed and mattress purchase to personalise your options. Divan beds are mostly made with a sturdy wood base, cushioned body, and headboard. Some divan bed frames include casters for better mobility. Compared to the grand massive pieces that you see in magazine photos and online catalogs, Divan bed frames can also come in small sizes. Even if you have a smaller space, you can still get a divan bed. Its storage can be in the form of pull-out drawers or ottoman-type configurations.

Bunk Bed

Talking about space-saving, bunk bed does an excellent job in making the most out of your limited space. Bunk beds are perfect for room sharing. If you have a separate room for your children, a bunk bed will help you save space while maintaining an adequate sleeping area for your kids. Children's bedrooms are smaller than the master's bedroom, so it is important to properly plan the space to fit the beds, study tables, and other essential items in one place while securing a safe place for your kids. Some bunk beds also come with additional storage options underneath. Bunk beds can be made from wood or metal. Other varieties come with trundle bed options, perfect for your kids' sleepovers. 

Aside from the numerous benefits, there are some downsides attached to bunk beds. One thing to consider is the safety of your kids. It is a must to give them clear bedroom rules, especially during playtime.

Storage Bed

A storage bed, as its name describes, has storage compartments as part of its configuration. If you have less space or want to save from buying additional storage furniture for your bedroom, a storage bed can help you organise and keep an uncluttered space. Because of a storage bed's capacity, you can efficiently manage your extra beddings, pillows, or other items. An ottoman bed frame provides a great storage solution with its whole body accessible hidden storage space. It works with a gas-lift hydraulics system to access the full bed storage easier. Other storage beds provide smaller storage solutions like drawers for a more trendy look.

Panel Bed

A panel bed usually includes a large headboard and footboard to support your mattress and add comfort to your sleep. Its base is typically made with slatted solid wood or metal, offering breathability and cooler sleep sensation. Because of its higher build, a panel bed is associated with traditional bedroom interior design in terms of aesthetics. Panel bed is configured to support both the mattress and the mattress base since the number of its slats cannot support the mattress by themselves.

If you want a bed frame that can directly support your mattress without the need for a mattress base, consider getting a platform bed.

Platform Beds

A support-based bed frame, a platform bed, is complete with a solid surface that holds the mattress. You will not need any extra mattress foundation to use this type of bed frame. Platform beds are relatively low in profile, usually to give way to the mattress' height when placed on top.

Platform beds have three major types: solid platform beds, slatted, and metal. If you need extra storage for your bedroom, a platform bed can come with additional storage spaces. A platform bed is very cost-effective, as you do not need to buy mattress support when using one. It also goes well with any type and size of the mattress. However, because a platform bed holds the mattress directly, the feel of the mattress is expected to be firmer. If you are a side sleeper or are experiencing back pains, you should consider this factor.

3 in 1 Bed

Squeezing all your items in your HDB is a bit challenging because you have to face your space constraints most of the time. The best way to make the most out of your limited space is to create a room that can serve multiple purposes. How can you achieve this? By getting convertible furniture pieces. A 3 in 1 bed can be converted into a sofa bed and a full-size bed. It comes with a trundle for guests.


Speaking of space-saving, a daybed is the champion for this category. A daybed is aesthetically attractive and space-efficient. To perfectly function as a bed and sofa, the daybed's headboard extends to one side of the bed. Some varieties have railings on one long side of the bed and both short sides, making the daybed look like a box with three closed sides. It can fit into smaller spaces where a typical bed cannot. A daybed is perfect for your guest room, living room, or even your home office.

Because of its unconventional design, a daybed adds to the luxurious beauty of the space it becomes a part of. If you are purchasing a daybed, consider its primary use for your home to ensure that you will make the most out of it. If you intend it to primarily work as a sofa converted to a bed, you can go for a piece with a three-sided headboard. If you want something that will mainly act as a bed frame, go for a unit with a sided board to give you ample head and foot space.

Futon Bed

Coming from traditional Japanese-style furniture, a futon bed is highly dependable sleep furniture that can be used as a bed or a sofa. Futon bed is perfect for small spaces as it is lightweight and can be converted easily with less effort. Just like the typical mattresses, futon beds come in different sizes and hardness.

According to Design

According to Design

Poster Bed

As the name describes, a poster bed contains four posts on each corner of the bed frame. These posts are present to support fabrics to beautify your space or lessen your light exposure during sleep. These posts may vary in sizes, height, materials, and designs.

Canopy Bed

A canopy bed looks a lot like a poster bed, except that the posts are connected to each other. Like a poster bed, this bed frame variety also supports drapes for additional comfort and aesthetic appeal. The enveloping style of a canopy bed creates an unprecedented comfort and personality to the space. Canopy beds range from traditional designs to contemporary varieties.

Rustic Bed

A rustic bed features intricate configuration and detailing to add some character to your space. This tastefully designed bed frame is typically made with wood. A rustic bed boasts natural wood patterns and detailed craftsmanship. Reclaimed wood projects with exposed natural detailing perfectly express the beauty of a rustic bedroom style.

French Bed

A French bed is a traditional piece that is very cosy and elegant. It comes with luxuriously designed headboards and detailed frames. Most French beds have tufted headboards, adding a touch of romance to the space. French beds present carefully crafted floral and curvy detailing. This bedroom aesthetics offers a fusion of sophistication and comfort with its combination of wood detailing and upholstery. 

French bed frames are mostly available in large-scale varieties like queen and king sizes as they are meant to bring extravagant beauty to the space.

Sleigh Bed

A sleigh bed frame looks like, as its name describes, a sleigh, with its wide headboard and footboard designed with slight outward curves. This timeless piece offers an undeniable elegance and comfort to your space. It serves as an effortless statement piece with streamlined detailing to your bedroom space. Sleigh beds are typically made with high-quality solid wood or fabric material. This makes a sleigh bed frame ideal for both traditional and modern bedroom interior design. If you often change the positions of the items in your bedroom, take note that a sleigh bed, being made of solid wood, is a bulky piece that requires more effort to move.

Contemporary Bed

Contemporary bed frames come in different designs, sizes, and materials. Because of modern technology, manufacturers and designers can create contemporary beds in different colours and configurations.

Loft Bed

A loft bed is probably one of the contemporary pieces that teens and young adults with small rooms prefer. This is because a loft bed offers ultimate space-saving and unconventional beauty to the bedroom. A loft bed is a bed with high legs and no lower bed frame. It basically looks like a bunk bed, except that it has no lower bed frame. This configuration is helpful for people who want to utilise a small room for bed and office or study space since the legs are created high enough to place tables, sofas, cabinets, or electronic sets.




Aside from getting a sturdy bed frame, it is also crucial to get an outstanding mattress that matches your sleeping style to attain a good night's sleep. The efficiency of a mattress depends not only on the type of materials used to create it but also on compatibility with your sleeping needs. Moreover, mattress firmness plays a huge role in ensuring that you sleep comfortably no matter what sleeping position you prefer. To know what kind of mattress is the best for you, let us first determine what type of sleeping position you have and assess the benefits of each mattress type to every sleeper.


Sleeping Position and Mattress Firmness

Sleeping Position and Mattress Firmness

Mattress firmness plays a significant role in making sure that your body is well supported during sleep. Not all mattresses are able to cater to all sleepers. Factors like sleeping position, weight, and body type shall be considered before deciding on the perfect firmness for your mattress.

The Mattress Firmness Scale ranges from 1-10, 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. Mattresses are also categorised into Very Soft, Soft, Medium Soft, Firm, and Extra Firm. Some have middle categories like Medium Firm. Check this firmness scale to know what category is ideal for your sleeping needs.





Very Soft/ Extra Soft

Extra soft mattresses conform to your body’s shape during sleep, giving you an effortless cuddle and plush comfort. 



Soft mattresses also provide plush support by adjusting to your body shape but they provide more firm back support than very soft mattresses.


Medium Firm

Medium firm mattresses sink your body and conform to its shape while providing enough back and spine support. This mattress type is ideal for people with back pain.



Also ideal for people with back pain, firm mattresses do not sink your body to the mattress, giving you a more solid body support.


Extra Firm

Extra firm mattresses have thinner comfort layers that result in them not conforming to the body shape during sleep. These mattresses do not trap heat as much as the less firmer mattresses.


Very Soft/ Extra Soft Mattress

Mattresses with a firmness rating of 1 are considered rare in the market. Extra-soft mattresses or those that fall under the 1-2 firmness scale offer the lowest amount of body support as they automatically conform to the shape of your body during sleep. Their super soft property will let you sink once you lie down and sleep. Very soft mattresses are great for lightweight sleepers under 130 pounds and side sleepers who prefer more delicate surfaces with less pressure than firmer ones.

Soft Mattress

Soft mattresses balance the contouring effect of extra soft varieties and the firm body support of firmer mattress types. These mattresses favour sleepers with sharp pressure points by offering a cradling sensation. Mattresses that fall under 3-4 firmness ratings still follow the contour of your body, but they provide enough firm layers not to let your body fully sink in the mattress. They are more durable than very soft mattresses.

Medium Firm Mattresses

Medium-firm mattresses cater to many types of sleepers, especially partners with opposite sleeping needs. They also provide enough weight capacity for sleepers within 130 to 230 pounds. They balance the cradle and firm support to relieve body pressure while maintaining comfort. 

Firm Mattresses

Mattresses that fall under the 7-8 firmness rate offer sturdier sleep support, ideal for stomach sleepers and sleepers above 230 pounds. If you prefer a more solid base that will not sink your body during sleep, a firm mattress is perfect for you. Firm mattresses provide reliable body and spine support to those who experience body pains. Firm mattresses do not trap heat as much as the softer varieties. This quality helps maintain breathable sleep comfort.

Extra Firm Mattresses

Like the extra soft mattress, extra firm mattresses are rarely seen in the market. Extra firm mattresses are perfect for stomach sleepers who prefer firmer options with breathable properties. Firm mattresses present a high level of spine support and are less expensive compared to softer varieties.


Types of Mattresses According to Materials

Types of Mattresses According to Materials

Aside from the firmness of your mattress, the materials used also matter to your sleep quality. It is sometimes hard to distinguish the types of mattress materials and their benefits, especially when most mattresses look the same. Knowing the types of materials used for making a mattress and their purposes will help you narrow down your choices. 

Bonnell Spring Mattress

A Bonnell Spring Mattress or Coil Spring Mattress presents an interconnected coil system where the hourglass-shaped coils are interconnected to create motion-sensitive mattress support, making the mattress move as one unit. Because it is motion-sensitive, a Bonnell spring mattress may not be that comfortable for the other when one partner tosses and turns while sleeping. Bonnell spring mattresses are strong, ensuring firm comfort during sleep. 

Pocketed Spring Mattress

Pocket springs make up a versatile system below the mattress's comfort layer that individually moves with pressure for a more efficient body contour.

A pocketed spring mattress presents more flexible sleep support with its newer technology and smart configuration. Pocketed spring mattresses, with their independent spring structure, offer individual support to body movements during sleep. This technology makes pocketed spring mattresses efficient if two sleepers in the same bed differ in weight or when one tosses and turns regularly. 

Pocketed spring mattresses are highly popular because of many reasons: 

- When you use a pocketed spring mattress, the movement of the mattress remains in the area where the pressure is inserted instead of making the whole mattress move during tossing and turning. This means lesser distraction during sleep.

- A pocketed spring mattress promotes constant firmness because of its individually encased pocket springs.

- Pocketed spring mattress provides consistent sleep support and vital pressure relief since the individual springs contour the body more efficiently than the regular mattresses.

Not all mattresses have the same number of pocket springs. Some units have more coils than others. The more coils present in the mattress, the more responsive and comfortable a mattress becomes. However, this comfort does not only depend on the number of coils present to the mattress. It is also vital to check the materials used and the firmness of your mattress.

Latex Mattress

Latex is a type of rubber that is used to create a variety of products, including mattresses. A latex mattress can be composed of pure latex, latex with other natural fillings, or a combination of latex, other foam varieties, and spring systems.

Because it is a type of rubber, a mattress made of latex has elastic properties that efficiently respond to pressure and movements, giving proper contour, pressure relief, and comfort during sleep. Because of this natural elasticity, a latex mattress retains its original form and efficiency throughout the years. It is hypoallergenic due to its natural resistance to bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens. Latex mattress is also known for the cool and breathable sleeping sensation it offers and notable durability. 

If you plan to buy this mattress for your bedroom, you have to consider if you want something bouncy or a mattress that easily follows the contour of your body. Latex mattresses are more on the bouncy side, and they do not conform to the shape of the body as much as the other mattress types.

Memory Foam Mattress

Another notable mattress variety is the memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattress provides remarkable sleep support by conforming to the shape of your body through body heat. NASA first designed memory foam for aircraft cushions to reduce the pressure the astronaut experiences when exiting and entering the atmosphere. In modern times, visco-elastic foam, popularly known as memory foam, is used for various items like sofas, mattresses, pillows etc.

What makes a memory foam mattress exceptional is that it is primarily designed to relieve pressure. It contours to the shape of your body when you lie down, thus, targeting the right pressure points and promoting proper spinal alignment. A memory foam mattress supports proper blood circulation by evenly distributing your body weight during sleep. It can reduce your exposure to allergens due to its natural dust mite resistance. If you are going for a memory foam mattress for your bedroom, consider increasing the presence of adequate cooling solutions in your space because memory foam mattresses usually trap heat for contouring, making them less breathable than other mattress varieties.

Coconut Fibre Mattress

Coconut fibre is taken between the outer skin and internal shell of a coconut. Naturally, coconut fibre is hard, but when mixed with softer materials like cotton, latex, or foam, a mattress made with coconut fibre can provide dependable comfort for your sleep. Coconut fibre is breathable, making it an ideal option for those who usually sweat during sleep. Coconut mattresses are made with natural materials thus, dirt and allergen resistant. They can provide proper support for the back and spine.


How to Choose the Right Mattress Size

How to Choose the Right Mattress Size

The size of your mattress also contributes to the comfort or discomfort that you may feel during sleep. If you want to feel revitalised and more alive after sleep, it is crucial to consider the right mattress size. The popular mattress sizes available in Singapore are single-size, super single-size, queen-size and king-size mattresses. The obvious ways to find the right mattress size for your bedroom are: to measure the area of your room intended for the bed space and check the number of people who will occupy the bed. But aside from those two factors, there are other things that you have to take into consideration when deciding the ideal size for your mattress. This includes the sleeping position and space preference.

Mattress Size



Single Mattress

90cm x 190cm

A single-size mattress is the smallest mattress that you can avail in Singapore. As its name suggests, a single-size mattress is ideal for a single kid, teenager, or adult use. 

Super Single Mattress

107cm x 190cm

A super single-size mattress is wider than a single variety and is one of the most popular mattress sizes. It allows a single adult sleeper more room to move.

Queen Mattress

150cm x 190cm

For bigger spaces like the master's bedroom, a queen-size mattress can give you the space and comfort that you need. It is ideal for partners or individual sleepers who prefer more space to move. 

King Mattress

180cm x 190cm

A king-size mattress requires a bigger bedroom space than the other mattress varieties, providing ample room to freely move during sleep. A king-size mattress can also accommodate additional family members like your kids.




A wardrobe is a very useful solution to organising and decluttering your bedroom space. Because of its large build, a wardrobe can help organise your clothes, shoes, beddings, and other bedroom essentials at once without the need for additional bulky storage. But this just becomes true if you buy the right piece that can cater to your storage needs. 

Wardrobes differ in size, materials, and configuration. Even the door style can influence the ease of access to your wardrobe. Proceed on reading to find which type of wardrobe is the best for your bedroom.

Open Door Wardrobe

Open door wardrobes or swing door wardrobes offer ample storage and hanging space to keep your important clothes more accessible and organised. They provide a perfect view of all the items inside the wardrobe. Moreover, some hinge doors contain extra sleeves, hooks, or additional storage options for small items. Because an open door wardrobe can be opened widely, two people can rummage through the items inside at the same time without getting in the way of each other. Also, this type of wardrobe provides more internal depth than a sliding door wardrobe because the door attachment does not take up any inner space.

An open door wardrobe can be your ultimate space-saver because of its versatile configuration. However, an open door wardrobe requires extra space clearance for the doors to fully open. With this, you will need to carefully plan the placement of other furniture and items in your room. 

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding door wardrobes are great for contemporary or modern bedroom styles. They are excellent for space-saving because they do not require extra allowance or door clearance, unlike the open-door wardrobes. This means that if you do not have a relatively ample bedroom space, you can still place a sliding door wardrobe in between your wall and bed. Sliding door wardrobes come in various inner configurations. You can always choose a piece that fits your lifestyle. Also, sliding door wardrobes with attached mirrors help in making the room look more well-lit and spacious. However, because of its no-hinge feature, a sliding door wardrobe cannot offer a complete view of all the items inside your wardrobe, especially those that are located at the farthest sides. Also, when you open one door of a hinged wardrobe, it blocks the other side, making it hard for couples to access their own compartments at the same time.

Modular Wardrobe

If you want absolute control over how your wardrobe will look, a modular wardrobe might be your best option. Modular wardrobes are highly versatile as they can be customised based on your preference. They also give that exceptional luxurious feel with their built-in or custom-made features. 

Modular wardrobes give you the option to choose your own compartment arrangement, colour, and material. You can modify how many internal compartments you want your wardrobe to have, how big you want them to be, or how you want them to be arranged. This way, you can make the most out of your internal space based on your storage needs. Some furniture e-tailers in Singapore offer you the option to add upper compartments or cabinets for extra items that you do not usually use. This is to save the main space for more important items while still keeping an uncluttered bedroom space.

Modular wardrobes help you organise your items the way you want them to be organised. You have the option to add a small shelf for your jewelry collection. If you prefer a bigger compartment for your hanging clothes, you have the option to do so. If you have a narrow space and relatively high ceiling, you may try a modular wardrobe with a taller configuration.

Tips to maximise the efficiency of a modular wardrobe:
    1. Carefully plan the configuration that you want to achieve.
    2. Clear the area where you want to place your wardrobe and plan the position you want to achieve beforehand.
    3. Place larger or heavier items at the bottom to prevent the wardrobe from toppling.
    4. Attach your wardrobe to the wall, especially the taller ones. This is to save as much space as you can and ensure that you get additional support.
Get the Right Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

Get the Right Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

Although essential, the wardrobe is often compromised when choosing some bedroom furniture. To create a fully functional, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing bedroom space, you should also consider the quality of your wardrobe because it serves as your primary bedroom storage solution.

If you are designing your bedroom from scratch, it is vital to list your wardrobe needs to ensure that you get the right one during your first purchase. If this is not your first time getting a wardrobe or if you plan to upgrade an old one, we advise that you take a look at your current wardrobe and think about the benefits or functions you want for your next wardrobe that your current item does not have—shelf space, drawer, or hanger space for example. Assess the functions that you prefer for your wardrobe. Do you need more vertical space to hang your clothes or more compartments for folded items?

Like your bed, the wardrobe takes up most of the space in your bedroom, so it is vital to choose a piece that will provide you multiple benefits and add aesthetic appeal to your room. If your room is on a narrower side, opt for a slimmer wardrobe with a taller build to maximise your extra vertical space while saving the floor space. When buying your wardrobe, you should check the space where you intend to place your wardrobe to avoid possible inconveniences. If you have existing furniture pieces already, measure the distance between your furniture, including the walkway, hanging lighting, ceiling height, windows, and door. Make sure not to overcrowd your area to maintain a comfortable bedroom space. Ensure to allow extra room to conveniently open and close your hinged doors. If you have little space allowance, consider getting a sliding door wardrobe.

Take note: Leave enough space for you to walk and move comfortably in between your bedroom furniture.


Bedroom Sets

Bedroom Sets

Sometimes, mixing and matching different furniture styles is stressful, especially when you have to consider the sizes and coherence of the designs. Good thing bedroom furniture sets with carefully planned sizes and matching styles are already available here in Singapore. Bedroom sets come in different varieties and number of pieces. Some bundles include all the basic bedroom furniture pieces, some focus on the storage items. Ideal for people who have less time to look for individual bedroom furniture pieces, bedroom sets come with items that perfectly complement each other.

Bedroom bundles typically include four pieces of furniture, five pieces, six pieces, up to a seven-piece set, including a mirror and storage options. 

A usual set includes a bed, wardrobe, a bedside table or two, dressing table, chess of drawers, and a mirror. To know which furniture bundle to choose, carefully consider the items you need for your room, the measurements, and the features, especially the major furniture, your bed frame. 

A three-piece bedroom set may include a bed, two matching bedside tables, or a dressing table. On the other hand, a four-piece bedroom set consists of a dressing mirror on top of the first three items. Take note that inclusions may vary based on your needs and the items offered by your trusted furniture shop. 

5 Piece Bedroom Furniture Bundle:
Bed frame
Two bedside tables
Dressing table
    6 Piece Bedroom Furniture Bundle:
    Bed frame
    Two bedside tables
    Dressing table
    Chest of Drawers
    Other sets include a wardrobe, ottoman, or a bench.
      Bedroom Storage Bundle:
      Dressing table
      Bedside table

        When choosing a bedroom set, you still need to measure up your space and consider your budget. Check if you will need two bedside tables or just one. For the bed frame, make sure that you choose a piece that will satisfy you in the long run. Since bedroom sets follow a specific theme, your bed frame choices may be limited. If you want to go all out in purchasing the best bed frame for your room, we suggest you go with the coherent storage bundle and get a separate bed frame that can cater to your specific style and needs.


        Chest of Drawers and a Dresser

        Chest of Drawers and a Dresser

        A chest of drawers is a tall, narrow storage space with multiple drawers specially designed to cater to the storage needs of HDBs with limited room spaces. This efficient storage solution is often associated with a chest of drawers. Both units do well in providing adequate space to organise your items, but they also share their differences in terms of size. The main difference is that a chest of drawers is narrow and taller compared to a dresser. A dresser can be in a single or double structure that sometimes comes with a mirror, while a chest of drawers usually focuses on one straight configuration. You may get a double structure type but in a narrower design. Chest of drawers and dressers offer efficient storage solutions, but they also add appeal to your space because of their clean, sophisticated look.

        A standard chest of drawers can be a combination of spacious main drawers and smaller upper pull-out drawers or purely spacious drawers to organise bigger items. Some chests of drawers come with a vertically oriented cabinet on top of the pull-out drawers to work with hanging clothes.

        A dresser works as a horizontal storage solution for your home. This style makes a dresser look bulkier than a chest of drawers. To create a spacious look, go for a legged dresser. 

        What to consider when buying chest of drawers or a dresser?
          1.  Check your allotted space. If you have limited floor space, you can opt for a narrower chest of drawers. If you need extra space to fit more items, a horizontally spacious dresser will work well for your needs.
          2. Check your storage needs. Space-saving does not only involve saving the space in your room, but you also have to consider the amount of clutter that you can get rid of if you buy an efficient chest of drawers or a dresser. Do you need dedicated storage space for your clothes? Are you looking for supplemental storage for smaller items?
          3. Check the material. Since you will be storing fabrics and other soft materials, make sure to choose a dresser or chest of drawers that can resist dust mites as much as possible. 
        Dressing Table

        Dressing Table

        A dressing table is known for the glamour that it adds to a space. It is sophisticatedly designed to act as an accent piece to your home. But aside from its aesthetic appeal, a dressing table provides multiple functions to your HDB's bedroom. This striking piece in your home works as a storage space for cosmetic and skincare products, perfume flasks, jewelry collections, and other small items. The tabletop is wide enough to fit combs, powders, and often used cosmetic items. Some dressing tables come with extra pull-out drawers and hidden shelves for additional storage to keep beddings, towels, toiletries, and hygiene items. 

        As a rule, dressing tables are wonderfully structured with space-saving in mind. They do not have that bulky look, and some features are engineered to work for multiple purposes. There is a variety of narrow pieces, corner items, and slim-legged furniture for lightweight aesthetics. Ergonomically designed dressing tables facilitate ease of access.

        As the primary charm of a dressing table, the aesthetic appeal of every piece is highlighted, leading to the creation of various styles and structures. This furniture has so much to offer, from the classic intricately detailed frames, mirrored dressing tables to minimalist and modern varieties. A dressing table with a large mirror helps create a sense of space since it reflects light, and when placed correctly, highlights a focal feature of your room. A console-type dressing table can work as a study table where the space is limited to the tabletop and storage behind a hidden mirror.

        A dressing table can be made of solid wood, for a cosy and homey feel, the more affordable yet efficient MDF, which is a great material for curved pieces, a lightweight yet durable plastic, a modern and luxurious glass item, and sophisticated rattan or wicker variety.

        When you buy a dressing table in Singapore, it usually includes a mirror, either separately provided or attached, and a stool that complements the height and design of the dressing table. 

        To make sure that your dressing table serves one of its primary purposes, which is aesthetics, check the design, theme, and colour palette that you want to implement in your space. It is also vital to plan where you want your dressing table to be placed in your room, including the mirror's exposure to sunlight to prevent possible inconveniences and to visualise the final look of your bedroom as well.

        Bedside Table

        Bedside Table

        A bed does not look and feel complete without a bedside table or a nightstand. If you want to complete a cosy bedroom, you have to complete it with a lightweight yet hardworking bedside table. This cute piece anchors the bed, works as an accessible storage unit, and adds to the cosy charm of your bedroom.

        Your bed is the lovely main character of your bedroom, and the bedside table is the reliable sidekick. It makes the bed space look complete, getting rid of the empty space beside your bed. It complements and enhances the beauty of your bed space while giving you enough surface for additional decorations, lights, alarm clock, or essential items. Some varieties go all out in providing storage space for your bedroom with extra pull-out drawers or small shelf compartments. 

        A bedside table will give you the luxury to keep your phone, favourite book, remote control, even midnight snacks within your reach. The right bedside table with the perfect height will save you time and effort to get an item you immediately need. It is also spacious enough to act as a dining table for single use. This is a big help if you are too busy working at home to go out and eat your meals. 

        To select the right height for your bedside table, you should consider the height of your bed and the height of the items that you will place on top of the table. If you plan to put a relatively tall and slim lamp on your tabletop, you should consider getting a lower bedside table. Also, make sure that your bedside table will complement your bed frame design, not overpower it. Always aim for cohesion and convenience when purchasing an item. 

        Bedside tables do not always have to come in pairs. Choosing the number of pieces you want to buy depends on your need and preference. It is also definitely okay to get two asymmetrical bedside tables for your room. Feel free to go out of the cookie-cutter setups and experiment with the style, colour, and material that suits you the best. You can find a myriad of types, from traditional elegant pieces, simple legged varieties to those with pull-out drawers in Singapore.

        Other Bedroom Essentials

        Aside from a cosy mattress and basic bedroom furniture pieces, your bedroom will not be complete without the staples, like beddings and additional accessories that can help you with your specific needs like a study table and ottoman, of course, the cherry on top decorations. 



        The mattress that you buy for your bedroom is important in determining its comfort. But aside from this major bedroom item, the type of beddings that you use also take part in creating a comfortable place for you to sleep and revitalise after a long tiring day. Your pillows and bolsters, pillowcases, bedsheets, quilts and comforters, and mattress covers matter. You might be surprised that the considerations attached to choosing the right beddings go beyond their looks, size, and feel.

        Whether for a duvet or a pillowcase, the choice of materials matters when providing the ideal comfort for you and your family during sleep. Comfort depends on your preference. That is why it is vital to familiarise yourself with various bedding materials and their benefits to match your taste. Here are the most common bedding materials and their unique features:


        Cotton is a high-quality bedding material that is naturally soft and breathable, giving you a cool and cosy sensation during sleep. It is highly durable and easy to clean. Being a natural material, cotton is hypoallergenic. Due to its multiple advantages, beddings made with cotton are more expensive than other types.


        Polyester is a durable, easy to maintain material that also provides a breathable feel during sleep. Polyester is cheaper compared to cotton fibre because it is made with synthetic materials that cost less to manufacture. However, because it is made from synthetic materials, polyester is not as environmentally friendly as cotton.


        Lyocell is another synthetic fabric that is more eco-friendly than polyester. It is a strong material with the softness of cotton.

        Other materials include the very lightweight and durable microfibre, luxurious silk, durable linen, and other natural materials that sometimes come with natural aromas to help you sleep better. If you have a generous budget for your beddings, consider getting items made with cotton. However, if you are on a tighter budget but still do not want to compromise the quality of your beddings, choose a variety that presents a mixture of materials. To save more, you can go for matching bedding sets for your bedroom.



        An ottoman undeniably adds a touch of sophistication to any space it becomes a part of. This is also true for your bedroom. Aside from your bedside table that anchors your bed, an ottoman can also complete the overall look of your space while providing additional comfort and seating options. An ottoman can serve as a mobile footstool that you can take anywhere in your room, when you groom yourself in front of your dressing mirror, or when you just want to sit on your bed and rest your feet at a lower angle. If you want to save space and have an extra seating option, you can get a compact ottoman that you can place under your bed when not in use instead of buying a bigger stool. But of course, you will love to flaunt its style. 

        Study or Computer Table

        Study or Computer Table

        As Singaporeans adapt to the remote work setup, the need to create a dedicated home office in every HDB also increased. Because of this, a spacious work desk is essential to carry out work from home tasks efficiently. A sturdy study table offers an ample work surface and compartments to organise your documents and other supplies and keep them away from your personal items. An ergonomic computer table is specially built to keep your computer and CPU unit in the right place while providing ease of movement.

        You might be contemplating whether to buy a computer table for your room, especially when you have limited bedroom space. However, having a dedicated area to do your tasks will help you work more efficiently. Also, a separate workspace will help you draw a line between your work and your personal space. Let your bed be for sleeping and have a more comfortable corner to finish your workloads. 

        There are various types of study and computer tables that can fit your space and your needs. To identify what is ideal for you, here is a list of the major computer table varieties and their features:

        Writing desk

        Ideal for minimal bedroom spaces, a writing desk is slim and lightweight but can provide enough workspace for your laptop and other documents. Some writing desks come with additional lower shelves or compartments to help you keep your main workspace uncluttered. Some have a dedicated vertical case for your computer CPU.

        L-shaped study table

        An L-shaped desk is the best if you want to have more work surfaces while saving space. Its L-shaped design makes it easier for this table type to fit any corner. Because of its configuration, this table provides ergonomic support and promotes a smoother workflow. It gives you the option to use one side of the L-shape for your computer and the other for an extra computer monitor or paperwork. Some L-shape study tables include drawers or mobile pedestals.

        U-shape desk

        If you have a more spacious room, a U-shape desk will give you lots of storage benefits on top of its comfortable ergonomic structure.

        Corner desk

        Another space-saving best friend, a corner desk, can be pushed into a corner. It presents a smaller L-shape, making it suitable for any available space in your home. Because of its cute design, a corner desk can serve as a charming decorative piece for your room.

        Home Decoration

        Home Decoration

        You have your bedroom furniture essentials listed. Now is the time to create a remarkable distinction for the most comfortable place in your HDB. Adding decorations to your bedroom helps liven up your space and solidifies the theme of the room. A bedroom shall be designed to provide relaxation, and the best decorative pieces will help attain your desired ambiance. 

        When looking for wall art pieces for your bedroom, make sure that they don't overpower the whole theme. Select pieces that are simple enough to highlight the beauty of your space and detailed enough to create an impact. If you want to go for an eclectic theme, try mixing different styles and sizes to create an intricate yet cohesive look. To revisit the classic retro style, widely known as coloured and detailed pieces, choose items that highlight your personality. 

        You do not have to hang something in every corner. It is important to consider the visual weight of an artwork in contrast to the existing furniture and items in your bedroom. If you plan to get a big art piece for your master's bedroom, you can hang it at the centre, above your headboard at eye level, to create a striking focal point. If you plan to use medium size to smaller pieces, you can hang them in patterns to make the overall look more exciting. Create a floating shelf and display some art pieces for a smarter look. You can build a wall gallery with minimalist frame arts too. If you think outside of the box, simple pieces can enhance your whole space.


        How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Bedroom

        How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Bedroom

        Choosing a furniture piece that works for you requires proper planning. Planning will help you ensure that you get the best deal in terms of the durability of the piece, its aesthetic appeal, and when you search enough, you can take home a fantastic item at a lower price. Consider these factors to make sure that your furniture can provide you long-term satisfaction.

        Consider your lifestyle

        Ultimately, your furniture shall compliment your way of living. Do you have kids? Do you have pets? These are some specific things that you should consider before buying some items for your bedroom. 

        -If you have little kids, consider getting furniture with safety lock features and easy-to-clean beddings. 
        - If you are always on the go, it is important to get furniture pieces that are more accessible and require less maintenance. 
        - For those who work at home, we recommend getting ergonomic furniture pieces that can work for your needs in terms of convenience and storage.  
        - If you are the type to refurbish your space every now and then, consider getting minimalist pieces that you can decorate with coloured or patterned fabric and accessories.
          Take note of your storage needs

          Considering the space limitations in your HDB, storage planning is crucial to maintaining an uncluttered bedroom. The solution to making your small bedroom look spacious while discreetly hiding your clutters is to get multi-functional furniture pieces with hidden storage space. Remember that small furniture is not always the best for limited spaces. This is because small storage items also come with limited capacity. If you are big in organising, consider a modular wardrobe that you can modify based on your storage needs or a tall chest of drawers that will help you maximise your vertical space while saving you floor area. To avoid smaller items from getting lost, opt for a bedside table with drawers. Go for an ottoman storage bed with an easy-lift hydraulic system for your beddings and other bigger materials. 

          Prioritise comfort 

          You do not need to fill your room with complicated and extravagant furniture to make it comfortable. Once you get the ideal furniture pieces, the next step is to place them in strategic areas to create a functional and welcoming space. The aesthetic appeal of your bedroom is also vital in making a comfortable ambiance. To create a cosy bedroom, apply the concept of functional aesthetics.

          - Place your bed and study table away from your window to avoid direct sunlight exposure, especially when the weather is hot. 
          - Make sure that your furniture items are cohesively arranged according to your lifestyle to make it easy for you to access them. 
          - You can dedicate certain corners for specific activities and organise the needed items there. 
          - Get high-quality mattress and beddings. If there is one thing that you shall never compromise, it is the quality of your mattress. Choose one with all the features that will satisfy your needs.
          - Fill your walls with relaxing art pieces. Create your own lovely setting with the items you love, may it be a set of minimalist wall arts, your display collections, or a DIY project that you are proud of.
            Useful Tips on Buying Bedroom Furniture

            Useful Tips on Buying Bedroom Furniture

            Buying your furniture is not as easy as going to the furniture store and choosing whatever piece you like at the moment. It requires pre-planning, budgeting, and quality check to make sure that you get what you deserve.

            Set a budget for your bedroom furniture

            Setting up and following your budget is tricky, especially when you have many items in mind. To set a modest budget, you need to have a clear list of the furniture you need and the items you want. Typically, your list of wants is longer than the list of your furniture needs. To help you set your priorities, compare the two lists and separate the items you can set aside and buy later with the furniture you immediately need. Replacing an old unstable bed frame, for example, is more important than an aesthetic upgrade for your wardrobe. Remember that you do not have to buy everything at once. Once you have the essentials, it will be easier to plan the additional items to spruce up your bedroom. Although it is fun to have everything together at once to decorate your bedroom, it is vital to be patient, especially if you have a limited budget.

            To set a realistic budget for your furniture purchase, you also must consider where to buy your furniture. Ideally, online furniture retailers sell furniture pieces at a lower price. This is because they have reduced overheads compared to physical furniture stores. Because online shops can be accessed anywhere, you can look for the items that you need in the comforts of your home. Use this opportunity to do price research to get a modest estimate of your budget. 

            Note: When buying a furniture piece, do not settle for a piece solely for its price. Always consider the long-term benefits or disadvantages of any item.

            Measure your space and study its layout

            To maximise the utilisation of your bedroom space, you must carefully consider its size and layout related to the size and configuration of your furniture. You do not want a small room to look congested with big furniture pieces. This will affect how you move around the room. When buying furniture, make sure to allow space to walk and move comfortably without bumping into another furniture piece.

            Planning your layout will help you prioritise the space needed for the absolute essentials like your bed and storage solutions. It will also help you arrange your furniture in the most convenient way possible. Your furniture must be in sync with the orientation of your space for it to fit correctly. A curved and spacious furniture, for example, might not be convenient for a small room as it takes away potential allowance for other furniture pieces. But for a roomier space, curved pieces add depth to make it look less empty.

            Set a theme to easily achieve cohesiveness

            Having a dedicated interior design theme for your bedroom makes mixing and matching your furniture choices more convenient. Since some themes have specific materials, colours, and styles attached to them, narrowing your choices becomes easier. Moreover, if you have a certain style to follow, you become more confident that you will get just the right furniture. 

            Traditional Interior Style

            A traditional theme focuses on elegant detailing like curved moldings, lines, silhouettes, and curves, deep or neutral colour combinations, and wood material. Traditional furniture includes pieces with detailed leg structure, headboards, and posters. For beddings, the traditional theme welcomes florals, damask, and other intricate patterns.

            Contemporary Interior Style

            A contemporary theme presents a combination of minimal furniture pieces with amplified aesthetics. To achieve this look, opt for multi-functional furniture with seamless storage to maintain an open and airy feel. Invite natural light that will reflect the beauty of your area. 

            If you prefer a contemporary style for your bedroom, we suggest you buy furniture that can easily adapt to changing styles. For example, instead of a coloured fabric bed, choose a neutral piece and experiment with colours and patterns with your beddings. To create a chic style, you can add bold pillow patterns and big wall art pieces.

            Modern Interior Style

            A modern theme saves you from regularly changing your items to keep up with the trend because it presents a fusion of trendy aesthetics and visuals that are here to stay. It incorporates remarkable colour combinations, rich materials, and glamorous decorations. You can play with striking accents paired with minimalist furniture combinations or create a fusion of various materials that blend well with each other.

            You can also combine different design elements to achieve an eclectic theme or go for a minimalist look. If you feel adventurous enough, try an industrial style. For a welcoming feel, pursue a coastal or farmhouse design. There are myriads of choices that you can adopt for your bedroom. Once you define your preferred theme, furniture hunting becomes smoother as it serves as your blueprint.

            Buy at the right time

            Furniture is a huge investment. The price of a furniture item compared to the budget you set is one of the reasons why your choices become limited, and the quality is compromised. The good news is, furniture shops and online retailers conduct shopping sales and discount events, especially during holidays, paydays, or clearance season. Take advantage of these to save a lot or upgrade your choice while paying less. When looking for furniture, spend some time hunting for sales and discount coupons also. Take note of the upcoming holidays and special events where sales usually take place. An excellent way to stay updated is to sign up for website newsletters where retailers regularly announce big sale events. The shop may give you a discount coupon upon signing up! Some coupon codes range from $5 discounts up to $50. Also, it is always good to navigate the site to look for online payment method discounts and interest-free installment plans.

            Pro Tip: If you see a new arrival section from a furniture website, chances are some items under the same category are on sale.

            Check the return policy

            Search for reputable furniture websites and retailers that provide a clear and uncomplicated return policy. Even better, look for stores that offer free returns and proper shipping assistance for items to be returned to the brick and mortar showroom. It is good to always check a website's return policy on its shop information and reviews or orders and return section.

            If you encounter an online retailer that is not open for a free return process or does not have a clear return policy at all, that is your cue to exit the website and find a better one. 

            Look for the store or item reviews

            Reliable online furniture stores are accountable enough to let their customers send reviews and feedback for their products and site. These reviews can be seen on Google Shopping or the furniture website itself. Google Shopping allows you to locate top-rated products with their reviews. Aside from looking for 4-5 star rated products and merchants, it is also essential to check the reviews to find more specific reasons why they are rated that way. You can also get some real insights about the products outside of a merchant's marketing description. Some reviews include actual photos of the products. Some are pretty straightforward. Although there are some isolated cases of product defects and delivery inconveniences, constant low ratings and negative feedback may indicate poor performance on the merchant's side.

            Another way to reach more highly rated furniture merchants online is to visit or These stores help you find the best affiliated stores that match your furniture needs. They also give you clear access to individual detailed product reviews.

            Do not hesitate to connect with the shop's customer service team

            It is important to know the furniture retailer and its processes before buying furniture from the site. Check FAQs or help centre to familiarize yourself with the order and after-sales procedures. If you cannot find what you are looking for under the FAQs, do not hesitate to reach out to the staff. Furniture retailers extend their services to the customers through their customer service team. If you have some questions regarding a product's size, material, or if you have further inquiries about the price, payment, or delivery method, you can always count on them. The team members are trained to handle customer queries professionally.


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