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Meet Singapore Carpentry: The Creator of Awe-Inspiring Luxury Spaces in Singapore - Megafurniture

Meet Singapore Carpentry: The Creator of Awe-Inspiring Luxury Spaces in Singapore

Minimalist elegance, fluted panels, open-concept spaces— if you think you've already seen every design imaginable, you're in for a ride because for this renowned Singapore builder, plenty of facets are still waiting to be explored.

Singapore Carpentry comprises a conglomerate of companies with subsidiaries handling multi-faceted specialisations, such as residential and landed designs, construction, and bearing its name — carpentry. 

With more than 30 expert carpenters in Singapore, overseas professionals, cutting-edge technology, including robotic machinery, and a massive 50,000 square feet showroom and factory, it’s safe to say that the group demonstrates a profound dedication to its craft.


Photos: Modern Luxury residential project at Jalan Melor showcasing geometric detailing, elaborate lighting and plenty of organic textures boasting a remarkable sophistication


During his exclusive interview with Megafurniture, Ernest Tan, the founder of Singapore Carpentry, recalls taking various jobs and rendering services to different businesses as a National University of Singapore (NUS) student. Among these, he offered freelance carpentry services, worked in an interior design firm, and later established his company, Singapore Carpentry.

Today, Ernest Tan and his big team of carpenters, contractors, and designers craft exquisite spaces utilising an assortment of innovative materials procured across borders and make them available locally at more cost-effective prices. Aside from fluted panels that took the Singapore design by storm, the studio utilises other clear-cut resources such as stainless steel and bamboo charcoal wood veneer, resulting in its meteoric prominence in the design and build scenes.

“We want to bring the best designs to Singapore.” Ernest Tan enthuses. If materials are limited, opportunities are also constrained in terms of design and quality- everything on top of unaffordable prices. Singapore Carpentry, however, excels in resource curation and adopts efficient practices to achieve quality results without inflating costs. “This is how we differentiate ourselves from others.”


Jalan Kuras

Photo: Ultra-modern project at Jalan Kuras designed by Ernest Tan


Considering the massive success of Singapore Carpentry, garnering over 55,000 social media following, impressive accolades, and media features, the hard work put into its operation can easily be recognised.

In addition to its artisanship, the APAC Insider Singapore Business Awards Carpentry Firm of the Year 2022 foreruns in terms of price transparency. “We want to instil trust in our clients.” One of the notable features of its website is the price calculator, which gives potential clients a glimpse of what prices they should expect before the consultation- something the visionary has set in stone upon establishing the company.


Crystal Lighting

Photo: Opulent Crystal lighting projects meticulously crafted by Singapore Carpentry


One of Singapore Carpentry's eminent offerings is bamboo charcoal wood veneer – an eco-friendly, cost-effective medium that convincingly replicates high-end materials such as marble.

Bamboo, one of the world's fastest-growing plants, is a highly sustainable material that also aligns seamlessly with diverse design aesthetics. This inventive bamboo charcoal veneer readily takes on various designs and patterns, all while being resistant to mould and mildew.


Ernest Tan Singapore Carpentry receiving an award

Photo: (2022) Ernest Tan, the founder of Singapore Carpentry receiving an award from the President Halimah Yacob in honour of the company's innovative offerings to the industry


Topping its influence in the design, build, and carpentry sectors, Singapore Carpentry is committed to bringing a positive impact to the community through outreach initiatives. "Wishlist" is one such endeavour, aimed at both minimising waste and aiding low-income households in Singapore. This project involves collecting donations of preloved furniture and home items, which are then delivered to households in need. The team also engages in volunteer work. Among their initiatives is a fully-sponsored Dim Sum buffet, benefiting more than a hundred elderly individuals at Yum Cha Chinatown.


Punggol Field

Photo: Modern classical HDB design at Punggol Field


“We dare to try new things. We are growing.” Singapore Carpentry is unafraid to challenge industry norms and the scepticism that some homeowners may hold due to the confidential nature of their work. The team achieves this by openly disclosing prices on their website and committing to transparency in all their projects.

The Singapore builder upholds a “just-do-it” principle, willingly exploring new places and practices to further develop what it offers. With this, the company continues to expand its horizon and currently runs operations in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Furthermore, Singapore Carpentry is venturing into international expansion with Thailand as its destination.

Being a seasoned player in the design and build industry, Ernest Tan shares wise words to say to aspiring designers who want to create a mark in the competitive scene. “Keep working hard, taking on a lot of projects, and learn a lot from there.” One interior design project may pay well, the other may not- but in both projects, you'll learn."


About Singapore Carpentry:
Company Name: Singapore Carpentry
Main Office/Experience Gallery:
4A Bury Rd Singapore 119824

Main Factory:
4 Sungei Kadut Street 3 Singapore 729139

Phone: (+65) 8100 4193

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