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Office Chairs: Should There Be Armrests or Not? - Megafurniture

Office Chairs: Should There Be Armrests or Not?

It has been more than a year since we began working from home. We are now more aware of how beneficial this setting is and how it becomes more a necessity than an option. 

Though we already flatten the curve of COVID-19, the virus is still there. It is still not safe to go out without a mask and mingle with people. That is why the government only allows 50% of staff who could return to the office. They also tightened the safety measures to reduce the risk posed by the new viral variant from India. Doing so should prevent a second circuit breaker from happening. 

But what if you belong to that remaining 50%? What should you do to stay at ease while working from home? The answer is to use the right office chair in SG. Otherwise, you will end up with back, neck, and shoulder pain, even after working a short time.

Yet between with and without armrests, how would you know which office chair is right for you? Find out the answer after reading the pros and cons of each type below. 

Pros and Cons of Office Chair With and Without Armrests

With Armrests

If you search for the best office chairs in Singapore online, you will notice most seats have armrests. They are the added pads attached to the chair so the arms could rest comfortably. 

To further elaborate, here’s why you should opt for an office chair with armrests.


  • Supports the back and hips while sitting on the seat.
  • Reduce pressure on knees and hips when getting up from the office chair.
  • Give arms some support while typing.
  • Add extra comfort while the arms are relaxing on the armrests. 
  • Keep the body stay in place.


  • If it is too high, it can cause shoulder strain.
  • If it is too low, it does not give proper body support.
  • May interfere when tucking the office chair close to the table.

PRO TIP: The ideal armrests of an office chair should allow the elbows to bend at the right angle or around 90°. This position should look natural, and the back should be resting on the backrest while the arms are on the armrests.

Without Armrests

Some people prefer this one as their office chair so nothing will bother them while working. But take note that there are only a few furniture shops that offer armless office chairs. That is why if you want to get this seat, consider these pros and cons before buying one without armrests.


  • Easy getting in and out of the office chair.
  • Not too bulky when tucked close to the table.
  • Cheaper since it has fewer materials.


  • Anything will support the arms while typing. 
  • May cause shoulder strain when sitting for a long time. 
  • The body might fall if the seat slides accidentally. 

PRO TIP: If you have a bad habit of slouching your shoulders or leading on one armrest, it would be a good idea to get an armless office chair. Otherwise, it could cause you to have poor posture later on. 

Should You Get an Office Chair With or Without Armrests?

If you cannot decide which one is better for you, get an office chair in SG with adjustable armrests. This feature allows you to move the armrests from 45°all the way to 90°. As such, your arms would have something to rest on whenever you feel like it. Your body would not get strain while working since you can easily adjust the height of the armrests.

If you are planning to shop for more furniture in Singapore online, visit Megafurniture’s blog page. There are tons of tips that can help you have a more effective home office.

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