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Buying Guide: What is a Pocketed Spring Mattress

Buying Guide: What is a Pocketed Spring Mattress

Buying a new mattress might be a challenging venture, especially if the last time you bought one was five to ten years ago. If you're planning to replace your old, sagging mattress or buy a new one for your new home, we are here with our Mattress Buying Guides to help you.

While there are myriads of choices offered by mattress companies, choosing the right mattress all boils down to your specific needs and comfort preferences. A pocketed spring mattress is a popular choice for shared spaces because of its unique build and versatile response to movements. Read on to get to know this flexible mattress unit.

What is a Pocketed Spring Mattress?

What is a Pocketed Spring Mattress - Slumberland Arcadia Pocketed Spring Mattress

Many mattresses have springs, but not all spring mattresses work the same. Pocketed spring mattresses present the versatile function of springs tailored within individual fabric pouches or pockets. Because of this independent structure, each spring moves uniquely with pressure, giving you a personalised contour and support.

A pocketed spring mattress does not follow motion as a whole, preventing excessive bounce and disturbance, especially if you sleep in a shared bed. This means that if you share your mattress with your partner, when one tosses and turns, the other will not feel the distracting motion transfer. It also promotes proper body contour and evens out your weight when you sleep, reducing the pressure on parts of your body that are prone to aching.

What are the Benefits of a Pocketed Spring Mattress?

What are the Benefits of a Pocketed Spring Mattress

No More Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is the movement shared from one part of the mattress to the other when the sleeper tosses and turns. This may not affect solo sleepers that much, but those who sleep with their partners or kids, especially the light sleepers, are greatly disturbed by this motion transfer. While some spring mattress varieties are notorious for their motion transfer, pocketed spring mattresses reduce this distracting transfer of motion. This is because of the individually pocketed springs that move independently with motion.

Great Pressure Relief

You can always rely on a pocketed spring mattress in terms of pressure relief. This mattress allows your body to sink in to reduce pressure on your spine and muscles. It also presents the right firmness to alleviate body pain. 

Great for People with Back Problems

Pocketed spring mattresses are considered high-end mattresses because they provide consistent support to your body, including your natural spine alignment. This consistency and responsiveness make a pocketed spring mattress an excellent choice even for those who suffer from back pain. However, aside from the responsiveness of the mattress, it’s also important to consider the firmness and the presence of comfort layers in a mattress.

Can Adjust to Any Sleeping Position

A pocketed spring is also versatile enough to support your body whether you sleep on your back, on your side, on your stomach, or even if you're a combination sleeper.

Provides Ease of Movement

If you are a sleeper who tosses and turns a lot, it might be a challenge to change positions, especially when your mattress is not that versatile with movements. A good thing about pocketed spring mattresses is that they are made to adjust accordingly to individual movements.

What is a Pocketed Spring Tension?

What is a Pocketed Spring Tension

Pocketed spring mattresses come in various firmness varieties determined by their spring tensions. The higher the gauge, the firmer the mattress will be. A soft pocketed spring has a gauge of 1.2 mm, a medium-firm mattress of 1.4 mm, and a firm mattress of 1.6 mm. As for an orthopaedic mattress, the gauge is 1.9 mm. We suggest choosing a medium mattress if you weigh below 100 kg. For heavier sleepers, we recommend getting a firm mattress, as it provides better support and body contour when affected by pressure.

What should I look for when buying a pocketed spring mattress?

What should I look for when buying a pocketed spring mattress - Chattel Platinum

Mattress Height

When buying a pocketed spring mattress, it's important to pay attention to its height. A taller or thicker mattress has more layers, meaning it's firmer and more adaptable.


Speaking of being adaptable, when buying a mattress, you should check its ability to contour your body and go back to its original shape in an instant. A pocketed spring mattress with memory foam layers adapts well to your natural body contour, making it an ergonomic solution to improve the quality of your sleep.


The higher the density of your mattress, the better it responds to movements. In short, it is more comfortable. 


Mattress retailers follow a scale in determining the firmness of a mattress: soft, medium soft, medium firm, firm, and extra firm. The firmness of your mattress depends on your sleeping position, body weight, and comfort preference. When choosing the right firmness of the mattress, remember to balance the contour, comfort, and support of the mattress. 


Spring mattresses are known for their breathability as they have spaces between foams. Some pocketed spring mattresses are made with a breathable cover and additional cooling layers to improve the quality of your sleep.

Hygiene Properties

Aside from comfort and breathability, it's vital that your mattress contains anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic properties to guarantee a safe and undisturbed sleep.

Additional Pocketed Spring Buying Tips:

Additional Pocketed Spring Buying Tips - Somnuz Comfy and Somnuz Comforto

  • Consider your sleeping needs. Are you a back sleeper? You might want to try a medium-firm mattress that will contour the natural shape of your back without completely making it sink. If you are a side sleeper, we recommend a softer mattress to give you extra cushioning for your hips, shoulders, and neck pressure. For stomach sleepers, we suggest getting a firmer mattress to prevent your back from losing its natural shape once your stomach goes down the mattress.
  • Aside from checking the layers inside a mattress, it's also good to know what makes up the outermost layer of the product. There are pocketed spring mattresses with a strong knitted cover that is also breathable. 
  • When buying a mattress, make sure to pair it with efficient bedding accessories that will protect your mattress from premature damage.
Recommended Mattresses:
Somnuz Comfy 10 Inch Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress
  • Firmness Rating: 6/10- medium soft
  • Covered with breathable cotton knitted fabric that is also hypoallergenic
  • Made with high-density foam
  • Presents its euro top fillings that are denser and more durable
  • Its individually pocketed coils respond individually to movements and provide optimum support during sleep
Somnuz Comforto 10 Inch Bamboo Fabric Latex Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress
  • Firmness rating: 6-7/10- medium firm
  • Made with high-quality pocketed spring and latex that supports your body and provides a bouncy feel
  • Covered with knitted bamboo fabric which is durable and breathable
  • This eurotop mattress does not easily go out of its original shape compared to its counterparts
  • Pocketed coils ensure responsive support and provides less motion transfer 
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