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10 Modern Furniture Essentials Every Small Home Must Have - Megafurniture

10 Modern Furniture Essentials Every Small Home Must Have

Space is very precious for homeowners here in Singapore. It is true that bigger is not always better for home sizes as we deal with lower electricity and maintenance bills. But the challenge comes with dealing with multiple furniture pieces and storage needs. Choosing the right furniture pieces makes a huge difference in making your home as comfortable as possible. As we adapt to more compact living spaces, we need to make smart choices regarding the items we allow to enter our homes.

Here are ten furniture essentials that we need for compact home living.


Modern Furniture Singapore: Modern Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Storage Bed

Storage bed

Clutter is one of the most common problems homeowners face every day, even those who have larger spaces. To prevent unnecessary clutter from taking up your personal space, look for multi-purpose furniture to help you organise and hide your items.

Modern homes need modern furniture that can both provide comfort and save space. Storage beds with hydraulic lift systems are trendy in terms of their cosy looks and the versatile storage solution they provide.

Keep bulky bedding and out-of-season clothing in your spacious under-bed storage to free up closet space for clothes you wear frequently. Doing this will help you prevent messy rummaging during your morning rush.


Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawers

When looking for storage solutions for smaller spaces, consider getting tall and narrow furniture to maximise your vertical space while improving your cramped floor area.

A chest of drawers helps you store small to medium-sized home items. When creativity is applied, this furniture can serve a multitude of purposes in any area of your home: for the linens and cosmetics in your bedroom, as an end table for essential items in your living room, even for your kitchen utensils and dining area. Chests of drawers come in various sizes, guaranteeing that you can get a piece that will fit your space and your needs.


Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas


Sofa bed

Futon sofas are lightweight, stylish, and multi-purpose—perfect for small living rooms. For lounging, a futon sofa provides a cosy and spacious area to sit and relax on. If you have guests or just want to enjoy your Netflix binge-watching, you can convert your sofa into a bed. 

Another lightweight and efficient sofa bed that you should consider for your living room is this storage sofa. It does not only look and feel comfortable, but it also provides ample single-size bed space for sleeping. Who would have known that this lightweight piece could help you maximise your living room space?


Storage Sofa Bed

Storage sofa bed

Sofa beds are perfect for your smaller bedroom, home office, or even your main living room. A fabric storage sofa bed is not only beneficial during overnight bonding but also provides ample storage space for clothes, pillows, or bedding.

Experience a comfortable place to sleep at night. During the day, simply place your bedding in the storage beneath your furniture and relax on your lovely sofa. 

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Nesting Coffee Table

Nesting coffee table

Coffee tables are centrepieces that provide ample surface space for entertaining guests. This nesting coffee table is a good solution when you are short on space but big on style.

For regular days or small gatherings, you can nest the smaller piece under the bigger one to save space. For larger gatherings, simply spread the smaller piece to give your guests additional room for their drinks and snacks.

You can separate the two tables or arrange them in layers for a more elegant look.



Convertible coffee table

Furniture designers and manufacturers are getting creative when it comes to space-saving.

When you do not have space for multiple furniture pieces, getting convertible furniture for your home is the best choice. This coffee table can be converted into a mini dining table with an ample tabletop area for entertaining guests. It also comes with drawers and four wooden stools that you can store back into the table's body after use. It is like having multiple furniture pieces in one, making it a true must-have for those who do not have extra tables and chairs for unexpected guests. 


TV Console with Extra Storage

TV console with extra storage

Your entertainment centre can double up as extra storage for your living room. Get a TV console that comes with drawers or lower shelves to organise your cables and small living room items in one secured space.

A good thing about living room storage solutions is that they are already designed with creative freedom in mind, giving you enough space to store your items while providing you with an area to decorate.

Make the most of your entertainment centre by sprucing it up with vases, books, or ornaments. TV consoles come in various designs, materials, and configurations. You will not run out of good choices for your living room. 


Modern Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture

Extendable Dining Table

Extendable dining table

Even when working with a more compact kitchen and dining room layout, you can still make the most of your space while maintaining an elegant and welcoming area. This chic extendable dining table looks small but can expand to fit two to four more people when expanded. Made with solid rubberwood, this fun furniture introduces a fresh, modern look to your dining room. It can also add to the appeal of an industrial-like open kitchen and dining room layout. Its unconventional leg configuration adds to its appeal while giving you ample space to tuck in your dining chairs.


Stackable Dining Chairs

Stackable dining chairs

To complement your space-saving dining table, getting stackable chairs is also one of the best ways to save some space in your HDB or BTO.

You can easily store or transfer plastic pieces to other rooms whenever you need them.

Because of their solid and sturdy configuration, stackable dining chairs do not only work well in your dining room. You can use them as extra accent chairs in your living room when entertaining guests. You can also put them out on your balcony for outdoor lounging. Invest in modern stackable plastic dining chairs that are creative and elegant. 


Modern Home Office Furniture

Computer Table with Built-in Storage

Computer table with built-in storage

Setting up a home office might be a little challenging if you have a smaller space, especially when you have to fit lots of documents and office equipment into your small area.

Get an office table with built-in storage to help you save space and keep all your office essentials together. This L-shaped office table with a mobile pedestal can be pushed to the corner to free up some space for traffic. Aside from the pedestal, this table provides enough space under the table for you to tuck in extra boxes or equipment.


Convertible Study and Display Table

Convertible study and display table

Maximise your vertical space with a computer table that comes with a display hutch. The combination of drawers and open shelving gives you various storage solutions based on your needs. The convertible table can be tucked out and in to help you maintain enough personal space after work.



Stackable Drawers

Stackable drawers

What you need in your limited space are flexible storage solutions that you can use based on your needs. These stackable plastic drawers are the champions in this category. Stackable plastic drawers are notably functional for any space in your home, even for your kitchen and bathroom, where you have to deal with moisture all the time. Use them for your toiletries, shoes, linens and bedding, towels, toys, or kitchen items. These stackable pieces can be arranged horizontally to save floor space.

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