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Lounge and Dine with these Outdoor Furniture Ideas - Megafurniture

Lounge and Dine with these Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Home designs often highlight an entertaining living room, cosy bedroom, inviting dining space, and a functional kitchen design. But wait, don't leave your outdoor area behind! Like most parts of your flat, your outdoor area can also be your favourite spot when appropriately utilised. Whether for lounging, reading, dining, or doing your hobbies, it has so much to offer to a completely functional home.

Build a warm and welcoming outdoor space with these modern outdoor furniture designs and combinations in Singapore.

Create a Cosy Conversational Area

Create a cosy conversational area

Design your space with a motive to inspire and build connections. Extend your living room outdoors to give your guests an open and refreshing area for longing. Take a generously crafted sofa set outdoors to ignite conversations. 

We all love our sturdy wood pieces. How about we add a touch of luxury and modernism? This wicker outdoor furniture set dominates in terms of outdoor furniture designing, for an undeniably good reason. 

The sofa set boasts the beauty of traditional materials combined with modern aesthetics. The mindfully crafted rattan structure on top of its aluminum frame makes this piece aesthetically notable. Add the cosy fabric seating and stylish glass tabletop to its charm.

Build a Lazy Corner 

Build a lazy corner

It's nice to go idle on a relaxing outdoor sofa filled with plush pillows. Enjoy your lazy afternoons with this spacious outdoor cushioned sofa. Made with traditional handwoven rattan, this 3-seater outdoor piece showcases a luxurious twist with its cushioned water-resistant polyester fibre seat. Perfectly accentuated with two single-seater cushioned armchairs and an elegant tempered glass coffee table, this set is perfect for an inviting outdoor setting. Complete the cosy feel with lots of fluffy pillows and a sip of your favourite afternoon snacks and drinks.

Mix and Match Colours

Mix and Match Colours

Create a fun outdoor environment with bold pieces. While it's challenging to bring colour to your indoor design with lots of considerations to be mindful of, it is easy to add spontaneous colour to your outdoor area. Make your patio more interesting with subtly detailed outdoor furniture sets with bolder colours. Think about summer yellows or striking tangerine for bold and fun outdoor aesthetics. For smaller outdoor sets, welcome prominent accent colours like red. 

Clean and solid designs and tall armchair configurations are on the rise for modern lively-looking spaces. Unconventionally shaped armless varieties are also fun and inviting.  

Arrange a Mini-dining Space Outdoors

Arrange a mini-dining space outdoors

Experience luxurious outdoor dining with a modern outdoor dining set. Add a small square table and outdoor chairs for an intimate dining experience. A slim table and chairs can make your small balcony space functional without the unnecessarily cramped look. 

Highlight a glass tabletop table with ceramic decorations and multiple lightings hung around your balcony. Set up an outdoor umbrella to enjoy afternoon stays during warm seasons.

... Or Set Up a Large Dining Table

Large Outdoor Dining Table

You can also go big with your outdoor furniture. A sizable dining table provides ample space for bigger gatherings. Get out of your usual indoor space and extend your celebration outdoors. You can go from warm wooden dining tables to more modern sintered stone varieties. Create a pleasurable dining space with cosy coastal chairs or make it exciting with multi-coloured dining chairs. The ambiance that you want to build is entirely up to you. Add some personal touches with decorative light fixtures.

Put up an Outdoor Minibar

Put up an outdoor minibar

If you enjoy summer outings and fun vacations, you will surely love to have a minibar in your own home. Install a built-in table on your wall and position some stylish bar stools to turn your outdoor area into a vacation-like sanctuary. Add some greens and light curtains to make it more relaxing.

Enjoy Tea Time with One-seater Rattan Chairs

Enjoy tea time with one-seater rattan chairs

Want a more personal space? Try setting up a spacious one-seater rattan chair beside your tall outdoor table. Enjoy me time while reading your book outdoors or drink your morning tea while staring at the view of the city from your balcony. You do not need to put up an extravagant design for your personal space. Just this simple addition can make your home more complete and relaxing. Add one more chair to make your area conversational. 

Go Minimalist with a Teak Set

Go minimalist with a teak set

Teak is a sturdy go-to when it comes to furniture. But it is more than its robustness. Teak furniture can also effectively create a welcoming balcony area. This armless teak tea set makes an intimate conversational space. The solid tea table with tapered legs exudes simplicity and warmth, making you feel relaxed while staying on your balcony. Enjoy a peaceful and quiet time with this serene set.

Bring out the Warmth of Your Sofa

Bring out the warmth of your sofa

Create a warm and more laid-back feel with an L-shaped sofa. With a mixture of your best-loved wood material and comfortable fabric cushioned seats, a remarkable L-shaped piece will indeed transform your outdoor area into an extension of your home. Add a feeling of nostalgia with a simple coffee table, neutral decorations, and a white throw flowing from the top to the bottom of your cushions. Perfect for lazy afternoons and quality time with your family.

Form a warm Balcony with Neutrals

Form a warm balcony with neutrals

Timeless neutrals work well outdoors too! A minimalist balcony with clean-lined furniture effortlessly exudes warmth and a relaxing feeling. When mixed with wooden pieces, a neutral balcony design can seamlessly go well with your outdoor scenery. Add some greens with tall potted plants or hanging pots to incorporate natural colours to your scheme.

Incorporate Asymmetry

Incorporate asymmetry

Scale and balance are both important factors to consider when dealing with smaller outdoor spaces or home designing as a whole. Create harmony and variation in your outdoor space with an asymmetric furniture configuration. 

For your outdoor dining space, mix up some one-seater upholstered chairs with slimmer metal or plastic varieties, one design opposite the other. You may also set up three chairs on one side and a long dining bench on the other to give you varying results.

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There are myriads of furniture designs and combinations that you can try outdoors. Although you want to set the mood with your balcony’s aesthetics, you also want to create a space that supports your needs.

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