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8 Proofs a Sectional Sofa Can Help Expand Your HDB Living Room - Megafurniture

8 Proofs a Sectional Sofa Can Help Expand Your HDB Living Room

When buying a sofa for your living room, it is hard to gamble with its quality, looks, and size because, first, it is a major piece of furniture that serves as a focal point in your living room. Second, it may not be that efficient for your small space. Here is a trick. If you are tight on square footage, consider getting a sectional sofa.

Sectional sofa is a remarkably elegant piece that many flat owners in Singapore love. A sectional does not just anchor all other furniture pieces in your living room; it also serves multiple purposes, such as an extra seating option, additional storage, and a bed frame. This utilitarian piece of furniture can even extend its use to other parts of your home, like the kitchen, your bedroom, or your home office, because of its detachable configuration. 

The benefits of a sectional sofa make it perfect for your humble space. 

A Sectional Sofa is Versatile

A Sectional Sofa is versatile

Contrary to what is perceived with bigger furniture pieces, a sectional sofa is actually beneficial if you have limited space in your flat. This versatile piece can be split into different parts and rearranged based on your room’s configuration, seating needs, and design preference. You can experiment with a sectional’s design, whether you want it to be in an L-shape, a U-shape, or any fun configuration that you can think of. If you require extra storage or a tabletop, you can convert your detachable chaise into one. You can always separate the sections of your sofa in the most convenient and space-saving way possible. For a conventional L-shaped sofa, you can go for the more compact units under 90 cm. 

A Sectional Provides Ample Seating Solution

A sectional provides ample seating solution

Compared with regular 3- or 4-seat sofas, a sectional offers more room to sit and lounge. This piece provides enough space for more people to sit without compromising comfort. This helps you save more space than getting extra chairs for your family members or guests, making your living room look too crowded or cramped. Moreso, a sectional’s L-shape layout promotes bonding and encourages conversation. 

A Sectional Sofa Promotes Space-Saving

A sectional sofa promotes space-saving

Because of its adaptability, a sectional sofa can be configured in the most space-efficient manner in your living room. Because of its compact build, this sofa helps create the proper flow in your living room. Its L-shape configuration helps fill the dead areas that make your room look unorganised while maximising the use of the space. 

A Sectional Improves the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Living Room

A sectional improves the aesthetic appeal of your living room

A compact sectional sofa effortlessly invites an elegant and luxurious feel to any space it becomes a part of. Designers love to play with a sectional’s design. Because of its spacious and interesting framework, they have more options to incorporate various colours, patterns, and materials. Being generously crafted, a sectional provides a warm and welcoming charm. 

The sectional sofa greatly transforms the overall look of your living room. If you have an open living room, a sectional works great for separating your conversation area from the other parts of your flat. When put in an L-shaped form, this sofa sections an open living room to look more put together.

A Sectional Sofa Can Work as an Extra Bed

A sectional sofa can work as an extra bed

Sectional sofas are spacious enough to be used as an extra bed for guests or if you just want to have a little me time and watch Netflix the whole night in your living room. Some sectionals can be converted into spacious sofa beds. Some varieties come with extra pull-out beds underneath. All these convertible options are available without sacrificing the sofa’s sturdiness and design.

A Sectional Sofa Can Be Moved and Reassembled Easily

A sectional sofa can be moved and reassembled easily

One of the most challenging parts of designing your living room is moving your bulky sofa from one place to another. The good news is that, for a modular sectional sofa, moving and rearranging it is easier. This saves you a great deal of time and helps you avoid bumping into other furniture pieces while moving your sectional. So the next time you have a design dilemma, you can change your design with ease.

A Sectional Sofa is Much Affordable than Conventional 3 + 2 Sofas

A sectional sofa is much affordable than conventional 3 + 2 sofas

When getting a sofa, one of the major considerations is your budget. If you plan to buy a three-seater sofa and accentuate it with accent chairs or benches, consider getting a more put-together sectional that provides ample seating options, efficient storage, and an elegant design. 

A Sectional Sofa is a Comfortable Seating Solution for a Small Space

A sectional sofa is a comfortable seating solution for a small space

What makes a sectional comfortable aside from its cushioned materials? Space. Because of its spacious yet efficient structure, a sectional sofa gives you ample room to stretch and move with ease. It also gives you the option to level up the comfort with the convertible bed. 

An important thing to note is that because of the distinction it creates in an open space, a sectional sofa helps your eyes and mind relax.

Placing a Sectional in Your Living Room

How to Place a Sectional in Your Living Room for Ultimate Space-saving

To make the most of your limited space with a sectional, you should be familiar with these simple design tricks. When done right, you will love the results later on. 

Before you start, measure your space twice. Take a look at your living room area before you decide where to put your sectional sofa. When looking for the perfect placement of your sofa, consider all other items surrounding your sectional and make a layout where you can smoothly move around your living room without obstructions when everything is already placed together. This includes other furniture pieces, entertainment appliances, gadgets, electrical outlets, and door and window locations.

1. Create a cosy corner by pushing the L-shaped sectional against the wall. Place the L-shaped sectional at the corner to emphasise the flow of an open-concept living room. 

2. Make a conducive entertainment spot by facing your sectional toward your television.
3. Encourage conversation by surrounding your coffee table with a cosy sectional
4. Divide an open-layout living room with your sectional
5. For smaller rooms, break up your sectional and place it strategically in your area

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