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14 Genuine Leather Sofas to Add Elegance to Your Home - Megafurniture

14 Genuine Leather Sofas to Add Elegance to Your Home

Make your Singaporean home more refined with these high-quality genuine leather sofas.

From your early morning coffee bonding to Netflix binge-watching to a night full of meaningful conversations, your sofa witnesses many valuable moments in your home. Because you will use your sofa every day for many years, it is vital to get something that is beautiful, durable, and easy to clean. When buying a sofa in Singapore, you are presented with many wonderful choices. In terms of luxurious elegance, longevity, and maintenance, a leather sofa is at the top of the line. From priceless traditional pieces to mid-century modern varieties to contemporary pieces, check out this list of exquisite leather sofas to find the right one for your home.

A Smart Modern Leather Sofa

A Smart Modern Leather Sofa - Biaggio Genuine Leather Sofa

Presenting its modern minimalist appeal and ergonomic configuration, the Biaggio Genuine Leather Sofa makes an ideal focal point for a modern interior style. Its neutral colour blends well with various palettes, while the splayed metal legs strengthen its mid-century modern appeal. The low armrests of this cosy piece give you the freedom to move comfortably without any restrictions. 

Cosy Genuine Leather Sofa

Cosy Genuine Leather Sofa - Angelino Genuine Leather Sofa

This curvy genuine leather sofa comes with a delicately designed cushioned seat and tall cushioned backrest. The armrests are designed to work with the curve of your arms to give you cosy ergonomic support. The clean design makes this simple and elegant sofa a remarkable statement piece in your living room, even after years.

Handsome Genuine Leather Sofa

Handsome Genuine Leather Sofa - Helen Genuine Leather Sofa

This genuine leather sofa comes with a tall, detailed backrest that gives you proper support while lounging or binge-watching your favourite television series. It comes in multiple colour options to help you get the perfect piece that suits your interior style. It presents simple yet notable metal leg detailing for additional support and aesthetic appeal.

A Playful Designer Genuine Leather Sofa

A Playful Designer Genuine Leather Sofa -  Sontuoso Genuine Leather Sofa by Chattel

Made with top-grain genuine leather material and Russian-imported pine wood, this designer sofa boasts its quality and remarkable beauty. Its armrests highlight a playful contemporary look. When needed, these armrests can be folded to provide additional seating options or if you just want more space to lie down. For more comfortable lounging, you can adjust the headrest to relax your head and upper body.

A Luxurious Genuine Leather Sectional

A Luxurious Genuine Leather Sectional -  Sontuoso Sectional Genuine Leather Sofa by Chattel

More than a statement piece in your living room, this genuine leather sectional offers ample seating and a smart configuration to ignite conversations in your living space. The three-seater sofa comes with a tall, ergonomic backrest that supports your body when lounging. The chaise can work as an extended seating option or an elegant seat where you can stretch your legs to relax. It comes with exposed pine wood on the side as an extra surface for your drinks and small items.

A warm Three-Seater Sofa

For a refreshing morning, lazy afternoon, and cosy night, this three-seater genuine leather sofa offers a warm spot to stay in. Its padded armrests and cushioned seats provide unmatched comfort and plush support for your body. Its neutral colour adds to its elegant charm, while its sturdy metal leg structure offers a lightweight feel to this piece.

Minimalist Leather Sofa

Minimalist Leather Sofa - Randoline Beige Genuine Leather Sofa

This simple piece does not need any grand colour or pattern to impress. Its quality top-grain leather material and clean craftsmanship are enough to make this designer sofa stand out in your interior design. It boasts a luxurious build and comfortable back and seat support.

A Charming Loveseat for a Lovely Living Room

A charming loveseat for a lovely living room - Galileo Genuine Leather Loveseat Sofa by Chattel

Whether for a small space or a sizable one, this genuine leather loveseat can be your favourite piece in your living room. The choice of colour and materials used to craft this elegant furniture makes it perfect for contemporary living rooms. The upholstery is carefully hand-stitched to perfection.

Coloured Sectional for Your Contemporary Home

Coloured sectional for your contemporary home - Galileo Sectional Genuine Leather Sofa by Chattel

With a mixture of colours and patterns, this designer sectional provides unmatched luxury to your living space. Its curvy design, playful colour and pattern combinations, and unconventional cushion detailing make it a classy and comfortable centrepiece for your contemporary living room. It comes with sturdy metal legs for a casual and lightweight feel.

Elegant Designer Sofa

Elegant designer sofa - Liscio Genuine Leather Sofa by Chattel

Speaking of unconventional, this designer genuine leather sofa boasts its modern appeal with its modern armrest design and big-size cushioned backrest. Its carefully stitched seating is filled with high-density foam that will give your home long-term comfort and value. The playful look of this piece is balanced by its subtle colour.

Earth-Toned Genuine Leather Sofa

Earth-toned genuine leather sofa - Liscio 4 Seater Genuine Leather Sofa by Chattel

Add a mid-century modern appeal to your living room with this spacious genuine leather sofa. This designer furniture piece is luxuriously elegant and cosy at the same time. Its generous seat is made lightweight with the middle-tufting detail and mindfully designed armrest and backrest. Its earthy tone makes this sofa extra warm and sophisticated.

Level Up the Comfort with a Recliner Sofa

Level up the comfort with a recliner sofa - Derica Recliner Sofa

Your sofa must not just add to the style of your living room or provide you with a seat to lounge or converse. Your sofa can also cater to your extra comfort needs. If you are a couch potato, a comfortable recliner sofa might be the perfect piece that your living room is missing. This recliner sofa has an adjustable headrest and footrest to help you relax while enjoying your time in your living room. You also have the option to add a built-in coffee table in the middle of your recliner pieces.

Welcoming Modern Minimalist Sofa

Welcoming modern minimalist sofa - Wilton Genuine Leather Sofa

We all want our living rooms to be as welcoming as possible. If you are looking for a piece that combines beauty and comfort, this simple sofa is an ideal choice. Because of its minimalist and soft design, this leather sofa can perfectly work with various furniture and decorations. Roll out a rug, position a coffee table, and you can create a simple and welcoming living room.

Luxurious Cushioned U-Shape Sectional

Luxurious cushioned u-shape sectional - Chattel Modulo Functional Sofa

Want a luxurious upgrade? This sophisticated sectional provides ample seating and unmatched elegance to any space it becomes a part of. Section an open living room with this grand piece. Create an inviting conversational space with its low-profile cushioned seat and a mixture of various patterns and materials. This sectional comes with a matching ottoman for a complete, luxurious look.

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