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Rock a Maximalist Home with these Design Ideas - Megafurniture

Rock a Maximalist Home with these Design Ideas

Looking for something new and exciting? While the "less is more" approach is embraced by many, others are eyeing bolder decorations with lots of layers and combinations. If you want punches of colour and lots of patterns to conquer your design, you might want to venture into the maximalist approach for your interior design in Singapore.

Maximalism is about a bold, fearless, and rule-less combination of colours, patterns, decorations, and furniture. It is not necessarily about having more or filling every inch of your flat with decorations; it focuses on styling your space with the right pieces in an unconventional way. Maximalism does not follow a specific palette or theme, and it's definitely not a random or messy design scheme. It is more about combining multiple elements to create a cohesive and personal space. Although it is a daring design, it is important not to overcomplicate your area but to fill it with the things you love.

Generally, maximalism is about the following:

  • Lots of colour combinations
  • Remarkable patterns
  • Art pieces, we love art!
  • Fearless furniture combinations
  • Say no to clutter, say yes to story
  • Of course, a cosy and personalised home

If you are ready to hop into a maximalist space, gather your collections, your best-loved decorations, and your lovely furniture. We will make the most out of what you have. Create a joyous home with these maximalist design ideas.


Be Exuberant with Colours

Be exuberant with colours

We love the generous use of colour in a maximalist style. From neutrals to darker accents, you can combine hues that work best for you. Colours from nature, like a combination of deep forest green and nude, bring a cosy outdoor look to your indoor space. Depending on your base colour, you can experiment with your furniture and accent choices. For an outdoor-indoor theme, a faux leather sofa with an earthy tone anchors an open maximalist space. You can also combine botanic hues with gold and brass accents.

If you are more into contemporary maximalism, a combination of light colours like sunny yellow, tangerine, and blues on top of a neutral base makes a fun environment. For a smart, modern look, combine taupe, emerald green, and mauve with metal and wood elements.


Play with Your Furniture

Play with your furniture

When it comes to a maximalist style, it is okay to combine furniture from different themes, trends, and generations as long as you pull them off together.

We love upholstered furniture in a maximalist home. From elegant velvets to luxurious leather and colourful fabrics, upholstered furniture pieces have lots to offer for a maximalist interior style.

green faux leather sofa provides instant warmth for a dark neutral, maximalist home, especially with its intricate visual texture. To highlight a fun maximalist approach, choose a fabric sofa with lots of colours and patterns. Partner it with accent decorations that go well with the palette.

Velvet furniture like ottomans and bed frames also make up a maximalist home. If you feel bolder, choose home furniture with lots of repetitive patterns like florals or gingham. You can also keep your base furniture minimal and add colour to the accent pieces.

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Add Some Patterns and Textures

Add some patterns and textures

A notable element of a maximalist design is the use of intricate patterns—lots of patterns. This might be one of the most complicated parts of creating a maximalist space. It takes a keen eye to perfect the combination of patterns infused with maximalism. To effectively do this, look at the scale of your patterns and envision the look when combined. If you plan to mix florals with lines and geometry, make sure that one pattern is highlighted while the others work as accents. If they come on the same scale, they will likely fight for the spotlight, making your design unbalanced.


Incorporate Vintage and Retro Accents 

Incorporate vintage and retro accents

The vintage aesthetic is known for embracing a maximalist approach. Vintage is about the art of expression. Victorian accent pieces or intricate wall decorations highlight a more personal space. To introduce maximalism to your kitchen, choose retro major or smaller appliances to instantly shift the look from a formal to a more personal one.


Show Your Inner Book Lover Self

Show your inner book lover

Display all the books that you love. They are welcome in a maximalist home. While minimalism keeps things less simple, maximalism encourages you to boast all your lovely pieces. Whether on a grand bookshelf or a wall shelf, your books will give your home a touch of your personality.


Go Eclectic

Go eclectic

Speaking of bold, beautiful, and experimental design, an eclectic theme can level up the character of your home. Combine furniture designs and mix textures, both rough and smooth, to make your design a notable variation. When creating an eclectic space, the thing that you should not do is leave out a focal point. Although the eclectic style focuses on layering decorative elements, it is important to set a focal point around which everything revolves.


Create a Maximalist Urban Style

Make a maximalist urban style

To get out of florals and soft, intricate designs, go a little edgy with urban elements like a combination of bricks, wooden floors, modern furniture, and various lighting fixtures. Combine a modern sofa with coffee tables made with marble or sintered stone. Add some metal elements with your furniture legs or light fixtures for a smart maximalist look. To put everything together, add huge focal artwork.


Spice Up Your Floor Design

Spice up your floor design

Roll out a decorative rug into your room to instantly add depth to your design. There are patterns available that can work with your theme, ranging from herringbone patterns, chevron, weave, damask, and florals. When using a rug, make sure it is big enough to touch the front legs of your furniture. For your kitchen, you may incorporate coloured tiles, distressed wood, or vinyl flooring.


Don't Forget the Comfort

Don't forget about comfort

On top of all the fearless combinations and intricate designs, personalisation and comfort are two of the most important goals of a maximalist design. Do not be afraid to choose the furniture and home items that satisfy you. Add big pillows on your sofa, set up a bean bag- whatever makes you happy with your space, do it with style.

Having the freedom to use your favourite furniture and decorations, you will experience a sense of fulfilment, especially when the style is beautifully pulled off. 

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