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7 Ways to Make Your Dining Room Appear Bigger - Megafurniture

7 Ways to Make Your Dining Room Appear Bigger

How Can You Make Your Dining Room Look Bigger?

Many people say the bigger, the better. But this saying is not applicable in Singapore, where living spaces are limited. As a homeowner, you have to think outside the box to make something small look bigger than it is. 

While it is challenging to do, a proper home furniture placement in Singapore can do wonders for any small spaces. It can make your humble abode feel as open and inviting as a mansion. 

Therefore, do yourself a favour and transform your small dining room into a spacious one. Here, try these tricks to make it appear bigger.



Like in any other rooms, a dining room will appear big if it has bright colours like off-white, pastel blue or pastel green. This kind of soft tone hues can help maximise the natural light’s effect. As a result, your dining room seems more open and airy.



Having a meal in a small, cramped space can make you lose your appetite to eat. As such, you might end up eating only a few bites, causing you to lose energy for the whole day.

As someone who works day and night, make sure to eat more and channel your inner Marie Kondo. Doing so would give you the strength to declutter your dining room and make it a more inviting place to enjoy your meals!



Even though this trick does not look great in other rooms, placing modern dining chairs beside a wall makes the dining room look bigger. Just ensure the seats you will use do not have armrests, so you can tuck them inside the dining table once you finish eating your meal.


Use The Walls Wisely



Mirror mirror on the wall. That is what you need to make your dining room look less small. Just place it where the focal point is so it would create an illusion of depth. You will notice it once the light bounces from there to the rest of the room. And with a result like that, who cares what size of a dining room you have.


Invest In Mirrors



Do you lack cupboard space? No problem! Just make use of your ceiling by adding rods to hang your pots and pans. With this trick, looking for your cookware would only take a few seconds and voila! You can start cooking your favourite meal without wasting time where your pots or pans are. 


Hang Cookware From The Ceiling



If you notice a gap between your refrigerator and cabinet, add a shelf as tall as them for storage. Not only can this trick keep your dining room looks tidy and organised, but no one would guess what snacks you are hiding inside!



Instead of using regular seats as your dining chairs, you should consider a bench. This long seat would not only make your dining room look bigger, but you can also offer more seats to sit on to your guests (especially to a handful of kids).

And if you are not using it, you can tuck the bench under the table or use it as a sideboard. That is why if you find this kind of seat interesting, get one at an online furniture shop in Singapore


Get A Bench


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