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V CREATIVE Company: “Extraordinary” Ways of Interior Designing to Enhance the Way You Live - Megafurniture

V CREATIVE Company: “Extraordinary” Ways of Interior Designing to Enhance the Way You Live

“Live Your Dreams, Create The Perfect Home of Yours with Us.” - This has been the tagline of V Creative ID Company, providing every Singapore home with all-around one-stop renovation services. Envisioning a business with an aim to emphasise the teams’ growth, V Creative ID company grows bigger and better. Undoubtedly, they were hailed as one of the best leading residential interior design firms in Singapore. Their mission centres on providing world-class innovative designs and home enhancement services. Their core values also lie in the heart of their customers. The remarkable company’s “extraordinary” ways of interior designing to enhance how their customers live is designing with passion, quality, integrity, excellence, reliability, and professionalism.


One might wonder, “What makes these ways extraordinary?” Well, Simple. Many companies worldwide can try, but not many execute it successfully the way V Creative ID does. Gaining a customer’s trust has been one of V Creative’s key achievements now and then. For seven years and counting, it enormously impacted the interior designing industry as not many companies invest their time, effort, and capital in that aspect alone, hence why several businesses fail or struggle to succeed. A customer trusting you enough to recommend you to people they know is on-point proof that word of mouth increases client base through company referrals. This kind of trust matters that V Creative uses tact and sincerity in dealing with their customers at all times possible.

V Creative ID Living Room Interior Design

A Living Room Designed by V Creative ID

Carpentry is among the significant renovation parts that made V Creative unique and thriving in the industry. Speaking of ensuring its steady growth, qualities, and strategies that hailed it as one of the best leading interior design firms in Singapore is that they have their carpentry factory. Many companies in this industry must realise that outsourcing carpentry tools and resources costs more than having the factory all to themselves. The more they pay to outsource, the greater the expense it will cost them, and the bottom line is these companies resort to selling their products and services at a pricey rate. On the other hand, V Creative found a way to utilise the dilemma that most companies have. Their company built a carpentry factory of their own. Saving half a significant part of the cost, V Creative can offer a better price for their clients than most interior design companies that still need to establish their carpentry factories. “It’s not about the cost, (it’s) the workmanship and everything we can supervise,” Miss Elise of V Creative Company said.


To be able to inspire your team and guide them towards achieving more extraordinary things is no ordinary job for an interior design company. The challenges are ever-present. The pressures are always there. The dynamic changes of the world around them are constant. Hence, there is a need to evolve regarding the ways and strategies in interior design. One of the things V Creative is most proud to have is its senior designers. Extraordinary professionals with promising careers are in charge of honing the skills and attributes needed for an employee to work and grow more efficiently—conducting meetings and productive discussions to resolve a conflict or carry out a plan for their company to succeed.

 V Creative ID Kitchen and Bathroom Interior Design

Bathrooms Designed by V Creative ID


What sets V Creative company apart from other interior designers is they take risks more than half of the firms in this industry. They don’t just stick to textbook manuals and traditional methods alone. Instead, they welcome changes that come their way as a part of growth. This must be one of the many compelling reasons why referrals keep coming. They graciously offer what suits their customers best, not just by design but also by upholding excellent customer service and keeping in mind that everyone has different tastes, styles, and preferences. Hence, everyone is entitled to choose however they want their homes to be beautified. V Creatives strives to be one to prioritise what their customer wants.


Even when COVID-19 strikes, and the pandemic excuses no one, V Creative faces challenges that only strengthen the company. What successfully guided their team to overcome the challenges brought by the recent pandemic is utilising their location. V Creative made it a point that whoever’s left in Singapore gets the business flowing when everything is in Singapore. The company’s way of successfully managing its company is to build its team. The more competent individuals on the team residing in Singapore, the easier it is for them to operate without outsourcing to anyone from outside the country. The emergence of the pandemic is V Creative's busiest period of time.

V Creative ID Interior Design

Contemporary Spaces Designed by V Creative ID


Running an interior design company was a challenging task. That’s why V Creative emphasises the purpose of building one. Having received appreciative feedback and messages from their clients is when they find personally most fulfilled in running their interior design company. Their team of remarkably competitive designers made it a goal to gain more and more company referrals. Successfully executing an unusual client request has always been V Creative’s forte. They recalled when the client wanted to make everything look good in black. Having prioritised the client’s request, the company carefully sees that every tiny detail and small factor must not be overlooked. Despite being one of the most challenging things they’ve done so far, the customer marveled at the result, and it's worth remembering what V Creative is capable of doing.


The words of wisdom that V Creative can impart to their fellow interior designers and aspirants are as follows. The world of interior design is a harsh industry. Challenges are high, as well as the pressure and the competition. One’s initial impression was that handling projects, meeting clients, and interacting with people is easy. The truth is, there was more to it than that. Conflict arises over time, and unresolved conflicts stem from one’s worry that they might not be cut out in interior design. It is not for the people who just love art and decorating, but rather for those who possess a willful grit and a tenacious determination to make their mark in the interior designing industry in absolute prominence.


About V Creative ID:
Company Name: V Creative ID
HDB Directory Number: HB-02-5922Z
Address: 11 Woodlands Close #05-18 S737853
Phone: +65 9336 9223

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