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Definitive Guide to Buying Bookshelves - Megafurniture

Definitive Guide to Buying Bookshelves

Bookshelves are among the most charming display and storage furniture you can incorporate into your home and office. These shelves are not only limited to storing your favourite books but also displaying ornaments, art pieces, and memorabilia. With the use of boxes and baskets, you can transform this versatile furniture into a storage unit for small and medium-sized supplies while maintaining an eye-catching showcase corner.

Bookcases don't just give you the liberty to feature your designs, but they boast their own beauty themselves. From traditional to eclectic to modern or contemporary styles, you can find a bookshelf that suits your style.

Here is a quick guide to buying the ideal bookshelf for your amazing home.

Bookshelf Buying Guide

Before buying a bookshelf, you should consider a few things to get the most suitable one: your storage and display needs, the size of your room, the style you want to achieve, and the features that you wish your bookcase to have. 

Choose Your Style

Choose Your Style

Whether you are looking for a big piece to showcase a grand book collection or a laid-back bookcase that will organise your space, you will never run out of suitable choices.

Standard Bookshelf

standard bookshelf is the most common and popular style. This tall unit is made of multiple even compartments encased by sturdy back supports, usually made of MDF wood. This lovely bookshelf is a great display unit for living rooms and home offices. More compact units also make a bedroom's design more personal.


An ètagère features an open-back design, making it more delicate than a standard variety. This is a good choice to make your room look more spacious if the main function of your bookshelf is for display. To make it more secure, you can push it through a wall. If you have a coloured or wallpapered wall, your étagère can highlight the design as its background.

Corner Shelf

A corner shelf perfectly fits, guess what, a room's corner to make a flexible display space for small areas. This shelf is designed with a triangular angle that goes outward to fit the shape of the corner. If you plan to fix an awkward space in your room or display delicate items, a corner shelf is an ideal choice.


Another versatile variety is a cube bookcase, which features a space-saving design and multiple functions. This shelf presents multiple cubby holes in the shape of a cube to store books, shoes, and other items without taking up much space. To maximise the use of your cube bookshelf, place some baskets or boxes there and store your items.

Ladder Bookcase

Ladder bookcases are gaining popularity in minimalist homes. Due to their lightweight design, these bookcases have become an amazing choice for space-saving while providing a casual look to the area. Ladder bookcases are designed to lean against the wall to create a remarkable accent piece for your room.

Geometric Bookshelf

Another contemporary display unit, a geometric bookshelf, presents a creative combination of shelving designs to create a geometric look. While giving good space to display and store, geometric bookshelves offer a casual look and are the perfect focal point for living rooms, especially spacious areas.

Scaffold Bookcase

Perfect for industrial-themed rooms, a scaffold bookcase brings a creative take in terms of display and storage. This bookshelf presents rustic shelves enclosed by two ladder-like walls. Aside from wood, scaffold bookcases include metal materials for an industrial appeal.


A more traditional pick, a barrister, boasts its cabinet-like design. This allows you to display more delicate items and keep other stuff that you don't need to show off. A barrister is enclosed with transparent glass doors to keep your collections from accumulating dust. A barrister is an excellent choice to make a safe display space if you have kids. 

Room Divider

For an open-concept area, a room divider can make a good display unit that can also bring exclusivity to various sections of your home. A room divider has both sides open to decorate both areas.

Modular Bookshelf

modular bookshelf combines two to three smaller pieces to make a larger unit. This variety is meant to benefit you based on your needs. You can start with a few modular pieces and add more once your storage needs increase.

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Measure the Size

Measure the Size

Size is arguably the number one factor to consider when buying a bookshelf. It determines the style you can possibly build and the storage capacity of your bookshelf.


Some bookshelves range from three feet to ten feet tall when built to fill up a wall. The height of your bookshelf depends on your needs and the look that you want to achieve. If you want a grand and luxurious look, a tall bookcase can give it to you. A smaller bookshelf can be a utilitarian piece that you can fit anywhere and work as a spacious display unit when the top part is also utilised.


Slim or modular bookshelves appear more functional for small spaces in terms of width. Having multiple units put together instead of one big unit will give you the freedom to play with your configuration in a way that works with your room's size and needs.


The standard depth for bookshelves is one foot. This space is enough to keep small to medium items in place. Other varieties have narrower shelves, so it's good to check your storage needs before deciding which size to buy.

Space between Shelves

Standard bookcases have equal spaces between shelves, but other rustic and modern varieties don't. Others also offer adjustable shelves to fit more items. If your shelves are not adjustable, make sure to ask for the shelf space so you can get a clear idea of what can fit on the shelf.

Choose Your Material

Choose Your Material

One important factor to consider when buying a bookshelf is the material. Wood is the most popular choice because of its appeal and longevity. A lot of tall bookshelves are made of solid wood to handle heavier items. If you are looking for more affordable units, you can opt for bookcases made with MDF. For modern and industrial bookcases, metal accents are used.

Envision Your Design

Envision Your Design

After assessing your space and storage requirements, it's now time to decide on a piece that will beautify your space. To spruce up an existing design, make sure that your bookshelf matches the theme that you set. Are you making a minimalist design, achieving a playful contemporary look, or are you in for a breath-taking eclectic space? Once you decide on a style to follow, you can narrow down your choices easier.

Buy Your Bookshelf Online

Buy Your Bookshelf Online

Think of your bookshelf as a big investment, literally and financially, that will stay in your home for years. If you get an unsuitable piece, chances are you’ll have to get a better one or settle for less. Always opt for the best that you can get within your budget. To get quality and affordable bookcases, shop online! You will find a myriad of choices in the comforts of your home. If you have questions or are in doubt about a product, you can ask for assistance. Customer service teams are willing to extend their help. 

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