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10 Types of Tables to Spruce Up Your Home - Megafurniture

10 Types of Tables to Spruce Up Your Home

When furnishing your new home or revamping your current design, you will have to choose from a sheer amount of table types and designs. While there are myriads of choices available in physical and online furniture stores, selecting the right pieces for your home should not be burdensome. 

To make a worthwhile purchase, you must know the purpose of your table. Of course, the design must appeal to your taste. It's a given that the purpose of your dining table is for you to dine. Other types, like a coffee table, console, side table, and other accent tables, look beautiful but might not have a clear purpose for your home.

In this quick guide, we will introduce the different kinds of tables, their purposes, and various designs to choose from to achieve a purposeful and well-furnished home.

Buying Guide: Types of Tables for Your Home

Tables for Dining

Tables for Dining

Dining Tables

Family meals and gatherings won't be complete without a functional dining table. This furniture is the perfect centrepiece for any dining area, making it purposeful and inviting. This type of table is the biggest one you'll find in your home.

Dining tables range in capacity from four-seaters to bigger twelve-seaters that can handle more guests. Some tables are made of wood, metal, glass, or marble. You can also find extendable dining tables on the market to fit your compact dining space.

Bistro Table

You will see this table often in open-concept kitchens. For snacking, small gatherings, and playtime, this mini table can handle two to four people. If you are planning to create a breakfast nook in your kitchen or to have an intimate space where you can bond with your family, a bistro table is your go-to furniture.

Bistro tables are usually round in shape and are notably stylish. But there are also other compact sizes, like a slim rectangular table or a square table. If you need a part-time workstation in your home, you can use a bistro table for minimal tasks.

Garden Table

Make the most out of your patio space with a garden table. This heart of your patio is the perfect place to gather and enjoy your meals, along with the beauty of your outdoor area. Compared to other indoor tables, a garden table is made from sturdier materials to handle extreme weather changes. Garden tables present different styles and sizes, so you will never run out of good choices to buy for your home. These tables often come in sets with garden chairs. Some even come with benches or outdoor sofas. Choosing your combination depends on your style, the size of your area, and your outdoor furniture needs.

Tables for the Living Room

Tables for the Living Room

Coffee Table

coffee table is an essential piece that completes your living room. This is typically a small to medium-sized table placed in front of the sofa to serve coffee, tea, and snacks during gatherings. Unlike other taller tables, a coffee table is designed to maintain a good height between the couch's cushions and the tabletop. 

Coffee tables present various styles, from traditional to modern. A coffee table is simple enough to display vases, books, and knick-knacks on top but detailed enough to speak for its own style. 

Some tables come with built-in storage. Others have various layers to help save space.

End Table

An end table is a piece of furniture typically placed at the side of the sofa. This table provides ample surface for accent designs and lights like a lamp or a vase. You can also place some drinks, snacks, and other items on your end table to maximise your space to entertain guests. While an end table is not considered an essential furniture, it does provide extra beauty and purpose to your space. Typically the height of the sofa's arm, an end table balances the look of your living room furniture. Usually, the terms end tables and side tables are used interchangeably, but the main difference is that a side table has a wider tabletop.

Side Table

side table is a slim table typically placed at the side of the living room or wall. This table works as accent furniture and an additional surface for decorative items. They can also be placed at the side of the sofa or in your foyer. A side table has ample surface for tea and snack serving. Some varieties come with built-in storage to keep keys and remote controls. If you're creative enough, you can stack up your books and make a mini-reading corner with your side table.

Ottoman Table

The ottoman is not only used to support your feet when sitting. It can also work as a table in place of a coffee table. Depending on the size of your ottoman, you can use one big piece or combine two small pieces to create a bigger surface. Many ottomans have built-in storage areas underneath the removable lid. Ottomans present traditional to modern upholstery styles to incorporate into your living room. It can also work as extra storage for the bedroom.

Media Console Table

Also called the TV console, this furniture's main purpose is to support the television. TV consoles are decorative pieces that highlight the look of your entertainment unit while adding beauty to your living room. The sideboard design is perfect for flat-screen TVs.

Tables for the Bedroom

Tables for the Bedroom

Bedside Table

Also called a nightstand, a bedside table is a small piece of furniture positioned beside the bed. A bedside table can be a simple table where you can position your lamp or keep some items within your reach. Other varieties come with storage units with a mixture of pull-out drawers and an open-door cabinet. In many cases, interior designers and homeowners place two bedside tables on each side to anchor the bed. 

Office Table

Now that working from home is widely practiced, many flat owners transform their rooms into home offices. Unlike other tables in your home that you can only use sparingly to do your remote tasks, an office table is sturdy enough to handle a workspace with a computer. 

There are different types of office tables in terms of configuration and storage. There are L-shaped office tables if you need more surfaces to work on but have little space. You can also get a table with built-in storage and a keyboard drawer to maximise the use of your office furniture.

One important thing to look for when buying an office table is its ergonomic function.



When buying tables, make sure you get the pieces that bring purpose to your home and speak your personality. Don't worry. You don't have to hop from one store to another and go through sales talks and the hassle of commuting to get the perfect pieces for your living space. With a few clicks online, you can find various options and shop for your next table in the convenience of your home. 

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