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Home Office Tips: Ways to Maintain Your Office Chair - Megafurniture

Home Office Tips: Ways to Maintain Your Office Chair

How to Maintain Your Office Chair?

Even though the Singapore Government was able to flatten the curve of COVID-19, the virus is still there. That is why since May 16, the work from home setting has been a default mode for workers until June 13, which means you will have to spend more time with your home office chair.

But is your home office chair still in good shape? Can it support you while working with your tasks every day? Enough guessing and start maintaining your seat before it becomes too late. Take note that a well-maintained office chair does not only give you comfort but also minimise distraction so you can focus more on your work. Plus, it could help reduce your fatigue after sitting in front of your computer for hours. 

To help you maintain your best computer chair in Singapore, consider following the maintenance tips below. Doing so will keep them in shape and last for a long time. 


When you have time, you should vacuum the area where your home office chair is, as well as its upholstery. Just make sure to turn on the vacuum cleaner in a low suction setting since that mode will not harm the fabric of your seat. 

Also, when vacuuming, you should start from the edge and push it forward in one direction. Doing so will assure you that no dust particles and crumbs are left behind. 


Does your home office chair in SG have castors? If you do not know what castors mean, they are wheels that allow you to roll your seat around the room.

If they become stuck, there are two reasons behind it. First, the castors have caught lots of dirt, hair, and carpet fibres. Second, its parts require lubricants so the balls will not rust and produce noise when rolling the seat around. 


When the fasteners of the home office chair become loose, it will not be able to support your weight. There is a chance it will wobble as soon as you sit down, and that could cause you to fall off the seat. Such accidents are likely to happen, especially if you suddenly sit on them without fastening the loose fasteners.

But before you fasten any fasteners, check the manufacturer’s manual so you will know what screwdrivers you should use. Make sure not to use too much force when tightening the fasteners. Otherwise, some parts of the home office chair will break.


Does your seat drop down to the floor as soon as you raise them? If your answer is yes, you will need to change its gas cylinder. The part is responsible for creating a pneumatic lift that helps anyone seat comfortably and not strains their spine when sitting for a long time. 

When changing its gas cylinder, make sure to use the right one. If you have no idea what model it is, ask the furniture shop in Singapore. Just take a picture when you leave your inquiry so they will know what to recommend. 



Upgrade When Necessary!

Is your home office chair beyond maintenance? If so, then it is time to replace it! According to a study, a well-maintained seat can only last from seven to fifteen years. Therefore, if your home office chair is that old already and you can no longer repair it, go ahead and buy yourself a new one!

If you have no idea which one suits you and your home office, let Mega Furniture give you a hand. Just leave us a message, and we will send you a few recommendations of our office chairs in Singapore online.

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