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5 Stylish Ways to Furnish a Minimalist Bedroom - Megafurniture

5 Stylish Ways to Furnish a Minimalist Bedroom

Your bedroom is supposed to be a place to relax and unwind, thus it would be ideal to follow a minimalist design. Minimalism is all about clutter-free spaces that exude a relaxing vibe. To achieve such a design, choosing the right furniture pieces is crucial.

Even though a minimalist bedroom looks simple, furnishing it is not a simple task. Making a mistake in the furniture selection process could ruin the minimalist design. So, make sure to do thorough research first and look up some bedroom design inspirations in Pinterest to avoid costly mistakes.

Keep on reading to get an idea on how to furnish a minimalist bedroom in Singapore.

1. Simplicity is the Key

minimalist platform bed

Although it is tempting to get a bed frame with elaborate headboards, it is still better to choose a platform bed for a minimalist bedroom. Remember that in minimalism, the simpler the details, the better. If it is too simple in which the bedroom appears too dull, then cover it up with light-coloured beddings and add textured pillows to add some flair.

In Singapore, a platform bed frame has a hidden storage space underneath. You could use the extra space to hide collectables and other memorabilia. Removing small knick-knacks out of sight is one way you can create a clutter-free bedroom.


2. Choose a Neutral Colour Palette for a Tranquil Vibe

Neutral colour pallette

A neutral palette is one of the essential elements of a minimalist bedroom. It’s because neutral colours create a tranquil environment. However, it doesn’t mean that a  homeowner should be confined with such a colour palette. You could veer away from greys, creams, blacks, and whites as long as the colours exude a serene vibe. The secret to choosing a minimalist colour palette is to avoid vibrant, pastel colours, as well as, other complicated colour patterns.


    3. Consider a Symmetrical Layout

    Symmetrical Bedroom Layout

    Instead of getting just one dresser, consider adding another one. You could create a symmetrical bedroom layout with two identical dresser drawers. It would also make the bedroom appear more balanced and proportioned. However, keep in mind that this design is just suitable for larger bedrooms.


      4. Invest in Clean Lined Furniture

      Clean Lined Furniture

      In Singapore, look for furniture pieces that have clean lines. Using simple, clean-lined furniture for a bedroom makes the space look harmonious and clutter-free. It is alright to add pieces that have intricate carvings and complicated designs, as long as these will be used as an accent.


        5. Avoid Overdoing Your Accents

        minimalist bedroom accents

        If a minimalist bedroom looks too plain, then add some accents like a rug, painting, figurine or a pot of plant. Just remember not to overdo it. Make sure that the accents don't have too much pattern. Accents should serve as a focal point in a bedroom— not to create a collective mess.

        Creating a minimalist bedroom is more than just choosing a neutral colour palette and incorporating a simple interior design. It is also about choosing the right furniture in Singapore. If it is too difficult to choose, then we could help you decide which type of furniture would be suitable for your bedroom. 

        For those seeking convenience, exploring options for minimalist furniture online can provide a curated selection tailored to individual preferences and space constraints, ensuring a harmonious and tranquil bedroom retreat.

        If you are looking for affordable yet quality furniture, then visit our online store now at MegaFurniture!

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