9 Insane Storage Ideas for Your Bedroom

9 Insane Storage Ideas for Your Bedroom

Every square foot counts when it comes to designing and organising your bedroom. This is especially true for those who dwell in smaller spaces. One of the things that makes a small room look uninviting is the lack of efficient storage solutions. Your clothes that are piling up and your personal things that are found everywhere make your room look cramped and uncomfortable to stay in. If you find it hard to gather your things every morning because you don't know where you kept them, and if your bedroom is not conducive to sleeping anymore, it is time to rethink your storage decisions.

Take a little bit of time to plan and organise your bedroom and turn it back into your lovely sanctuary with these easy bedroom storage solutions.

Maximise the Space Under Your Bed

Maximise the space under your bed - Storage Bed Frame & Drawer Bed Frame

If you don’t have a lot of floor space in your bedroom, it is good to get multi-purpose furniture that can double up as a storage solution. Under-bed storage is the champion for ultimate space-saving. It offers a versatile space to keep bedding, out-of-season clothes, and other items that you want to keep out of sight. 

storage bed with a gas-lift mechanism allows you to access your items easily despite the weight of the platform. A storage bed is remarkably attractive. It offers that warm, cosy feel to your bedroom.

Make Good Use of Your Chest of Drawers

Make good use of your chest of drawers

We love having an efficient drawer in our flat. When looking for a compartmentalised storage solution for your bedroom, a chest of drawers is a smart option. It utilises the bedroom's vertical space very well with its relatively tall and slim build. 

A drawer organiser helps you arrange items by type, making them accessible. It provides ample space for small and larger items, from accessories, socks to clothes and bedding. Some chests of drawers come with smaller, locked pullout drawers for valuable items like jewelry. 

Tip: To effectively arrange smaller items like underwear and socks, you may use small drawer organisers to create small compartments inside your drawer.

Invest in a Good Wardrobe

Invest in a good wardrobe

This big, bulky piece in your bedroom is not simply a fashionable decoration in your room. It is not limited to organising your lovely clothing collection. An elegant open-door wardrobe provides a good view of all your items, while a sliding-door wardrobe helps you save space in terms of its door clearance. A modular wardrobe can be customised based on your storage needs: store extra pillows, bedding, towels, even your shoe and bag collection. You may utilise other compartments for books and documents inside your spacious wardrobe.

Knowing how to make the most of your wardrobe will save you lots of space and money from buying additional storage solutions.

Get a Bedside Table with Additional Drawers

Get a bedside table with additional drawers

Bedside tables are popular anchor pieces that beautify the space beside your bed frame. If chosen right, this small piece of furniture can benefit you big time. 

When choosing a bedside table, prioritise a unit that comes with extra storage. More than just a place to place your lamp and alarm clock, a bedside table with deep drawers helps you categorise your items while keeping them accessible from your bed. Think about the books that you love to read before sleeping, your journals, watches, wallet, keys, jewelry, and even your midnight snacks. On a spacious bedside table, you have a place for them all.

Make Use of a Tier Cart for Grooming Items

A multi-purpose tier cart is not just limited to kitchen use. This lightweight item provides heavy-duty storage solutions for the personal items you want to have easy access to. You may use your tier cart for your kids' school and art supplies. It can be used for snacks. If you don't have a place to store your hygiene kits and skincare products, a plastic or metal tier cart with caster wheels will provide you with an organised and accessible solution. Because of its lightweight design, a tier cart can easily fit into any space in your bedroom.

For a More Glamorous Solution, Get a Dressing Table

For a more glamorous solution, get a dressing table

If you want a glamorous space to store your grooming items, makeup, and perfume, a dressing table is an exquisite solution. 

Getting a charming unit with drawers and hidden compartments behind the mirror is like getting a table, dresser, and mirror in one. This configuration also gives you enough space to store your toiletries. Some dresser table varieties, like this Liddy Dressing Table come with an equally elegant stool that complements the style of the main piece. A neutral dressing table can serve as a smaller chest of drawers with a built-in mirror for shared rooms.

If you want to store in style, opting for a dresser table might be your best decision.

Choose a Study or Work Table with Additional Storage

Choose a study or work table with additional storage

Since remote work setup is on the rise in Singapore, flat owners venture into converting their main bedroom into a mini home office. We all know that home offices require a great deal of space—for the office, table, ergonomic chair, and storage solutions. This results in multiple space-planning dilemmas. To set up a conducive home office without sacrificing personal space, choose an office table with drawers or a mobile pedestal. To minimise wasted space, you may push an L-shaped office table to the corner of your wall and set up your home office there.

Use Rattan Baskets as Storage and Accent Details

Use rattan baskets as storage and accent details

Small storage solutions not only help you keep small items together, but they also add style and warmth to your bedroom. These decorative storage baskets are perfect for items that you don't want to hide. Add some flair to your bedroom by placing some decorative weaved baskets on top of your chest of drawers. With their natural colour and mindful craftsmanship, well-coordinated basket arrangements make your room look extra inviting and comfortable. 

Utilise Your Wall with Floating Shelves

Utilise your wall with floating shelves

Combine creativity and functionality by installing floating shelves on your wall. Since your bed frame takes up a lot of space in your room, you can double up on your organisation solution by adding floating shelves on top of your headboard. You may also build a tall shelving area in your unutilised vertical space where you can arrange your shoes. Using your floating shelves, you may also create your own bookcase.

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When used properly, your furniture and storage items can significantly upgrade the beauty and comfort of your home. Start reclaiming your bedroom space and turning it into your lovely sanctuary.

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