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How to Choose the Best Hobs and Cooker Hoods for Your Kitchen - Megafurniture

How to Choose the Best Hobs and Cooker Hoods for Your Kitchen

How do you get the best cooking hobs and cooker hoods on sale in Singapore? Check out this quick 2 in 1 buying guide to help you get started.

Your kitchen is a special place where you prepare scrumptious meals for your loved ones. Whether big or small, this is the place where good food and family bonding are magically created. If you love cooking as much as we do, it's good to have excellent kitchen appliances that will help you achieve your dream recipe and help you save money. Efficient cooking appliances like hobs and range hoods make mouth-watering food preparation easy. Simply put, your HDB kitchen is not complete without these innovative appliances.

A cooking hob is a constant in a modern kitchen setup. There are a variety of cooktops available on the market: electric, gas, and induction hobs, all of which have their own pros and cons. Once you get the best cooktop for your kitchen, it's time to choose an appliance that will contain the grease and smoke cooking brings to the kitchen. An efficient cooker hood is a champion for maintaining a clean and healthy kitchen setup. 

Although several cooktops and hoods are on sale in Singapore, it's essential to narrow down your choices to the most suitable units. Here's our ultimate guide to help you commence your buying journey.


Types of Kitchen Hobs

Types of Kitchen Hobs

These are the major types of kitchen hobs: gas, electric, induction, and domino hobs. These different varieties help you cook delicious meals, but their processes and efficiency differ.

Gas Hob

Gas hobs have been serving multiple homes for years. These hobs are popular with professional and home chefs because of their easy control function and visible flame burners. The built-in design of gas hobs can blend well with the overall look of a modern kitchen. This design also makes it easy to load and unload cookware, which is highly beneficial during fast-paced cooking situations. Modern hobs offer multiple heat functions for a more controlled cooking process.

Electric Hob

Trendy kitchen designs feature efficient and affordable electric hobs. These electric varieties offer a clean and flat surface used for cooking. This cooktop tends to work slower than other units, so if you prefer fast cooking, an electric hob might not be the best choice. Electric hobs are suitable for home chefs looking for cheaper cooking solutions.

Ceramic electric hobs present a stylish, slatted look that complements any kitchen setup. This affordable cooking tool that works with every type of cookware helps you choose an appropriate temperature with ease. Ceramic cooktops boast a glass-like design that homeowners love.

While gas hobs present a flat look, solid-plate gas hobs offer a more traditional design where there are elevated hot plates that distribute heat to the cookware. Solid-plate hobs are cheaper than other modern units but are more expensive to operate.

Induction Hob

Induction hobs belong to the technologically advanced cooktops that directly heat the cookware, providing safe and energy-efficient cooking. Innovative induction hobs feature a responsive magnetic function that swiftly transfers heat to a compatible pan. This means that any surface aside from the compatible cookware will not be heated. This makes the cooking process fast and safe. 

Note: Induction hobs only work with compatible cookware, including magnetic stainless steel and cast iron.

Domino Hob

Domino Hob is coined from the popular game Dominoes simply because this variety looks like a domino piece. Domino hobs are very flexible and efficient for fast-paced cooking. These hobs present a hybrid setup of hob types combined to produce a personalised cooking experience. Domino hobs are slim and perfect for small kitchen spaces.


Types of Cooker Hoods

Types of Cooker Hoods

While crafting a delicious meal for your loved ones, it's inevitable to deal with the greasy odour and smoke surrounding your kitchen. Good thing we have these innovative cooker hoods that help exhaust the unnecessary elements that turn cooking into a hassle.

Chimney Hood

Like a chimney, these hoods extract heat, smoke, and kitchen odours into the vessel that extends to the ceiling. These popular hoods offer a traditional, modern, and industrial look that beautifies any kitchen space. However, the sizable design of a chimney hood might obstruct the view of a small zoned kitchen. If you have a more compact space to cook in, try getting a hood that will help you get a full view of your kitchen for easy access to your kitchen items and ease of movement.

Angled Hood

Angled hoods offer a better look for small kitchens. Like chimney hoods, these angled hoods can be installed into the wall. The difference is that angled hoods help you better view your work zones.

Telescopic Hood

Telescopic cooker hoods feature a flat look and can be installed into walls. These hoods offer a neat, built-in look that is advantageous for small, modern kitchens. They present variable speed settings to keep the kitchen clean and free from mixed odours.

Kitchen Island Hood

Kitchen island hoods are remarkably elegant and smart-looking. Some island hoods come with accent lighting features that are effortlessly attractive. Recirculating units are more expensive than other varieties but are undoubtedly efficient for keeping kitchen air quality fresh.

Canopy Hood

These lightweight hoods can be hidden under the cabinet for an almost non-existent look. These hoods are gaining popularity in modern home kitchens because of their low-key yet efficient design.


What to Consider When Buying Kitchen Hob and Hood

What to consider when buying kitchen hob and hood

When buying a cooker hood and hob for your kitchen, it's important to know what you need and compare the pros and cons of every unit before making a decision.

  1. Consider the size and configuration of your kitchen. Kitchens differ in size and orientation. Cooker hoods and hobs may provide various benefits and downsides when used in different kitchen designs and sizes. Spacious kitchens, especially open-concept kitchens, need hardworking hoods that can maintain clean and fresh air throughout the area. Compact kitchens might require slimmer hobs to fit more zones efficiently.
  2. Consider your lifestyle. Are you an avid home chef? Do you cook often? If your answer is yes, it's good to choose fast-heating hobs that can help you save time and money. If you have kids who pop up out of nowhere in your kitchen while you're cooking, look for major kitchen appliances with child-safety features. As for the hobs, an innovative induction cooker is a safe choice.
  3. Consider the look of your kitchen. Aside from your kitchen's size and function, it would be great if your major appliances complemented the overall theme of your kitchen. 
  4. Consider your budget. The best choice isn't always the cheapest one. It's also not always the most expensive unit. When buying your major appliances, like the hood and kitchen hob, you always have to compare the quality and function with the price. You also have to think about your future expenses. Some energy-efficient units are more expensive to buy but will help you save money in the long run.



What type of cooker hood is the best for open plan kitchen?

For an open-plan kitchen, a canopy cooker hood or an island cooker hood tends to work best. These types of cooker hoods offer effective extraction without obstructing the open space or the view, making them suitable for the layout of an open-plan kitchen.


Is there a best best cooker hood brand or hob in Singapore?

There isn't a single best hood in Singapore. Various brands offer different features and qualities, making it subjective to individual needs and preferences. It's best to research and compare brands based on factors like durability, efficiency, and customer reviews before making a choice.


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      Ready to level up the function and comfort of your kitchen? Buying small utensils and kitchen appliances is exciting, but getting something major like a kitchen hob and a huge hood might be daunting at first. But once you do your research and make the right choice, you'll find yourself enjoying your kitchen experience.

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