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How to Mix and Match Dining Chairs? - Megafurniture

How to Mix and Match Dining Chairs?

The thoughts of mismatching dining chairs can sound a bit intimidating, but this trend has been around for years. Even though there’s no exact date when the concept of mixing and matching furniture styles started, it can be seen everywhere, from amateur bloggers to high-end design pros. 

That is why there is nothing wrong with trying something new. As a homeowner, you should enjoy the thrill of new experiences. A daring set of mismatched dining chairs in Singapore can absolutely work in any interior design. 

This trend might even inspire you to think outside the box. Doing so would help you find the right pieces that fit your dining room. And besides, matching dining chairs is so old school and a bit boring.


What Are the Methods to Mix and Match Dining Chairs?

To make your dining room feel livelier and stylish, try either one of these combinations.

Choose Design, Vary the Colour

Do you love seeing rainbows? If so, then the colour spectrum is the approach you should try. This combination of dining chairs would make your dining room look colourful and fun. Moreover, bright and warm colours appeal to children. Therefore, you may never know; your kids might like to sit in a different seat every time they eat. 


Choose A Design Vary The Colour


But if that is too much for you, try the monochromatic approach. A good example is black and white. This colour scheme plays a striking role in a minimalist home since it leans to a simple yet elegant vibe.


Black And White


Same Colour, Different Shapes

Unlike the first combination, this design strategy allows you to keep your colour palette consistent as you go wild with shapes. Just in case you do not have dining chairs with the same colour at home, you could paint different dining chairs the same colour. Not only is it easy and cheap to do, but this trick gives your dining room a cohesive look. In other words, it exudes personality and warmth.


Same Colour Different Shapes


Combine the Past and the Present

Meanwhile, if you have old seats from your parents or grandparents, you can use them as your dining chairs and combine them with your new ones. Even though they have a different style compared to your modern dining chairs in Singapore, they complement one another. 


Combine The Past And The Present


Play with Heights

If you want to try something different, combine dining chairs of opposing heights. That means one is taller and the other is shorter. This combination would surely steal the show of your dining room. Usually, homeowners use this approach to place a high chair so they could feed their baby along with them. 

Here is a good example to give you an idea of how it works.


A Dining Table With A High Chair


Two by Two

On the other hand, if you do not want to go all out of mismatching dining chairs, you can try combining two designs. You could either place them on opposite ends of one another or place the first design on the left and the other on the right. As a result, your dining room seems electric without looking messy. 


Two By Two


Need New Dining Chairs to Style Your Dining Room?

Mismatching requires different shapes, sizes, styles, and colours of dining chairs. If you lack options at home, get new dining chairs in Singapore online

Consider exploring our website and check out if our new collection suits your preferences and combinations that you want to try in your dining room. 

If you still can’t decide which modern dining chairs to choose from, let Mega Furniture help you with that. Just leave us a message, and we will suggest some pieces that you might like! 

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