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HOW 2 DESIGN Company: Flourishing the Face of Interior Designing With a World-Class Solution - Megafurniture

HOW 2 DESIGN Company: Flourishing the Face of Interior Designing With a World-Class Solution

“Professional designer, outstanding workmanship, transparent pricing, and an after-work service.” These are just a few of the many choices for interior solutions that only How 2 Design company could offer. What started as a small lighting shop paved its way to one of Singapore's most successful interior designing firms. They journeyed from building their first lighting shop to paving their way towards working in maintenance projects and retailing shops, up to where they started doing residential electrical jobs where they serve interior designers while working on the commercial side of the business. It is worth mentioning that it was never an easy journey for the How 2 Design company. Their journey in the industry has its adversities and setbacks. What inspired them to establish their company is that they were able to turn these adversities and setbacks into meaningful opportunities. What started as working for other people began as working with others. Flourishing their in-house interior designers, renovation workers, and carpenters completely elevates their interior design capability.


HOW 2 DESIGN Interior Design

Photo: Serene Living Room and Bedroom Designed by How2Design


The company workers are one of the key achievements of How 2 Design that made a lasting impact on the interior designing industry—setting up a commendable OJT system that enables them to train their workers. How 2 Design is fully equipping them with skills to increase their levy. The more they produce efficient and highly skilled workers, the less mistakes and conflicts will be made. Not only are their workers trained to increase efficiency, but they are also trained in various areas, enabling them to function in multiple tasks simultaneously. Apart from painting, the same person can do plumbing, electrical, and carpentry jobs. In light of being able to serve their customers better, workers are equipped to do things more efficiently through a customer-centric approach. An approach impacts the company's success as everyone is empowered, trained, and prepared to be responsible for their work and tasks. The How 2 Design company believes that everything else will follow when you invest sufficient time in your workers.


“Humble, grounded, and practical. With a priority of satisfying our customers and a call to empower our staff." What made How 2 Design special and ensured are the qualities and strategies between the quotation marks above. The company wishes to highlight that they hold their workers and customers in the most profound regard, as their company would cease to exist without them. While other companies treat their workers and customers differently, How 2 Design treats theirs, may they be Singaporeans or foreigners from other countries, relatively the same. With a firm belief in the value of empowerment and respect for their workers and customers, they could keep their business up to date.


HOW 2 DESIGN Interior Design

Photo: Dark and Bold Kitchen Designed by How2Design


How 2 Design strives to succeed with utmost integrity, resilience and professionalism. How they inspire and guide their team in delivering outstanding results with such consistency ensures that their team also always values these three things. Knowledge alone is by no means enough to run an interior designing industry. Only a few smart folks can coordinate with the team, proficient at customer service and handling multiple tasks simultaneously. The world is harsh out there in the interior designing industry. Customers need a company they can count on and a company they can trust. Hence, How 2 Design establishes a program where workers are taught to personify integrity, adapt resilience, and epitomise professionalism in their careers. Not only do the workers of How 2 Design embody the very image of their company, but they also guarantee to serve what their customers need best.


How 2 Design’s noteworthy selling point sets their company apart from other interior designers. As few companies can optimise renovation capacity, flourishing in-house workers provide more compelling reasons for customers to choose How 2 Design. Every company in the industry might be able to design properties but not as structured and streamlined as How 2 Design does. Possessing a more technical-based and direct carpentry experience, the company offers better rates and better advice to give customers. While other companies rely on sub contractors to do another person’s job, most queued up and waited to be accommodated. The business is faster and more timely as How 2 Design has its multi-skilled workers and their schedules planned out. Flexibility-wise, when a customer has further last-minute requests, the company has sufficient workers to accommodate their needs. 


HOW 2 DESIGN Interior Design

 Photo: Three Elegant Bathrooms Designed by How2Design


“Action speaks louder than words”. The exact words buoyed the spirits of How 2 Design workers as one of the key challenges successfully guides their team to overcome the plight of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The company took pride in the current plight because they could pay all their staff fully, and they didn’t make so much of a deduction from their salary. How 2 Design established an all-expense paid dormitory for workers during work shifts even before the pandemic started. This allows their workers to work onsite without going outside and getting exposed. With an emphasis on meeting or exceeding their expectations, the company takes pride in gaining its customers’ trust and has garnered a lot of customers who still believe in it today. While many can be created, fabricated, and bought online, credentials are not everything. How 2 Design highlights that their personal touch with their clients is where genuine trust and their actions are built on.


An interior design company like How 2 Design is most fulfilled when you get to work with the right kind of people. The familiar analogy of why interior designing was never an easy industry goes like this. When you do retail sales, you only get to manage a single person’s job. However, in interior design, you must consider the needs of the husband, the wife, and the family. How 2 Design may have a small market compared to a globally centralised market, but that didn’t stop them from producing great ideas and implementing significant solutions in order to compete worldwide.


HOW 2 DESIGN Interior Design

Photo: Warm Space Crafted by How2Design


Honesty, basic principles, and a commendable set of characters bring aspiring interior designers long-term opportunities in this industry. Mr. Timothy Poh from the How 2 Design stresses that “you may cheat your way through in the short term, but you definitely can’t cheat your way through in the long term.” Quoting what Mr. Poh always tells his new workers and staff, “It may look difficult in this industry, but to be honest, everything in this industry is what you see at home. The cabinets you see at home, the switches you use every day, the fan, the lights, everything is the toilet bowl you sit on every day. What we are doing is in everyday life. So it's not difficult to understand, but you need to have passion in understanding and doing things.” In order to make a lasting mark in the industry, it is not enough that you are merely studying to work for the sake of having one. One must be passionate. Seek financial support and get a grant; many opportunities will present themselves before you.



About How 2 Design:
Company Name: How 2 Design
HDB Directory Number: HB-08-5008B
Address: 30, Mandai Estate, #04-08 Singapore 729918
Phone: +65-67440015 (For Service Inquiries)
             +65-83635490 (For Product & Shop Inquiries)

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