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Beginner's Guide to Mattress Sizes in Singapore

Beginner's Guide to Mattress Sizes in Singapore
Mattress Sizing Guide in Singapore

At last! After a long day at work, it's now time to relax and enjoy a restful sleep. But how do you achieve a healthy and revitalising snooze? The answer is a comfortable and supportive mattress.

Selecting the comfiest mattress for your sleep is not as simple as defining it as soft or hard. When buying your mattress in Singapore, especially online, where you don't see and feel the product first hand, it's good to know how size and firmness affect the comfort and support that a mattress provides. A mattress that is too big or too small might make you uncomfortable or make your room look too cramped. An unsuitable mattress may cause endless tossing and turning and sleep deprivation. Knowing the right size of your mattress, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each, makes a big difference in the quality of your sleep. If you plan to buy a new mattress that matches your bed frame online in Singapore but don't know where to start, you've come to the right place.

Take a look at this definitive guide to mattress sizes in Singapore before you jump into your mattress buying journey.

Common local mattress sizes in Singapore 

Common local mattress sizes in Singapore

Although specific parts of the world share standard mattress sizes, some common mattress size labels differ by definition. A mattress labeled as king size might actually depict varying sizes from country to country. As a note, IKEA, and some international brands, do not share the same mattress size as some local mattress and bed frame shops in Singapore. To tailor fit your sleep experience, it's essential to familiarise yourself with mattress sizes specific to your local needs. Here are the commonly used mattress sizes in Singapore that you can refer to:

  • Single size mattress (91 cm x 190 cm or 36 in x 75 in)
  • Super single size mattress (107 cm x 190 cm or 42 in x 75 in)
  • Queen size mattress (152 cm x 190 cm or 60 in x 75 in)
  • King size mattress (182 cm x 190 cm or 72 in x 75 in)

Note: Actual mattress sizes in Singapore present 2 cm size tolerance

Single size mattress

Single size mattress

single size mattress is the smallest mattress variety on this list. Measuring 91 cm x 190 cm, this mattress is advantageous for those who sleep in limited spaces, children's rooms, or single adult use. Because of its slim and compact dimension, a single mattress can also fit in guest rooms and home offices. They can also be used for trundle and bunk beds, ultimately your space-saver.

Although this mattress can cater to children and adults, it's good to consider your movements, sleeping position, and how often you toss and turn when buying a mattress. If you're more of a sleep adventurer who travels on your whole bed during sleep, a slim single size mattress might not fully support your needs.

Super single size mattress

Super single size mattress

This mattress is wider than a single variety. Being 107 cm x 190 cm, a super single mattress provides more room to move while still saving space. This mattress is popular for small space owners who need more freedom to move. Super single mattresses are, of course, pricier than single units, but the additional price is worth it for the extra comfort it offers. 

Pro tip: Some shoppers make a regretful buying decision by choosing the wrong mattress size compared to their bed frame. As we mentioned earlier, mattress sizes, although having the same label, vary for every place. When buying a bed frame and mattress, it's important to look for the specific dimensions rather than rely on the mattress label. This factor is also vital to choosing the right beddings to fit your mattress. For a sure purchase, you can opt for bed and mattress packages available in Singapore.

Queen size mattress

Queen Size Mattress

queen mattress is wide enough for shared use. With its 152 cm x 190 cm dimension, it provides ample room for movement while helping you save space. This mattress size is suitable for HDB or BTO master's bedrooms with enough area to cater to broader bed space. When buying a queen size mattress, make sure to have enough floor area for a smooth traffic flow. It is also important to consider the space needed between other furniture pieces in your bedroom, like a wardrobe closet that also takes up much space.

King size mattress

King size mattress

king size mattress might be the ideal choice for a family with a child. This 182 cm x 190 cm is wide enough to cater to two adults and a child to sleep comfortably. The more sleepers on your bed, the more space and allowance are needed to ensure everyone's comfort. A king size mattress can give every member ample space to move comfortably without disturbing others. If your room is sizable enough to accommodate a king size bed, it's good to invest in this mattress unit.

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Buy the best mattress in Singapore

Now that you know the four basic mattress sizes in Singapore, it's imperative to compare your preferred mattress size to the dimensions of your space, your needs, and your budget. 

Posture and ease of movement are two important factors to note when looking for a suitable mattress. Before deciding which mattress to buy, consider extra space for you to change position comfortably during sleep. This buffer space must be doubled for a shared bed to cater to both sleepers' needs. 

Answer these questions to know whether you should follow the current size of your mattress or you should size up:

  • Is your current mattress size giving you the proper comfort? If you find it hard to change positions or feel like the mattress is too narrow for your needs, consider sizing up.
  • Does your bedroom permit a bigger mattress? If yes, consider getting a bed and mattress to make you as comfortable as possible. Measure your room size, door space, and other furniture present in your room. Make sure to allow space to move between your furniture.
  •  How much is your budget? Mattress sizes also differ in price. Although upsizing costs more, bigger mattresses might be more beneficial depending on your needs. Slimmer mattresses are advantageous for compact spaces.

Shopping for a mattress shall not be an intimidating journey. With the right knowledge and planning, the best mattress that can level up your sleep can easily be achieved.

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