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13 Best Bed Frames in Singapore (from $129) - Megafurniture

13 Best Bed Frames in Singapore (from $129)

A wonderfully designed bed frame serves as a sturdy base for your quality mattress and a statement piece that sets your interior design apart from other interior themes. Traditional bed frames are known for their sophisticated styles and enormous details, while modern bed frames are known for their simplicity and multifunctionality. If you're looking for the best bed frame in Singapore, this shopping guide is for you.

Let's introduce highly recommended bed frames within different price ranges in Singapore. We will also curate a list of considerations when buying a bed frame to help you have the best buying journey.

Key Takeaways: 

  • The best bed frame Singapore guide offers a wide range of bed frame styles, from traditional to modern, catering to various aesthetic and functional needs.
  • Key factors to consider when buying a bed frame include size, material, height, and mattress support.
  • The choice of material, from solid wood to metal and upholstered options, significantly affects a bed frame's durability and style.
  • It's essential to match the bed frame size with your mattress dimensions for optimal fit and support.
  • Many bed frames feature built-in storage, optimizing space especially in smaller living areas.
  • Selecting the appropriate bed frame height can improve comfort and complement overall bedroom design.
  • The guide includes product recommendations and care tips to maintain the longevity and appearance of bed frames.
  • From luxury leather frames to space-saving options like loft and pull-out beds, the guide addresses diverse consumer needs.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Bed Frame in Singapore

Choosing the best bed frame in Singapore involves several considerations to ensure comfort, style, and functionality. From size and material to design and features, this guide will help you navigate the options and find a bed frame that perfectly suits your needs and enhances your bedroom decor.

What to Look for When Buying a Bed Frame


Like high-quality mattresses, bed frames are also offered in various sizes. The right bed frame size depends on the dimensions of your existing mattress. Here's a quick break down of the standard bed frames in Singapore:

Standard Bed Frame Size

Bed Frame Dimensions

Mattress Size

Mattress Dimensions


200cm x 91cm 


190cm x 90cm

Super Single

200cm x 107cm

Super Single

190cm x 107cm


200cm x 153cm


190cm x 152cm


200cm x 183cm


190ccm x 183cm


Buying a new mattress for your new bed? Check out our Best Innovative Mattresses in Singapore Guide.

Bed Frame Materials

Some popular bed frames in Singapore are made of high-quality materials like wood, metal, fabric, genuine leather, faux leather, and velvet. High-quality wooden bed frames are constructed from solid wood like teak wood, acacia wood, or rubber wood. These offer their unique aesthetic appeal and durability. Metal bed frames are known for their lightweight and modern looks, while fabric beds boast their cosy feel and elegance. Many upholstered bed frames may also have built-in storage spaces that can be in the form of ottoman storage or pull-out drawers.

Bed Frame Height

Decide on the most comfortable bed height depending on your preferences and the existing mattress height. Generally, sleepers with mobility issues will benefit from a taller bed frame. If you love a lower bed, you will love a platform bed or a low-profile bed frame. Make sure to match your bed frame height to your bedside table for a well-balanced bedroom design.

Mattress Support

Bed frames are also designed with different mattress support structures. When searching for a bed frame to buy, consider a variety with stronger hardwood slats to ensure that they won't break easily when in use. Take note of the number of slats as well as the space between them. 

Best Bed Frames Singapore Summary

  1. Carleton White Wooden Bed

  2. Hegel Wooden Drawer Bed

  3. Arlina Wooden Double Decker Bed Frame

  4. Orinde Grey Fabric Bed Frame

  5. Gilli Grey Fabric Bed Frame

  6. Cadenza Fabric Bed Frame by Chattel

  7. Crema Genuine Leather Bed Frame by Chattel

  8. Lusso Genuine Leather Bed Frame by Chattel

  9. Azurine Faux Leather Divan Bed Frame

  10. Campo Fabric Storage Bed

  11. Devonne Faux Leather Storage Bed

  12. Audrie Wooden Storage Bed

  13. Zander Fabric 3 in 1 Pull Out Bed


Best Wooden Bed Frames in Singapore

Carleton White Wooden Bed

Carleton White Wooden Bed

Available Size: Single to super single size bed

Make your bedroom extra elegant with the Carleton White Wooden Bed. This wooden bed frame boasts an elegantly detailed headboard and a slightly elevated footboard, perfect for a homey bedroom design. Its clean white finish and delicately designed legs make this solid wood bed frame more notable.

Bed Frame Features
  • Sustainable solid Rubber wood material

  • Pull-out bed is compatible with a single mattress

  • Pull-out bed contains castor wheels for ease of mobility

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Hegel Wooden Drawer Bed

Hegel Wooden Drawer Bed

Available Size: Single to super single size bed

This cosy bed frame offers spacious support for your mattress. This unique low-profile bed has no headboard, giving your room a warm and casual feel. Hegel Wooden Drawer Bed has two pull-out drawers where you can organise extra bedding and seasonal items.

Bed Frame Features
  • White glossed and anti scratch oak laminate finish

  • 2 soft close drawer on metal tracks

  • Stoppers at the base to prevent scratching

  • Flat mattress support base

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Arlina Wooden Double Decker Bed Frame

Arlina Wooden Double Decker Bed Frame

Available Size: Single sized bed frame

Give your kids and teens a creative sleep space with this stylish and sturdy wooden bunk bed. Your young ones will definitely enjoy the beauty and convenience of their shared room, with its contemporary look and reliable structure. Have over-night guests? You have the option to add a pull-out trundle bed for an additional sleeping space.

Bed Frame Features
  • Minimalist single double decker bed

  • Solid rubber wood

  • Ideal for room sharing

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Best Fabric Bed Frames in Singapore

Orinde Grey Fabric Bed Frame

Orinde Grey Fabric Bed Frame

Available Size: Single to king sized bed frame

Orinde Grey Fabric Bed Frame is exquisitely crafted with simplicity and function in mind. This bed frame presents its elegant low configuration, prominent padded headboard, and legged structure to create an illusion of space in a smaller room.

Bed Frame Features
  • Luxurious modern bed frame

  • High-quality fabric bed material

  • Tall padded frames and headboard designs for optimum comfort

  • Padded fabric divan sides

  • Sturdy polymer legs

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Gilli Grey Fabric Bed Frame

Gilli Grey Fabric Bed Frame

Available Size: Single to king bed frame

This bed frame offers a modern appeal to your home with its low configuration and delicate details. The tall padded headboard gives this bed frame a statement look that speaks for itself and is a comfortable spot to lean on where to enjoy your me time. Its dark colour and minimalist design complement modern bed spaces.

Bed Frame Features
  • High quality fabric mattress material

  • Tall tufted headboard design for an ultimate luxurious bed frame design

  • Low-profile bed design to accommodate taller mattresses

  • Affordable bed frame/Affordable beds and frames

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Cadenza Fabric Bed Frame by Chattel

Cadenza Fabric Bed Frame by Chattel

Available Size: Queen to king size bed frame

Chattel offers a range of luxurious bed frames featuring the best quality materials and mindful designs. The cadenza Fabric Bed Frame by Chattel serves as a statement piece that makes your bedroom warm and welcoming. Its frame is crafted from premium Russian solid wood with pine wood slates for optimum stability and longevity. Its carbon steel legs are not only guaranteed to give your bed frame a highly supportive base, but also create a lightweight feel to the overall look of the bed. Embrace the luxury of its thoughtfully designed padded headboard and quality upholstery.

Bed Frame Features
  • Russian solid wood frame

  • Pine wood slates

  • Carbon steel legs

  • Thoughtfully detailed padded frame and headboard

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Best Leather Bed Frames in Singapore

Crema Genuine Leather Bed Frame by Chattel

Crema Genuine Leather Bed Frame by Chattel

Available Size: Queen to king bed frame

With all the bed frames offered on the market, choose one that boldly speaks your style. Made from top-grain leather, this luxury bed frame presents a distinct design and the high-end quality that you deserve. Give yourself a royal sleep space with the diamond tufted high density foam padded headboard, hand-stitched to perfection. Welcome the ultimate in luxury and comfort with this dependable bedroom centrepiece.

Bed Frame Features
  • Mindful diamond tufted detailing and a neutral colour scheme that fits modern luxury spaces

  • Premium, top-grade Italian leather upholstery

  • High density foam filling for the headboard for ultimate support and durability

  • Excellent hand stitched upholstery

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Lusso Genuine Leather Bed Frame by Chattel

Lusso Genuine Leather Bed Frame by Chattel

Available Size: Queen to king sized bed frame

Ideal for the main bedroom, this spacious designer bed frame presents its contemporary charm with its quality top-grain leather upholstery and lightweight metal leg design. The neutral colour scheme of this contemporary bed frame creates a good design base that you can either highlight or blend with other bedroom furniture pieces in your space.

Bed Frame Features
  • Top Grain Calf leather

  • Special stitching on back cushions

  • Goose feather 

  • Solid Pine wood frame and stainless steel legs

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Azurine Faux Leather Divan Bed Frame

Azurine Faux Leather Divan Bed Frame

Available Size: Single to king size bed frame

Want a luxurious-looking bedroom on a tight budget? Try faux leather beds. Give your bedroom a simple yet elegant makeover with Azurine Faux Leather Divan Bed Frame. This divan bed boasts a solid frame, a high-quality synthetic leather cover, and comfortable padding. It offers a modern, luxurious feel without an overwhelming price.

Bed Frame Features
  • Synthetic leather surface

  • Dried wooden internal structure

  • Thin foam padded divan sides

  • Flat solid mattress support base

  • Beige thread stitching on the headboard

  • 2 inch black polymer leg

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Best Storage Beds in Singapore

Campo Fabric Storage Bed

Campo Fabric Storage Bed

Available Size: Single to king bed frame

Space constraints in many homes in Singapore call for big demands for smart storage solutions. Campo Fabric Storage Bed offers generous ottoman storage concealed within the divan platform. Equipped with a high-quality hydraulic system, storage space can be accessed easily.

Bed Frame Features
  • Quality fabric upholstery

  • Bansbach Easylift German hydraulic system

  • Flexible divan storage

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Devonne Faux Leather Storage Bed

Devonne Faux Leather Storage Bed

Available Size: Single to king bed frame

Ideal for: Small to main bedroom, shared room, guest room

Enjoy your restful retreat with the Devonne Faux Leather Storage Bed. Showcasing its clean silhouette, this storage bed works perfectly for any interior style. This storage bed frame is mindfully crafted from high-quality faux leather materials, a solid wood structure, and a cosy headboard and padding, making it the ideal choice for a comfortable and functional home.

Bed Frame Features
  • Quality faux leather finish

  • Bansbach Easylift German hydraulic system

  • Versatile divan storage

  • Cushioned headboard and padded divan sides

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Audrie Wooden Storage Bed

Audrie Wooden Storage Bed

Available Size: Queen size bed

Bring a touch of sophistication into your cosy bedroom with this luxuriously designed wooden bed. Its modest design fits multiple bedroom themes. Its stunningly structured headboard enhances the beauty and comfort of your bed frame by providing cosy back support when you stay up to watch your favourite TV show or read a book. This spacious bed is ideal for sharing too!

Bed Frame Features
  • Minimalist design is ideal for many interior styles

  • Beautiful wood detailing for a more luxurious feel

  • Made from quality wood materials and a strong coated steel base for additional support

  • Suitable for sharing

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Zander Fabric 3 in 1 Pull Out Bed

Zander Fabric 3 in 1 Pull Out Bed

Available Size: Single to super single mattress

Ideal for guest rooms or shared rooms, pull-out beds will definitely help you make the most of your limited space. Made with high-quality fabric material, carefully assembled frame, and a cushioned headboard, this 3 in 1 bed will definitely help you maximise the use of your compact bedroom space.

Bed Frame Features
  • Bottom frame can be totally pulled away from the main bed

  • Pull-out bed comes with caster wheels for easy detachment and assembly

  • Headboard is cushioned and fabric covered

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Shop High Quality Bed Frames in Singapore

Shop High Quality Bed Frames in Singapore

Where To Buy Bed Frame In Singapore?

Which is the best place to buy a bed in Singapore? From versatile wooden beds to bunk beds, storage beds, and other modern bed frames, Megafurniture has a myriad of bed choices available online. Check out our extensive collection of affordable and sturdy bed frames in Singapore. Experience convenient online shopping and a proactive customer service approach for a guaranteed hassle-free online shopping experience at Megafurniture.


Types of Bed Frames Available at Megafurniture

Here are the different types of bed frames available, each designed to cater to specific needs and preferences:

  1. Platform Beds: Known for their sleek and modern design, platform beds provide excellent mattress support and add a touch of elegance to your bedroom.

  2. Low Beds: Ideal for creating a minimalist and spacious feel, low beds have a lower profile that enhances the openness of your room.

  3. High Beds: These beds are great if you need extra storage space under the bed or prefer an elevated sleeping experience.

  4. Headboard Box Beds: Combining the comfort of a headboard with the convenience of under-bed storage, these beds are both stylish and functional.

  5. Divan Beds: Classic and versatile, divan beds offer solid support and sometimes include storage drawers.

  6. Storage Beds: These beds feature clever designs that combine comfort with under-bed storage, helping to keep your space tidy.

  7. Box Beds: Offering a minimalist look and great support, box beds are sleek and modern.

  8. Loft Beds: Perfect for small spaces, loft beds maximize floor space and can include a study nook beneath.

  9. Bunk Beds: Ideal for kids' rooms or guest rooms, bunk beds save space and can accommodate more than one person.

  10. Pull Out Beds: These are space-saving solutions that are perfect for guest rooms, featuring beds that can be easily extended.

  11. Space-Saving Wall Beds: These beds fold up into the wall when not in use, providing an excellent space-saving solution.

  12. Floor Beds: Offering a unique sleeping experience, floor beds suit a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic.

  13. Bedside Bed: These are compact and stylish, ideal for smaller bedrooms where space is at a premium.

  14. Cot: Designed for the youngest members of the family, cots are secure and provide a comfortable sleeping area for babies.

Care Tips for Different Types of Bed Frames


  • Cleaning: Regularly dust wooden frames with a soft, dry cloth to prevent buildup. For a deeper clean, use a damp cloth with mild soap, but avoid letting the wood get too wet, as excess moisture can damage it.
  • Protection: Apply furniture polish to enhance the wood's natural beauty and protect its surface. Keep wooden bed frames out of direct sunlight to prevent the wood from fading and warping over time.


  • Cleaning: Use a dry cloth to dust metal frames. For more stubborn spots, use a damp cloth with mild detergent, then make sure to dry thoroughly to prevent rust.
  • Protection: Periodically inspect for any scratches or chips. Treat these areas with a metal paint touch-up kit to prevent rust. Store metal beds in a dry environment to avoid moisture accumulation.


  • Cleaning: Regular vacuuming of upholstered fabric frames using an upholstery attachment is recommended to remove dust and allergens. In case of spills, treat immediately with a clean, damp cloth by dabbing gently rather than wiping.
  • Protection: Consider applying a fabric protectant spray to help repel stains and water damage. If possible, rotate the bed frame periodically to ensure even wear and keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Faux Leather

  • Cleaning: Clean faux leather frames with a soft cloth dampened with a mild soap solution. Steer clear of harsh chemicals that can degrade the material.
  • Protection: Keep faux leather out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. Clean spills promptly to prevent stains. Use a faux leather conditioner regularly to keep the material soft and prevent cracking.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which bed frame brand is best?

The best brand for bed frames often depends on your personal preferences for style, budget, and specific needs. Popular brands that are well-regarded for quality and design include local specialty stores like Megafurniture.

What is the most sturdy bed frame?

Metal and solid wood bed frames are typically the sturdiest. Brands often use materials like steel or hardwood such as oak or maple to ensure durability and long-lasting support.

What is the best material for a bed frame?

The best material for a bed frame can vary based on the desired aesthetic and functionality. Solid wood is prized for durability and classic appeal, while metal frames are known for their strength and modern look. Upholstered frames provide a soft, luxurious feel.

    What bed frames last the longest?

    Bed frames made from high-quality hardwoods like teak, mahogany, or engineered woods with a reputation for durability tend to last the longest. Metal frames can also be a durable option if they are made from high-grade materials.

      What is the most comfortable type of bed frame?

      Comfort is subjective, but many find that upholstered bed frames with padded headboards are the most comfortable, especially for those who enjoy reading or watching TV in bed.

        How to tell if a bed frame is good?

        Check the frame's construction: look for robust joinery, quality materials, and a stable base. Ensure it doesn't wobble or squeak under weight, and read reviews for long-term quality assessments.

          What type of bed lasts the longest?

          Again, beds made of solid wood or high-quality metal tend to last the longest due to their robust construction and ability to withstand wear and tear over many years.

            How to pick a bed frame?

            Consider the size of the room, your mattress size, and your storage needs. Think about the material and style of the frame, whether you need a headboard, and your budget. Ensure the frame supports the weight and type of mattress you have.

              What to know when buying a bed?

              Know the size of the mattress you will use, the size of the room, and how much you want to spend. Consider the type of bed frame that fits your lifestyle, such as those offering storage options or those designed for specific spaces.

              What is the most common bed frame? 

              The most common bed frame is typically a simple metal or wood frame with a basic headboard. Platform beds are also increasingly popular for their sleek design and ease of use, as they do not require a box spring.


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