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6 General Storage Solutions for an Immaculate Home - Megafurniture

6 General Storage Solutions for an Immaculate Home

Organisation is one of the critical considerations of a beautiful home. Not only a well-organised home pleases the eyes, but a tidy space helps relax your mind.

While decluttering and spring cleaning are straightforward enough, ensuring that your home remains orderly requires a higher level of focus and on-going maintenance, which is what typically holds us back.

Whether you need a suitable sorting system for manuals and receipts or a well-put-together bathroom with easy access to your beauty products, here are some useful home organisation ideas that will deliver immediate results and keep your living space in immaculate order.


Accessible filing system

Working from home has led many of us to accumulate huge piles of paperwork built upon the work desk. Without a designated storage space or a proper filing system, you can easily become overwhelmed trying to locate a single piece of paper.

A filing cabinet is a good way to keep track of mountains of paperwork and other documents without occupying too much floor space. Given that all your files are stored in a single location, the possibility of misplacing anything important is also drastically reduced.

Perhaps the best function of the filing cabinet is that you get to properly categorise and manage your files and folders. This makes retrieving any information you may need much more convenient and efficient, thereby improving productivity.


Display bookshelf

The display bookshelf is a storage essential when it comes to your reading materials. It helps you keep your books in an orderly manner while also making it easier to search for a specific book.

Bookshelves are available in a large assortment of sizes, styles and types. Some are freestanding, some are mounted on the wall, and some are located at the corner of the room.

Some bookshelves also come with a visual variety combination of shelves and cupboards to showcase your favourite decorative pieces, like the family heirloom vase, whilst everything else remains neatly hidden. This is bound to add a touch of elegance to your space.

These versatile display bookshelves are known to offer extra room for other purposes, which not only saves space but is advantageous for minimising unnecessary clutter in your room.


Organised drawers

It is not uncommon to pull out a chest of drawers only to be stumped by how disorganised and chaotic everything is. Shirts crumpled up in a mess of fabric and colour, with unmatched socks sitting next to one another.

Fortunately, creating a sophisticated organisation system for your dresser drawers is not as tough or time-consuming as you may imagine. When it comes to sorting out your clothing drawers, the strategy is always to keep everything visible and easily accessible.

To do this, you want to first divide up your drawer space so that everything is well-categorised and easy to locate. People often use basket trays as drawer inserts to mark individual clothing categories and create additional storage inside the drawer.

This is ideal when you want to separate the different clothing, such as T-shirts, sweaters, activewear, shorts, and so on, from each other. Doing so allows you to see each category of garments at a glance and quickly grab what you need.


Tidy bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most used areas of the house. It is where you shower, practice good oral hygiene and work on your beauty routine. It is therefore critical for such a multi-faceted space to contain proper storage to keep it organised and in topmost condition for daily use.

Bathrooms are often used to store a variety of products, from beauty essentials such as makeup brushes to soaps and cleaning materials. To hold things neatly and in their rightful positions, consider using organisers for the drawers. These kitchen dividers are ideal for storing small health and beauty items, which can cause chaos without the right systems in place.

A pro tip for those with small bathrooms and limited cupboard space, is to roll up your clean towels to free up more surface space. A creative solution is to double up a laundry hamper as storage for your clean towels. Just make sure not to combine them with your dirty laundry.


Bed storage

Storage beds are like sorcery for those not in the know, allowing empty room underneath the bed or behind the headboard to be used as additional storage space.

Storage beds frames, complete with bottom drawers on either side, usually offer the most extra space. They come in different sizes based on your needs, from single size, queen size to kind size and other longer varieties. However, depending on your room configuration, they can be impractical where there is insufficient space to fully open up the drawer to access the additional storage. You may choose a single-sized or super single-sized bed with ample storage to save space. When buying a storage bed, online furniture stores offer more affordable varieties.

In such a scenario, ottoman beds provide an alternative solution, where the mattress is lifted upwards to reveal the storage underneath. In essence, storage beds are the perfect fit for those with compact living arrangements such as studio apartments.

The inbuilt storage can easily fit your extra bed sheets and linen where you would otherwise lack wardrobe space and are also perfect for putting away things you seldom need, like your winter clothing come summertime.


Declutter with storage boxes

No matter how neat and tidy you are, it feels almost inevitable for clutter to pile up around your home with no end in sight. Mail, books, magazines, documents, and just about every other item can never seem to be put away.

Thankfully, there are simple solutions to avoid such messy outcomes.

To begin, go through every shelf and tabletop in your house and work out the items you want to keep, donate or clear out. For things that you decide to keep, figure out where you are going to put them.

Boxes are the perfect solution to store miscellaneous items. This is where you will place some items that belong in the storeroom. This could mean an old textbook from your school days or a never been used cutlery set that is bound to come in handy someday.

Ideally, you want to separate items into boxes as you fill them, then label the boxes with their respective categories, before neatly placing them in your storage area.


Without the clutter, you will find yourself coming home to a more uplifting and stress-free environment. Save space and money with practical storage solutions that you can get online at Megafurniture.

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