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Create a Dreamy Balcony: 14 Decorating Tips for Your Outdoor Space - Megafurniture

Create a Dreamy Balcony: 14 Decorating Tips for Your Outdoor Space

One of the major factors that limits an HDB design is size. But if you are clever enough, thinking outside the box will help you transform a small planter area into a cosy balcony where you'd love to spend most of your leisure time. 

Here are some easy and achievable design ideas to spruce up your balcony into a remarkable and functional outdoor space.

Include a Cosy Seat to Lounge

Include a cosy seat to lounge

Expand your 3 to 4-room flat with a simple balcony upgrade. Extend your living room by adding outdoor sofas to your balcony. Pieces made with rattan and water-resistant materials create a relaxing space with a casual and welcoming look. An extended outdoor space with a cosy tea set creates a luxuriously compartmentalised design for an open kitchen and dining room setup. Do not hesitate to use contrasting materials and colours to add personality to your outdoor space.

Choose a Focal Point

Choose a focal point

Design a balcony that is perfect for lounging and relaxing by adding a small tea set to have your small conversations while sharing your snacks. Highlight a nice swing chair where you can curl up and enjoy your blissful "me" time.  

Give it Some Light

Give it some light

While you indulge in the warm sunlight in the morning, well-planned lighting will illuminate your outdoor space at night. Think of string lights, from minimalist ones to more detailed ones. A variety of edgy cage and pendant lights also make a warm and casual statement for your outdoor space. Sconce lights are ideal for creating an intimate and minimalist look for your balcony.

Display Your Plant Collection

Display your plant collection

Nothing's more refreshing than incorporating natural elements into your flat's design. If you are a plant parent, your balcony is the perfect place to grow and showcase your collection. Set up a tall outdoor rack for your potted plants and vertically arrange them to create the illusion of a lofty and spacious area. 

To build a show-stopping outdoor space, create a mini plant wall on one side of your balcony and set up a nice rug and an outdoor sofa. Add an outdoor coffee table and place small potted plants on top to balance the look.

Section Your Area

Section your area

For the illusion of a more expansive space, sectioning your balcony can also help. Use an outdoor sofa to create two sections on your balcony. Use a part of the space for lounging, including your mini sofa set with your favourite reading materials. On the other side, you can set up a minibar with a slim built-in table and bar stools.

Choose a Cosy Sectional

Choose a cosy sectional

Make the most of your outdoor space with a comfortable sectional. A medium-sized sectional sofa will provide ample seating options for your family and guests. This is perfect for closed balconies, especially if you want to extend your living room space for hosting. A cosy sectional makes a charming focal point for your area. Anchor it with a slim round side table for a more varied look.

When choosing and buying your furniture, it is important to know the basics to help you make the best decision.

Welcome the Warmth of Rattan Furniture

Welcome the warmth of rattan furniture

Furniture pieces made out of rattan bring the beauty of their texture to your interior style. Because of its natural colour, rattan pairs well with any colour scheme that you plan to incorporate into your design. Rattan mixed with coloured cushion seats and glass materials makes a wonderful furniture set. Add some variety with a patterned outdoor rug and an outdoor pendant light.

Go for the Elegant Teak Outdoor Set

Go for the elegant teak outdoor set

Build a dreamy open space with a versatile teak wood set. If you have minimal balcony space, you can still make the most of it by setting up a simple patterned rug and a pair of teak wood chairs that highlight a simple yet elegant round table. Set up some scented decorative candles, rattan coasters, and a small potted plant to spruce up the space.

Embrace Minimalism

Embrace minimalism

Many people with small spaces love minimalism. To create a minimalist yet exciting outdoor area, you have to select some items to focus on. Choose neutral colours for your palette and highlight the beauty of your corner with a simple nook. Mix a minimalist side table with a round outdoor mirror for a simple yet remarkable space. Spice it up with elegant ottomans or a plush bean bag.

Install a Curtain

Install a curtain

Take advantage of your natural lighting by installing sheer treatments for your windows. Light window treatments make your balcony look more connected to your flat's interior. At the same time, the natural light that passes through your window will make your home feel fresh and alive. For an intimate look, choose long sheer curtains for your window. To create a free-wave design, look for curtains that are twice the width of your window.

Use Colourful Throw Pillows for Your Outdoor Sofa

Use colourful throw pillows for your outdoor sofa

Your outdoor space provides endless potential when it comes to designing. If you have a limited floor area, you can choose a simple outdoor sofa to not overwhelm your space. To add some depth and texture, you may arrange some colourful throw pillows and small accent ottomans. Take note that even if you use a variety of colours and patterns, the key to achieving a cohesive design is to find a specific theme to follow or an anchor point on which to base your design. Do not be afraid to do your experiment. A minor change in your pillow will significantly improve your overall design. 

Consider Extendable Tables for Bigger Gatherings

Consider extendable tables for bigger gatherings

Your balcony can be an extension of your living room or dining room when hosting gatherings, especially if you are limited in space. An extendable table will help you make the most of your balcony space. On a normal day, it is nice to enjoy a simple and spacious area where you can unwind. Set up your lightweight, extendable table with decorative chairs to create a cosy nook. On special occasions, you can transfer the table to your kitchen or extend the gathering up to your balcony.

Create an Al Fresco Dining

Create an Al Fresco Dining

Do you love to have a restaurant ambiance in the comfort of your home? If your space permits, you can set up an outdoor dining space on your balcony. Depending on your available space and needs, you can use a four-seater dining set or venture into bigger ones. You may experiment with a casual outdoor look, an industrial dining space, or a more formal and intimate one. To add more seating options, you can opt for coloured stackable chairs that will double as accent items to elevate the design. Take advantage of your view by bringing in some decorative lights to make your evening stay and dining experience better.

Make a Faux Balcony if You Don't Have One

Make a faux balcony if you don't have one

Installing a glass panel in your flat can help you create your own closed balcony. You can use this space as a lounge area, an extra space for laundry, or your very own home office. Other convenient alternatives for a glass panel are bookshelves or dividers. To create a distinction in your converted space, you may set up a rug with a different colour from the rest of your interior. You can also paint the area differently to highlight the conversion.

The balcony and the patio are often overlooked when designing the home. Little did we know that these small outdoor spaces could create a big upgrade to the quality of the space we live in. 

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