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Reasons Why You Need a Recliner Sofa in Your Living Room - Megafurniture

Reasons Why You Need a Recliner Sofa in Your Living Room

Recliners have been popular in the market for the past few years due to their additional comfort and utility. While sofas are a constant in living rooms, sometimes we can't help but look for leveled-up alternatives where we can sit, lift our feet, and relax after a long, busy day. A recliner sofa does this so efficiently. This cosy furniture mixes the beauty of a modern sofa with the function of an ergonomic recliner chair. If you are looking for a comfortable place to sit that also works well with your living room's overall backdrop, a recliner sofa is an advantageous solution.

Before you dive into your new sofa purchase, take a look at this quick guide to help you choose a suitable recliner unit.

What are Recliner Sofas?

What are recliner sofas?

recliner sofa gives you the option to recline the backrest and sit more comfortably. This sofa comes with a cushioned backrest that supports the natural curves of your back for optimum comfort. It has a lumbar-friendly seat and soft armrests for optimum comfort. This sofa also presents a footrest lift mechanism for full-body rest and comfortable lounging. You can adjust the tilt of your backrest and footrest based on your comfort preferences. It is usually made of premium leather and fabric materials for a fully luxurious look and feel. Some recliners have storage dividers at the centre where you can keep your coffee cup while reading your favourite book.

What are the Benefits of Recliner Sofas?

Helps Improve Your Physical Health

A recliner sofa helps improve your physical health

Reclined sitting helps you relax your body, especially the spine. Having the right sofa that contours to the curves of your body helps relieve stress and back pain. Also, sitting with your feet lifted can help improve your blood circulation. While sitting in the conventional position disrupts blood circulation, reclining allows blood flow into your lower body, decreasing inflammation. For adults whose jobs revolve around whole-day sitting, recliners are excellent stress relievers.

It Helps Improve Your Mental Health Too

A recliner sofa helps improve your mental health too

Who doesn't want to live in comfort? Sinking into your lovely recliner while reading your favourite book, watching the latest Netflix show, or taking your afternoon nap makes your me time more refreshing. If you're lounging with your family, you can simply tilt the backrest together and binge-watch your favourite movies. Resting on a recliner can help you relieve fatigue, migraines, and memory issues caused by stress. The peaceful feeling a recliner brings will also benefit your well-being.

Serves as 2-in-1 Living Room Furniture Solution

A recliner sofa serves as 2-in-1 furniture solution in your living room

Recliner sofas give you the benefits of a stylish sofa and a comfortable recliner. These sofas are specially designed to match the style of modern and contemporary living rooms. For your minimalist space, you can choose from genuine leather or neutral fabrics. Recliner sofas are also versatile enough for styling. Some units come with a generously cushioned backrest, while others follow the contour of your back like an ergonomic chair.

Recliner Sofas are Family-Friendly

Recliner sofas are family-friendly

Unlike other sofa designs, recliners come in clean, comfortable, and sturdy configurations, which your little ones will definitely enjoy. The cushiony design makes the recliners safe for kids who love playing and jumping around the living room. The upholstery used in creating recliners is also maintainable.

Recliner Sofas are Built to Last

Recliner sofas are long-lasting

One of the best things about recliners is that they are sturdy. Recliners are engineered with innovative mechanisms and a solid framework. The high-density cushions are less prone to sagging, while the upholstery materials are easy to clean and long-lasting.

Recliner Sofa Buying Guide

A recliner sofa is a piece that will give your family and guests extended comfort that will surely leave a lasting impression. A magnificent piece will level up the look of your living room and the quality of your life. This is why it's crucial to choose a suitable unit that is worth the investment. Here is a quick guide to knowing what to consider when buying a comfortable sofa.

Measure Your Space

The measurements of your living room

Reclining sofas are relatively bulkier than compact sofa units. Although they are available in many sizes, it's advisable to know your living room's measurements, the sizes of your existing furniture pieces, and your traffic flow. Consider your door and stairs and the size of your sofa when fully reclined. Make sure that you still allow space to walk in while the sofa is in full reclining position. If you want to add a recliner to your compact space, a one-seater recliner armchair can fit your limited space.

Do Your Research

Do your research

Aside from your measurements, it's also important to know your recliner's materials, structure, and care instructions to help you make the most of your investment. Note that recliner sofas also come with various cushioning materials. Some cushions follow the shape of your body while lounging, while others come with firmer cushioning that offers more pushback. When buying a recliner sofa online, take a closer look at the materials to get a good idea of the firmness and support.

Choose Your Style

Choose your style

Although comfort is paramount, style, colour, and material make a big difference in choosing your recliner sofa. Your design, comfort preferences, and lifestyle play a significant role in determining your choice. Leather recliners are ideal for kids since they are easy to clean and highly durable. These come in various colour options: white, brown, black, beige, red, and more. Colored fabric recliners bring extra comfort and appeal to the living room. Other varieties present beautiful trimmings for additional visual appeal. Recliners also come in various designs and backrest styles. Some have extended backrests for additional comfort. Once you set a theme for your living room, you can choose a complimentary recliner style. 



A beautiful living room offers a balance of beauty, comfort, and function. This lovely place is where you do your everyday activities and build memories with your loved ones. This is also where you freshen up after a long day. Choose the best recliner sofa to spruce up your cosy living room sanctuary.

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