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Guide for Choosing the Right Office Chair Height - Megafurniture

Guide for Choosing the Right Office Chair Height

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all office chair. Some may think it is ideally made for them, while others would feel uneasy to the point that it strains their back. 

That is why, when you buy an office chair at an online furniture shop in Singapore, you should be mindful of its height. Take note that your comfortability relies on that, so you focus more on your work.

Just imagine that the average employee spends 44.7 hours in front of the computer per week. In a year, that would be 2324.4 hours. If you multiply that by the number of years a person works in a lifetime, anyone could tell that sitting in an office chair has a large portion spent in one's life. 

But what if that person used the wrong office chair height in those years? They will develop health problems such as muscle fatigue, stiffness, and poor posture. 

To not let that happen to you, choose the right office chair height in SG. Below are the things you need to do.



That is how your two feet should look when you are seated at the right office chair height. If you notice your legs are hanging a bit above the floor, adjust the lever until your feet reach the ground. 

Take note that by this time, your knees should be at 90°, which means at the right angle. Also, your spine should be sitting upright and not leaning too much on the backrest. To show you how it works, take a look at the photo below.


Two People Sitting Straight on Office Chairs


Another thing you should do is to know if the office chair has the right height is to stand up straight and see if the top of the seat aligns with your knee caps. If the office chair is too high or low, use the lever to adjust until both parties meet.



Besides checking the alignment of your knees, your forearms can also determine if the office chair has the right height. Here, follow these steps:

  • Sit upright on the office chair and place your hands straight on the desk.
  • Make sure your elbows are at 90° to 110° and your shoulders are not that tense.

After sitting in this position, you would notice that your feet are a bit off the ground. The solution you can do is to use a footrest. If you do not have one, rest your feet at a pile of old papers.



On the other hand, if you plan to buy a good office chair in Singapore online, it would be hard to tell if the seat has the right height. The only way you can do that without sitting on the actual office chair is to know the measurement. 

Here use this office chair height recommendation from BIFMA. They conducted a study to figure out the ideal office chair height based on a person’s height.


Your Height (feet and cm)

Ideal Office Chair Height (inches and cm)

5’4” - 161.5 cm

17.2 inches - 43.6 cm

5’5” - 164 cm

17.5 inches - 44.2 cm

5’6” - 166.5 cm

17.8 inches - 44.9 cm

5’7” - 169 cm

18 inches - 45.6 cm

5’8” - 171.5 cm

18.3 inches - 46.3 cm

5’9” - 174 cm

18.6 inches - 46.9 cm

5’10” - 176.5 cm

18.9 inches - 47.6 cm

5’11” - 179 cm

19.1 inches - 48.3 cm

6’0” -  181.5 cm

19.4 inches - 49 cm


Just in case you are too lazy to take a look at the office chair height chart, then get an office chair with an adjustable height. This kind of office chair in SG allows you to adjust its height, whether higher or closer to the ground. 


Need More Help?

If you have no idea what seating height is right for you, we at Mega Furniture would love the help! Just leave us a message at our online furniture shop in Singapore, and we will let you know which office chair height suits you the most. 

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