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Let's Talk About Home Office Storage. Setting up your home office isn't just about choosing the right tables and chairs. Those things...

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New year, new home. But what does it take to achieve a leveled-up sanctuary that gives you rest and comfort?...

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While it is easy to shop online in Singapore, it becomes harder to strategise your organisation. In the end, items just pile up, but your living space doesn't get any bigger. But how do you maintain a cosy and organised home? When organising your flat, it is important to be mindful of what you add to your space and be firm about letting go of items you don't necessarily need. 

Here are some ways you can approach your next HDB decluttering process.

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Every square footage counts when it comes to designing and organising your bedroom. This is especially true for those who dwell in smaller spaces. One of the things that make a small room look uninviting is the lack of efficient storage solutions. Your clothes that are piling up and your personal things that are found everywhere make your room look cramped and uncomfortable to stay in. If you find it hard to gather your things every morning because you don't know where you kept them and if your bedroom is not conducive for sleeping anymore, it is time to rethink your storage decisions.

Take a little bit of time to plan and organise your bedroom and turn it back into your lovely sanctuary with these easy bedroom storage solutions.

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Decorating a small space, like beautifying a more spacious room, requires a good eye to mix and match furniture and design elements to balance the look. Scale is an important factor to consider to make your room comfortable and functional. This means that thinking small doesn't always apply to small spaces. As much as you want to make the most out of your space, you must not forget about keeping everything balanced.

Read this quick guide to avoid common small room design mistakes.

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