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Busting Myths about Leather Sofas │Sofa Buying Guide

Busting Myths about Leather Sofas │Sofa Buying Guide
Biggest Leather Sofa Myths: Explained and Busted

Genuine leather sofas present a smart and luxurious feel to any space they become a part of. While a lot of people love leather sofas in their modern living rooms, others have second thoughts whether to buy a leather sofa or not. The misconceptions surrounding leather sofas hold back homeowners who'd love to welcome the captivating furniture. 

In this quick article, we'll clear up the misconceptions about leather sofas and help you enjoy a new lovely piece for a fantastic and comfortable home.

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Leather sofas are uncomfortable

Myth #1 - Leather sofas are uncomfortable - Ashla Faux Leather Sofa

Genuine leather sofas are notably comfortable, just like other sofa varieties. Although classy in appearance, leather sofas provide you with unprecedented comfort. These sofas are made with natural fibres that do not wear out over time, causing tearing and unnecessary bumps. In fact, a couch made with leather works like a wine that increases its quality over time. Leather offers soft and versatile seat support for you, your family, and your guests the more you use the furniture. To increase the comfort and homey appeal of your leather sofa, add some coloured throw pillows that compliment the colour of your main piece.

Leather sofas are only for traditional interior style

Myth #2 - Leather sofas are only for traditional interior style - Ashla Faux Leather Sofa

Genuine leather sofas are pretty versatile in terms of styling. From neutral to coloured pieces, genuine leather pieces offer traditional, modern, and contemporary styles that are timeless and welcoming. Leather sofas vary from intricately detailed tufted varieties to cosy, minimalist pieces that add luxury to a modern living room. Contemporary leather sofas also present their clean and curvy structure, ideal for today's trend. L shape leather sofas also provide a fresh take in today's interior style.

Having a genuine leather sofa as your centrepiece means you don't need many decorations to beautify your space since it speaks for its own beauty.

Leather sofas only come in two colours

Myth #3 - Leather sofas only come in two colours - Serenity Leather Sofa - Anthony Leather Sofa

Leather sofas are not only available in black and brown colours. In fact, they come in various schemes, from neutral shades to bolder ones. Although many homeowners favour handsome classics like black and dark brown, modern designs feature cosy white, ivory, and luxurious tans and creams. For more adventurous designs, reds, charcoal, and blues are welcome. Faux leather sofas offer more colour options that are also present to other upholstered units.

Leather sofas are hard to clean and maintain

Mth #4 - Leather sofas are hard to clean and maintain

Compared to fabric sofas, leather sofas are easier to clean and maintain. Because of their smooth surface and water-resistant properties, leather sofas make spot cleaning easier. Simply wipe off regular stains clean using a damp cloth to clean your leather surface. Oily or greasy stains can be absorbed using talcum or baking powder. To preserve the quality of the sofa, we recommend using a leather conditioner every six months.

Leather sofas are fade faster than fabric

Myth #5 - Leather sofas fade faster than fabric - Alexzander Houndstooth Check Leather Sofa

All new things are bound to fade over time, even the highest quality materials, especially those exposed to sunlight and extreme weather conditions. But unlike the misconceptions, premium leather sofas fade slower than fabric sofas. Fabric generally fades, stains, and wears out faster than leather sofas. 

A leather sofa is a great investment in terms of durability and style. In fact, many leather sofa users compliment how leather sofas age. Ideally, the beauty and the quality of a leather sofa's colour improve as it ages, adding up to its luxurious natural feel if properly taken care of. 

Leather sofas are easily damaged

Myth #6 - Leather sofas are easily damaged

This may be true for households with kids, pets, or messy adults. While the leather sofa is resistant to stain and natural wear and tear, it's important to consider its susceptibility to scratches and cracks. However, maintaining leather sofas is not burdensome work. Genuine and faux leather sofas can be cleaned using a damp cloth, vacuum cleaner, and subtle cleaning products. Brittleness and cracks can be avoided by using affordable leather care products. 

Leather sofas are not suitable for seasonal change

Myth #7 - Leather sofas are not suitable for seasonal change

"Leather is hot during summer and cold during colder seasons", this statement might be based on leather car seats that become so warm when exposed to sunlight or when left unused for hours. The fact is leather stays at room temperature. During cold days, leather helps absorb heat from your body to keep it warm. Leather sofas can adjust to the heat during hot seasons to provide the right comfort.

It's not good to invest in a leather sofa

Myth #8 - It's not good to invest in a leather sofa

A leather sofa is a fantastic investment for an elegant, comfortable and functional home. When thinking about leather, the first thing that comes to our mind is the price. But good leather does not have to be the most expensive ones. Although top-notch designer hides come at higher prices due to the quality and rareness of the materials used, cheaper leather sofas are also known for their longevity. As mentioned earlier, as leather ages, its beauty improves, unlike its fabric counterparts. Leather is also durable enough to last for many years when taken care of.

Leather sofa buying tips
  1. Measure your space. Before buying a sofa or any furniture, get the exact measurement of your room and set an area where you plan to position your sofa. When measuring your space, make sure to consider other existing furniture in your room, the doorways, and the traffic allowance.
  2. Determine the quality of your leather sofa. While deemed high-quality furniture, leather sofas still come in different quality levels. High-grade genuine leather sofas are made with top cuts of the premium hide. Full-grain leather is used to create designer genuine leather sofas that are praised for their quality. Synthetic leather varieties are ideal for those who prefer affordable options. 
  3. Assess your lifestyle. While leather sofas are generally durable and maintainable, like buying any upholstered sofa, you must choose a piece that can support your lifestyle. 
  4. Set your budget. An excellent high-end leather sofa will surely be more expensive than regular upholstered furniture, but the quality and beauty of a designer genuine leather piece are guaranteed.

It takes thoughtful consideration to come up with a smart leather sofa purchase. A sofa is an important investment in your home. A successful sofa purchase will level up the look and comfort of your space while it supports your daily activities. 

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