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Is it Time to Tune Up Your Air Conditioner? Check out These Signs - Megafurniture

Is it Time to Tune Up Your Air Conditioner? Check out These Signs

Like a car, your hardworking air conditioner needs a regular tune-up to function well and prolong its life. Timely air conditioner check-ups are essential to saving you from potentially huge repair costs. 

Inadequate temperature control, bad odour, and noise are some of the indications that you're missing your air conditioner tune-up. In case this is your first time knowing about this, here is a list of things that you should check to evaluate the health of your air conditioner.

1. Your air conditioner produces unusual sounds

Your air conditioner produces unusual sounds

Air conditioners are bound to produce sounds, especially bigger units or the standard window varieties where the condenser is attached to the main body of the AC. If you have an older model, you may have gotten used to the machine's noises. But if you hear an unusually loud rattling noise from your unit, it means that you have some checkups to do. 

Sometimes, abnormal sounds are caused by clogged air passages. However, some noises indicate bigger problems where you have to replace a part of your AC or upgrade your whole unit. Once you notice that your AC is making more noise than it usually does, seek professional assistance to find the root of the problem.

2. Your electric bills suddenly increase

Your electric bills suddenly increase

Aside from the sound of your AC unit, the sudden increase in your electricity bill is one of the most obvious indications that your air conditioner is becoming inefficient. If you notice a significant increase in your bill without additional usage of your air conditioner and other home appliances, then your AC unit might be working double time to give you the right temperature. This might be caused by all the dirt accumulated in your air filter, which blocks the airflow, or by severe internal damages that should be repaired. In addition, keeping that dirty air filter in your air conditioner may cause harm to your respiratory system as it allows allergens and other particles to linger in your area. If your air conditioner is not working to the best of its ability, your comfort and even your budget are affected.

Tip: To prolong the efficiency of your air conditioner, change your air filter every three months to prevent dirt from blocking the air.

3. The Air Conditioner does not blow cool air properly

The Air Conditioner does not blow cool air properly

Another inconvenience of a clogged air filter is that it blocks the supposedly cool air, causing your air conditioner to be inefficient. Regardless of the weather, your air conditioner is programmed to adjust to achieve your desired temperature. Have you experienced getting warm air from your AC instead of cooler air? Are some areas in your room warmer than others? This means that something might be hindering your unit from functioning properly. 

Aside from your clogged air filter, if your air conditioner starts malfunctioning, your coils or refrigerant must be inspected. To prevent this inconvenience, especially during hotter days, make sure to take your air conditioner for its annual tune-up. 

4. Your air becomes humid

Your air becomes humid

Even during hotter days in Singapore, your air conditioner works to regulate the sticky heat and humidity indoors. As it cools your room, the air conditioner moderates indoor moisture to get rid of humidity and make the temperature comfortable. 

If you still experience too much humidity despite having an AC in your room, it means that your unit's tune-up is already overdue. When tuning up your air conditioner, professionals will look into your refrigerant's performance.

5. There are leaks around the AC unit

There are leaks around the AC unit

The refrigerant in your air conditioner is responsible for providing cooler air to your room. When warm air enters your unit, the coils remove the heat with the help of refrigerants. While the process is taking place, condensation may occur inside your unit. However, the liquid must not leak from your air conditioner.

If you notice regular leaks from your unit, you should immediately look for professional assistance to solve the problem as much as possible. Constant leaks may damage not only your AC unit but your room's wall and floor treatments as well.

6. Your air conditioner unit emits bad odour

Your air conditioner unit emits bad odour

Your air conditioner should provide you with quality, clean air. If your own AC causes you discomfort, you should not think twice before looking for professional maintenance. 

The pungent smell produced by your air conditioner is usually caused by clogs, too much dirt on your filter, microbial contamination, or problems with your insulator. Replacing your filters and regular maintenance of your AC unit are important to avoid any unnecessary odour.

Tune up your AC before you get a more serious repair problems

Tune up your AC before you get a more serious repair problems

If you haven't had an air conditioner tune-up for a year now, consider getting your unit cleaned and inspected to find out and repair minor issues and avoid bigger damages. Regular tune-ups will help you prolong your air conditioner's life and ensure its optimum function for a longer time.

Signs that you need to replace your air conditioner

Signs that you need to replace your air conditioner

For air conditioners that often go through breakdowns, minor repairs and regular maintenance might not be enough. Although some issues with lack of maintenance can be resolved by repairing your unit, other problems might be caused by the age of your air conditioner. Air conditioners over ten years old are due for replacement. Units that do not undergo regular tune-ups and filter replacements have a shorter lifespan.

Unlike other home appliances, the outdoor unit of your air conditioner is more exposed to factors like weather changes and extreme humidity that affect its mechanism and deteriorate its quality. This makes your unit more prone to wear and tear. If your AC undergoes constant breakdowns, especially after your warranty expires, consider replacing your unit instead of regular repairs and bearing your electricity bill, which costs you a lot of money and inconvenience. Modern air conditioners are now more energy-efficient and last for 15-20 years.

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Prepare for an air conditioner replacement

Prepare for an air conditioner replacement

Be mindful of the signs that your air conditioner is showing. It might need a regular tune-up or a total replacement. Your air conditioner is a huge investment in your home. As much as possible, we do not want it to be an unexpected purchase. As you see the signs of inefficiency in your current unit, begin your search for better options.

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