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Choose the Right Kitchen Seating with a Few Tips from Us! These smart and stylish kitchen seats will transform your...

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2022 kitchen designs are about maximising your functional space, the choice of efficient storage, more innovative appliances, and fresh details inspired by nature. According to interior designers, the future of kitchen design lies in its utilitarian function, making it an extension of the home instead of treating it only as a place to cook and dine. Materials, colours, furniture, and textures used are focused on simple and natural elements that are both beautiful and functional.

If it's part of your new year's resolution to upgrade your hardworking kitchen, consider these expert-approved design ideas to help you get started.

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Let's admit it, when it comes to designing and furnishing our homes, the dining room is not our top priority. Sure, it should not be as grand and decorative as the living room or master's bedroom but getting the right items for your dining space makes a difference in ensuring the comfort and efficiency of your home, especially now that we spend long hours indoors. 

Whether designing a new dining area, an open HDB kitchen, or a small dining nook, having the right furniture for your modern dining room is essential to keep it cosy and functional.

Take a look at these notable modern furniture solutions to spruce up your dining space.

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Modern kitchen design highlights functional beauty. It does not use extravagant furniture or intricate design elements and colour palette but focuses on well-curated furnishings and designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and purposeful. The use of clean lines, simple details, and a neutral colour palette set modern kitchen design apart. When integrated into your home, a modern kitchen design will seamlessly elevate the comfort and appeal of your flat.

Whether you want to level up your small area or section your open space, you can easily transform your kitchen into a modern one with these design and furniture ideas. Read through this quick guide to spruce up your modern kitchen without doing major renovations.

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Renovating your HDB kitchen and dining room must be one of the most daunting decisions you will ever make for your...

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