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10 Things to Keep in Mind when Expecting a Furniture Delivery in Singapore - Megafurniture

10 Things to Keep in Mind when Expecting a Furniture Delivery in Singapore

10 Things to Keep in Mind when Expecting a Furniture Delivery in Singapore

Expecting a furniture delivery in Singapore? Whether you’ve ordered a new sofa, dining set, or bedroom suite, understanding the delivery process can make the experience smoother and more enjoyable. Here are ten things to keep in mind when waiting for your furniture delivery in Singapore.

1. Check Delivery Times and Dates

Furniture delivery in Singapore often comes with specific time slots. Ensure you know the exact date and time range for your delivery. This helps you plan your day and avoid any inconvenience. For example, Megafurniture offers delivery slots that are carefully scheduled to fit into your daily routine.

2. Prepare Your Home

Before your furniture arrives, ensure your home is ready. Clear the area where the furniture will be placed and make a path from your door to the destination. This preparation makes the delivery process efficient and prevents any potential damage.

3. Understand Delivery Fees

Delivery fees can vary depending on the store and the items ordered. Some stores, like Megafurniture, offer free delivery for certain purchases, while others may charge a fee based on the distance or the size of the furniture. Be sure to check the delivery policy when making your purchase.

4. Confirm the Order

Double-check your order confirmation to ensure all details are correct. Verify the delivery address, contact information, and the items ordered. This step is crucial to avoid any mix-ups or delays.

5. Know the Return Policy

It’s important to understand the return policy in case the furniture does not meet your expectations. Megafurniture, for example, has a clear return policy that allows you to return or exchange items within a certain period. Knowing this can save you from potential headaches.

6. Inspect Upon Arrival

When your furniture arrives, inspect it carefully before the delivery personnel leave. Check for any damages or defects. If you find any issues, report them immediately. Megafurniture ensures that their delivery team assists you in inspecting your items thoroughly.

7. Ask About Assembly Services

Some furniture requires assembly. Check if the delivery includes assembly services or if it’s something you need to arrange separately. 

8. Consider the Building’s Restrictions

If you live in a condominium or apartment, check with the management for any delivery restrictions. Some buildings in Singapore have specific hours or rules for large deliveries. Inform the delivery company about any restrictions to avoid complications.

9. Keep Communication Open

Stay in touch with the delivery company. Most companies, like Megafurniture, provide updates on the delivery status. This communication helps you stay informed about any changes or delays, allowing you to adjust your plans accordingly.

10. Plan for Disposal of Old Furniture

If you’re replacing old furniture, plan for its disposal. Some delivery services offer to take away your old furniture for a fee. Alternatively, you can contact local services in Singapore for disposal options. Megafurniture can guide you on how to dispose of old furniture responsibly.

Megafurniture is a trusted name in Singapore, offering a wide range of furniture and excellent delivery services. For any issues with your delivery, feel free to contact us here. Visit our locations:

134 Joo Seng Rd #02-01
Singapore 368359
Opens Daily: 11am to 9pm

Megafurniture x Maxi Home Toh Tuck Link:
3 Toh Tuck Link #01-02
Singapore 596228
Opens Daily: 11:30am to 9pm

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 10 Things to Keep in Mind when Expecting a Furniture Delivery in Singapore
  1. What are the benefits of furniture delivery?

    Furniture delivery offers convenience, saves time, and ensures your items are transported safely to your home. Professional delivery teams handle heavy lifting and assembly, making the process hassle-free.
  2. Are you supposed to tip furniture delivery people?

    While tipping is not mandatory in Singapore, it is a nice gesture to appreciate the hard work of the delivery team.
  3. What percent should you tip a delivery person?

    If you choose to tip, a range of 5-10% of the delivery fee or a small fixed amount is generally appreciated.
  4. Is tipping illegal in Singapore?

    Tipping is not illegal in Singapore, but it is also not a common practice. It is entirely at your discretion and is usually not expected.
  5. What should I do if my furniture arrives damaged?

    Inspect the furniture upon delivery and report any damages immediately to the delivery team. Most companies, like Megafurniture, will assist you in resolving the issue promptly.
  6. Can I schedule a specific delivery time?

    Many furniture stores offer flexible delivery slots to fit your schedule. Contact the delivery service to arrange a time that suits you best.
  7. Do delivery services include assembly?

    Some delivery services include assembly, while others may charge an additional fee. Always confirm this when placing your order.
  8. How can I prepare my home for furniture delivery?

    Clear the area where the furniture will be placed and create a clear path from the entrance to the delivery location. This preparation helps prevent any damage during the delivery.
  9. What if I live in a building with delivery restrictions?

    Inform the delivery company about any restrictions in your building to ensure a smooth delivery process. Some buildings have specific rules or hours for large deliveries.
  10. How can I dispose of my old furniture?

    Some delivery services offer old furniture disposal for a fee. Alternatively, you can contact local disposal services or charities in Singapore. Megafurniture can provide guidance on responsible disposal methods.

By keeping these ten things in mind, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free furniture delivery experience in Singapore. For any further assistance or queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to Megafurniture at Megafurniture Contact.

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