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How to Choose a Dining Set for Your Dining Room - Megafurniture

How to Choose a Dining Set for Your Dining Room

Your dining table is a piece that your family and guests adore. This is where celebrations happen—where you share your stories and the food you love with the people you love.

At times, your dining table becomes a place where you set up your mini-home office and where your kids do their homework. When paired with the right seating solutions, your dining room becomes both endearing and functional.

A high-quality dining set serves as a remarkable focal point in your dining room. As a major furniture investment, it is crucial to consider not only the aesthetic appeal of your dining set but also what it can offer your family.

Dive into this quick buying guide to understand what dining set is best for your space.


Consider Your Needs and Lifestyle

When designing your dining room, kitchen, living room, or any other part of your home, the main focus should be on function.

Above anything else, the shape and size of your dining table, the number of your dining chairs, and the materials used should depend on your lifestyle and needs.

How many people do you accommodate in your dining room? What else do you use your table for? Do you prefer a taller dining chair? Do you have kids? Is getting a plastic chair more convenient?

Various dining set shapes and materials come with their own pros and cons, so having a clear idea of what you need will help you shortlist your options. If you invite your friends over often, you can add stylish stackable chairs that are easy to store when you do not need them.

Dining Sets - Consider your needs and lifestyle

Check the Materials

Wood is a popular dining set material. This is because of its durability and flexibility in terms of style. Wood is also easy to maintain and repair, making it an economical choice for furniture-making. Designers also venture into various materials other than well-loved wood. There are fabric varieties, metal and brass, marble, sintered stone, glass, and different beautiful combinations that you will surely love. 

In choosing the materials, make sure to prioritise those that are both durable and comfortable instead of focusing on the design first. If you have kids, get a round-edged dining table that is made of scratch- and stain-resistant materials. As for the chair, opt for secured pieces, especially when your kids love to rock their chairs when they get the chance to.

Dining Sets - Check the Materials

Pay Attention to the Leg or Pedestal

Aside from the main frame material, you should also consider your dining set's support leg or pedestal materials.

Make sure they are tall or sturdy enough to keep you safe and comfortable. The sturdiness of your dining table will help you determine if you can accommodate more people and if you can maximise your tabletop. By default, a dining table comes with four legs.

A longer unit may include a centre leg for additional support. A circular table with a single pedestal will not only accommodate more items on its tabletop, but it will also guarantee a bigger capacity to seat people because of its lessened leg restriction.

Dining Sets - Pay attention to the leg or pedestal

Consider the Shape of Your Table

The shape of your dining table depends on your preference, your room's size, and the number of chairs you want to fit. Here are some table shapes that you can choose from:

1. Rectangular dining table

Rectangular dining tables are ideal for hosting and accommodating more people. The rectangular configuration gives ample space for additional seating while helping you maximise your tabletop. 

If you have a small dining room, a rectangular table will greatly help you save space since you can easily squeeze in additional seats and tuck them under the table afterwards.

2. Round dining table

Round dining tables encourage closer conversations in smaller spaces. Because of its circular configuration, you get a chance to bond with everyone within the circle. This style also helps you break the illusion of heads and boundaries based on seating positions present in rectangular tables. 

3. Oval dining table

Oval dining tables create a cosy feel in your dining space. They present an illusion of space by creating an excellent visual contrast in your dining room, even when it is too crowded with people. If you have kids, oval dining tables are your safe dining solution.

Dining Sets - Consider the shape of your table

Consider Your Space

How much available space do you have? If you have a smaller dining room, you can go for a round dining table or one with pedestal legs. You can also choose a smaller rectangular table to add more seats. An extendable table is efficient if you want to make the most of your limited space. For bigger dining rooms, you can maximise the advantages of a long rectangular table.

Dining Sets - Consider your space

Check Your Seating Needs

How many people do you accommodate in your dining room? Regular dining sets include four, six, or eight dining chairs. Other seating options include dining benches that you can keep under your table when not in use. 

Dining Sets - Check your seating needs

Make Sure that Your Dining Set is Comfortable

Although you want to maximise your space, it is imperative to prioritise your comfort when looking for a dining set. You'll enjoy your dining experience more if you sit on a sturdy and comfortable chair and dine at a spacious table where you don't have to squeeze yourself in and bump into the person next to you while eating. 

A comfortable dining set also leaves a big impression on your guests. This is why it is important to not compromise the quality of your dining chair just so it can fit your budget. Buying cheaply means buying twice.

Modern dining chairs include cushioned seats and backs. Some are ergonomically designed to support your spinal alignment while sitting. A comfortable and sturdy dining chair will help you lean your back straight without wobbling. The dining table has to offer ample tabletop space and leg space to help you sit and dine without obstruction.

Dining Sets - Make sure that your dining set is comfortable

Express Your Style

Although comfort should be highlighted, the style of your dining set should not be compromised. Because you stay in your dining room more than three times a day, a cosy and well-designed area makes the overall dining experience extra special.

How do you picture your dining room? Do you want to make it look fun, cosy, or intimate? Will you pursue a traditional style or embrace modern aesthetics? Before buying your next dining table, you have to make sure that you like what it will look like in your dining room. Picture the arrangement of your dining room. Also, do not forget to include other furniture pieces present in your dining room when making a decision.

Dining Sets - Express your style

Buying a dining set for your flat is not simple, but it should not also be stressful and complicated. Getting the right measurements for your space, ensuring the longevity and comfort of your dining set, and visualising its look can be an exciting experience. What is more exciting than making the right purchase? 

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