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The Best Ways To Clean Your Home Furniture - Megafurniture

The Best Ways To Clean Your Home Furniture

To get a hold of quality home furniture you have to spend thousands of dollars on it. It is a huge investment, so you have to maintain it to get the most out of your money. Besides, regularly maintaining your furniture is one way you can keep your home healthy.



Importance of Furniture Cleaning and Maintenance

Importance of Furniture Cleaning and Maintenance

Every time you use your furniture, millions of bacteria, germs, and other allergens start to accumulate on its surface. You may not see them because they are not visible to the naked eye, but even though they are tiny, it doesn’t mean they are harmless— they could pose serious health hazards. Thus, it is important to keep your furniture clean.



Tips for Cleaning Home Furniture

 Tips for Cleaning Home Furniture

The idea of cleaning and maintaining home furniture pieces might seem simple, but the actual process of doing it is quite complicated. In Singapore, each furniture requires different methods of cleaning because various materials are used. You need to do some research to see what are the best ways to clean different types of furniture.


Before you do your research, you may want to check out this simple guide below on how to maintain your furniture. You will learn some helpful tips for cleaning the most common types of home furniture pieces in Singapore:


  • Upholstered Furniture
    Your sofa is one of the dirtiest furniture in the house. It is where you would plop yourself down right after entering the house. Imagine all the dirt and bacteria you are carrying while you are outside to be transferred on the sofa’s surface.

    To clean your upholstered sofa, make sure to brush it first with a soft-bristled brush and vacuum it. It would be better to use a vacuum with a brush attachment to make sure to get rid of even the tiniest dust on its cover. Focus on cleaning the cracks and crevices because this is where dirt often accumulates.

    For stubborn stains, it is best to make a water-based mixture. It should be composed of a mild liquid detergent, vinegar and baking soda. Test it first before you spray it all over your sofa. Apply a small amount on a sponge and rub at the back part of the sofa. See if any discolouration occurs. If there’s none, then it’s safe to use.


  • Leather Furniture
    Even though leather furniture doesn’t stain easily, unlike fabric upholstery, it is one of the home furniture materials that are most susceptible to wear and tear. So, be careful in cleaning it to avoid ruining the leather’s texture.

    Cleaning it is almost the same with upholstery furniture. The only difference is that you have to ensure to use a microfiber cloth and not to damp it with too much water. Soaking it with water will just ruin the texture.

    If you want to maintain its lustre, then you may apply a leather conditioner for at least two times a year. Avoid putting too much because it will only weaken the fibres of the leather.


  • Wooden Furniture
    For regular maintenance, just wipe wooden furniture with a microfiber cloth to remove the dust. It is ideal to use a microfiber cloth because it can hold and collect dust better than other fabric materials.

    Thorough cleaning of wooden furniture should only be done when you see signs of wax build-up. For stubborn wax and paint stains, consider purchasing mineral turpentine to get rid of them. It is a potent liquid that will make it easier to strip off the paint and wax.

    As for the visible scratches on the wood, you may use clear shoe polish to hide those minor scratches. Just make sure to heat the shoe polish a bit to make it easier to apply it smoothly on a wooden surface.


  • Glass & Metal
    Since both glass and metal have a reflective surface, you have to use a glass cleaner. Spray a bit of the glass cleaner on its surface and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth damped in warm water. After that, wipe it dry to avoid any watermarks.

    Here is another pro cleaning tip: clean it with newspaper. It is the traditional method of removing visible fingerprints on glass surfaces.



It is essential to keep your home furniture clean to ensure its longevity. Another way to ensure longevity is to buy quality furniture pieces from reputable online shops in Singapore.


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