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Metal vs Wood Bed Frames: Which One Should You Choose? - Megafurniture

Metal vs Wood Bed Frames: Which One Should You Choose?

To have a good night’s sleep, we would often choose the most comfortable mattress that we could find. However, to get maximum comfort, it is also essential to choose the best bed frame in Singapore. Something that would provide proper support, and at the same time, has a good design.


When we start browsing for bed frames for sale, we are left with two choices: wood or metal. Even though narrowing down the option into two, it would be still difficult to decide which one is a better choice as there are lots of factors to consider first. Here are some of them:


  • Cost
    One of the first factors to consider is the cost. Purchasing a house has burned a big hole in your pocket, so you have no choice but to cut down your budget on buying home furniture. Unless, of course, you have money to spare.

    One way you can save money is to choose a standard metal bed frame. It is an economical choice if you need a small bed frame for your bedroom. Plus, it is ideal for condo units or HDB flats with limited spaces. However, if the bedroom is spacious enough to put a large bed frame, then opt for wood. Large metal frames tend to cost more than the large-sized wooden bed frames. Moreover, there is a cheaper wood material which is pine.


  • Design
    As for the design of the bed frame, it all depends on your style. If it is difficult to decide, then think about the advantages. The advantage of choosing wooden frames is that it goes well with almost all home interior designs. It is a classic choice among homeowners because of its versatile design.

    Meanwhile, metal bed frames have a different aesthetic appeal. The metal can be modified into different shapes to make it look more unique. Plus, most metal furniture pieces are designed to match modern homes. However, the downside with metal is that it loses its lustre as time passes by. So, consider wooden bed frames if you want furniture that would last longer.


  • Weight & Support
    An ideal bed frame should be lightweight and provides good support. An oversized metal bed frame meets both criteria. However, it is not suitable for bedrooms with small spaces. You have to go for a standard metal frame if you want something you can easily move around. The standard ones are often less durable so a wooden bed frame would be a better option. Remember that nothing beats a classic wooden bed frame when it comes to durability. They typically last for ten years, especially if they are made from quality materials.

    What is also great about a wooden bed frame is that it has a slat that offers better mattress support. Although the metal frames have slats too, it is too stiff for the mattress. Whereas, wooden slats help the mattress to breathe.



Which Should You Choose?


Each bed frame material has its pros and cons. Thus, the right bed frame all boils down to your personal preferences. Decide which factor matters to you the most. To make things easier, consider your lifestyle. Ask yourself what is most convenient for you.


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